May 27, 2015
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  • 10/04/2015 | Argentina

    CFK to attend Summit of the Americas

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner will attend the VII Summit of the Americas held in Panamá City. The head of state is expected to adress the Malvinas cause and "vulture funds", among other subjects.

  • 27/07/2014 | Argentina

    CFK to travel to Mercosur summit in Venezuela

    President Cristina Ferández de Kirchner will this Tuesday attend the 46th leaders' summit of the Mercosur organisation in Caracas, Venezuela. Vice-president Amado Boudou will receive control of the executive while the head of state is out of Argentina.

  • 17/12/2014 | Argentina

    ‘Failing is not an option’

  • 01/03/2014 | Argentina

    Venezuela destabilized in 'soft coup' attempt

    Cristina Fernández de Kirchner reaffirmed Argentina’s support to the “democratic” government of Venezuela as she denounced an attempt of “soft coup” that seeks to destabilize the Caribbean country.

  • 04/06/2014 | Argentina

    Forster's appointment a 'mock to intelligence'

    Such were the statements by Gerardo Milman, member of the GEN party and director representing the opposition at the AFSCA media watchdog.

  • 11/07/2014 | Argentina

    CFK invites Latin American leaders to dinner with Putin

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner invited Bolivian president Evo Morales, Uruguay leader José Mujica and Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro to participate in a special dinner after her meeting with the Russian head of state, Vladimir Putin.

  • 23/02/2014 | Argentina

    Argentine ambassador backs Venezuela's Maduro to stay in power

    The Argentine ambassador in Caracas, Carlos Cheppi, has declared his confidence that Nicolás Maduro would not be forced out of office early as president of Venezuela, describing rumours of that eventuality as "crazy" in an interview held today.

  • 24/02/2014 | Argentina

    Ambassador to UK condemns 'ferocious media attack' in Venezuela

    Argentine ambassador to the UK Alicia Castro has revealed her support for Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro as protests in the nation continued, while criticising what she saw as a "ferocious media attack" carried out by opponents of the head of state.

  • 27/02/2014 | Argentina

    CFK meets with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elías Jaua

    Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elías Jaua today met with Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner at the Olivos presidential residence. He held a meeting earlier with his Argentine counterpart Héctor Timerman, in a South American tour that has begun in Bolivia, and will continue in Uruguay and Brazil.

  • 23/02/2014 | Argentina

    Time is running out

    By James Neilson
    Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher and Karol Wojtyla may have helped push the Soviet Union towards what one of its founders called history’s rubbish dump, but even if all three had been fervent communists it would sooner or later have ended up where it finally did because, as its rulers belatedly realised, it was programmed to self-destruct.

  • 23/02/2014 | Argentina

    State of the nation and bleeding Venezuela

    By Mempo Giardinelli
    While both teacher unions and government officials put their heads down to discuss pay increases while nobody knows if classes will start on time next month, various other questions have been heating up Argentina’s already torrid summer.

  • 23/02/2014 | Argentina

    Trying to land softly

    By Martín Gambarotta
    There’s nothing like upheaval in other parts of the world to put things into perspective here at home. Look at those blood-curdling photographs dispatched from Ukraine and Venezuela and suddenly the situation in Argentina feels under control. That could change. But the same goes for almost every region in the world. It’s quiet one day. Then the turmoil can hit.

  • 15/04/2013 | Argentina

    Argentina salutes Maduro; says voting was cristal clear

    Argentina’s Foreign Ministry sent its congratulations to Venezuela’s elected president Nicolás Maduro. through an oficial communiqué. “The people of Argentina and its government congratulate President Nicolás Maduro for his electoral victory.”

  • 16/04/2013 | Argentina

    CFK ask US government to 'recognize Venezuela's elections results'

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner asked the US government to recognize Nicolás Maduro’s victory after the Venezuelan presidential elections and assured that the results were reached after a “transparent electoral process.”

  • 13/02/2014 | Argentina

    Government condemns 'destabilising efforts' in Venezuela after deaths

    The Argentine government has condemned what it terms "clear efforts of destablisation" in Venezuela, following yesterday's clashes which left three dead and 23 injured on the streets of Caracas.

  • 07/03/2013 | Argentina

    CFK pays last visit to Chavez’s funeral before returning home

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner decided to pay a last visit, at noon, to the Military Hospital in Caracas, where the remains of Hugo Chávez lies, to then return to Buenos Aires. "I didn't come here to bid farewell to a President, but to a friend," she stated in her Twitter account.

  • 08/03/2013 | Argentina

    CFK resumes activities after Venezuela visit

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner resumed her official activities after returning from a two-day trip to Venezuela, where she attended later president Hugo Chávez’s funeral services in Caracas.

  • 12/04/2013 | Argentina

    Bonafini writes a letter to Maduro: 'I'm sure you will win elections'

    Head of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Hebe de Bonafini sent a letter to Nicolas Maduro, who runs for the presidency of Venezuela, and predicted him a comfortable victory.

  • 11/10/2012 | Argentina

    Bus drivers lift strike, resume service

    Bus drivers from the 60 line decided to lift the strike, despite the fact that they did not reach an agreement during Thursday's meeting with Labour Ministry officials. A new meeting is expected to take part tomorrow at the ministry.

  • 09/01/2013 | Argentina

    Timerman to travel to Caracas in support of Chávez

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner designated Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman to represent the country in the events taking place tomorrow in the Venezuelan capital.

  • 06/03/2013 | Argentina

    CFK attends Chávez's funeral

    President Cristina Fernández Kirchner, accompanied by an important delegation of officials and legislators, attended the funeral of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, who died yesterday at age 58.

  • 29/03/2011 | Argentina

    CFK meets with Chávez, underlines role of UNASUR

    During a joint press conference held earlier, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and her Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chávez discussed the importance of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), as well as signing economic integration agreements, and discussing bilateral ties.

  • 03/12/2011 | Argentina

    CFK back in Buenos Aires after CELAC summit

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner arrived back to Buenos Aires early this morning, after her participation the first Community for Latin American and Caribbean States CELAC summit in Venezuela, where she held meetings with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and her Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff.

  • 03/08/2012 | Argentina

    Argentina, Venezuela ratify YPF-PDVSA strategic alliance

    Argentina and Venezuela gave their first step in the creation of an energy strategic alliance between oil companies YPF and PDVSA, after the agreement signed by President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and her Venezuelan counterpart, Hugo Chávez, in Brasilia last Tuesday.

  • 27/02/2014 | World

    US senators demand sanctions against Venezuelan Gov't

    Democrat senator Bob Menéndez and Republican Senator Marco Rubio have presented a resolution before US legislative upper house demanding sanctions against Venezuela to punish “the violent repression suffered by pacific protesters”.

  • 19/02/2014 | World

    Obama urges Venezuelan Gov't to release protesters

    US President Barack Obama yesterday sharply criticized the Venezuelan government for arresting protesters and urged the government to focus on the "legitimate grievances" of its people.

  • 25/02/2014 | World

    Washington expels three Venezuelan diplomats

    The United States today ordered three Venezuelan diplomats to leave in reprisal for President Nicolas Maduro's expulsion of three US embassy staff accused of fomenting unrest that has killed at least 13 people.

  • 26/02/2014 | World

    Pope Francis calls for end to violence in Venezuela

    Pope Francis has called for a “cease of violence and hostilities” in Venezuela and prayed for dialogue and reconciliation in a country that has seen both anti and pro-government protesters flooding main cities' streets over the past weeks.

  • 11/02/2014 | World

    More arrests in Venezuela protests, Maduro slams "coup-seekers"

    Venezuelan authorities have arrested another eight anti-government protesters, bringing to 19 the number being held amid street demonstrations that President Nicolas Maduro says are being orchestrated by foreign-backed "coup-seekers".

  • 11/02/2014 | World

    Venezuela to create new forex platform through legal reform

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said his government in coming hours would reform currency exchange regulations to allow for a new foreign exchange platform under the OPEC nation's currency controls.

  • 08/07/2013 | World

    Nicolás Maduro says Venezuela has received Snowden asylum request

    President Nicolas Maduro has revealed that Venezuela has received "a letter requesting asylum" from Edward Snowden. The ex-intelligence services consultant is wanted by the United States for espionage and has been in a Moscow airport for the last two weeks.

  • 09/07/2013 | World

    WikiLeaks: Snowden has not yet accepted asylum in Venezuela

    Former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden has not yet formally accepted asylum in Venezuela, the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks clarified after a Russian lawmaker posted a statement to that effect on Twitter and then deleted it.

  • 01/10/2013 | World

    US defends diplomats expelled from Venezuela

    The US Embassy in Venezuela defended three diplomats expelled by President Nicolas Maduro, rejecting charges they were involved in espionage and accusations Washington is trying to destabilise the OPEC nation.

  • 04/05/2013 | World

    Idea that American held by Venezuela is a spy 'ridiculous,' Obama says

    The Venezuelan government's suggestion that an American citizen it has detained is a spy is "ridiculous," US President Barack Obama said in a television interview during a visit to Costa Rica.

  • 23/06/2013 | World

    Fugitive Snowden seeks asylum in Ecuador, foreign minister says

    Fugitive former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden is seeking asylum in Ecuador, the Quito government said, after Hong Kong let him leave its territory despite Washington's efforts to extradite him on espionage charges.

  • 06/07/2013 | World

    Venezuela says no contact with Snowden since asylum offer

    Venezuela said it had not had any contact with former US security contractor Edward Snowden, a day after President Nicolas Maduro offered him asylum in defiance of Washington.

  • 10/03/2013 | World

    Venezuela opposition leader joins presidential race

    Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles said on Sunday he will challenge the late Hugo Chavez's preferred successor for the presidency next month, setting the stage for a bitter campaign.

  • 15/04/2013 | World

    Putin congratulates vote winner in oil ally Venezuela

    Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Nicolas Maduro on winning Venezuela's presidential election, saying he expected good relations to continue with a country where Moscow has significant oil investments.

  • 23/04/2013 | World

    Venezuela's Maduro sends conciliatory message to US

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro named a new acting head of its US diplomatic mission in Washington and sent an offer of dialogue after attacking the United States for "interference" in a row over his election.

  • 05/01/2013 | World

    Venezuela searches for fashion boss Missoni's plane

    Venezuelan emergency services mounted a sea and air rescue mission after a plane carrying fashion executive Vittorio Missoni went missing off the coast of Venezuela.

  • 05/03/2013 | World

    The world reacts to Chávez's death

    The announcement made by Vice-President Nicolás Maduro about the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, 58-years-old, immediately hit the global press.

  • 05/03/2013 | World

    After Chávez, Obama says seeks 'constructive relationship' with Venezuela

    President Barack Obama today said the United States is interested in starting a new relationship with Venezuela after the death of its socialist president, Hugo Chávez.

  • 20/12/2011 | World

    Chávez: 'Venezuela’s full membership doesn’t have to be decided today'

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez arrived in Uruguay today to push for his country's incorporation into the Mercosur trade bloc, in his first official trip abroad since undergoing cancer surgery in June.

  • 06/03/2012 | World

    US watchful for ‘potential turbulence’ in Venezuela

    United States Air Force Commander, General Douglas Fraser, in charge of the US Southern Command, stated before Congress that the Department of Defence is “watchful for potential geopolitical turbulence that could impact US citizens,” and highlighted the uncertainties of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez health and economic instability.

  • 22/07/2012 | World

    Chávez says election rival and Romney want to subjugate Venezuela

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez compared his election rival to "far-right" US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, saying both men wanted to subjugate the country under capitalism and crush his socialist "revolution."

  • 04/11/2011 | World

    Carlos the Jackal back in court over 1980s bombs

    Gray hair and a paunch have replaced the beret, leather jacket and dark glasses but Carlos the Jackal's defiance remains intact before he stands trial in France for a series of bombings in the 1980s.

  • 07/11/2011 | World

    Carlos the Jackal on trial over French bombings

    Famous Venezuelan terrorist Carlos the Jackal stands trial today in France for a series of bombings in the 1980s. The international revolutionary from Venezuela, born Ilich Ramirez Sanchez later nicknamed Carlos the Jackal, built a career as one of the world's best known guerrillas after a hostage-taking of OPEC oil ministers in the name of the Palestinian struggle in 1975.

  • 16/12/2011 | World

    France hands Carlos the Jackal another life prison term

    A French court sentenced Marxist militant Carlos the Jackal to another life prison term last night for bomb attacks that killed 11 people nearly three decades ago.

  • 14/12/2010 | World

    Chávez's decree move enrages Venezuela opposition

    Venezuela's parliament gave preliminary approval for President Hugo Chávez to rule South America's top oil producer by decree for a year, prompting opposition accusations that the socialist leader is behaving like a dictator.

  • 24/05/2011 | World

    US sanctions 23 companies for Iranian ties, Venezuelan PDVSA among them

    The United States announced new sanctions on Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA and six other smaller oil and shipping companies for engaging in trade with Iran in violation of a US ban. Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez said that Venezuela was still studying whether it could fulfill all its oil supply obligations after the sanctions.

  • 24/05/2011 | World

    US wants to send clear and sound message

    The US State Department, led by Hillary Clinton, sent a message to Iranian regime supporters.

  • 15/03/2015 | Latin America

    UNASUR strongly condemns US decree against Venezuela

    The Union of Southamerican Nations (UNASUR) has urged the US government to abrogate the decree that last week declared Venezuela as a threat to the country’s national security and called for dialogue between Washington and Caracas.

  • 28/02/2015 | Latin America

    Maduro says captures American spies

  • 24/02/2015 | Latin America

    Venezuela teen killed during protest

  • 10/02/2015 | Latin America

    Venezuela unveils new foreign exchange system

  • 19/02/2015 | Latin America

    Venezuela: Caracas opposition mayor arrested

    Venezuelan intelligence agents have arrested opposition leader and Caracas metropolitan mayor Antonio Ledezma, after accusations he was involved in a coup attempt against President Nicolás Maduro. Witnesses said he was taken from his office.

  • 02/02/2015 | Latin America

    Maduro slams US visa restrictions on Venezuelan officials

    The United States has imposed visa restrictions on current and former Venezuelan officials involved in alleged human rights abuses and on people believed responsible for public corruption, provoking a furious reaction from President Nicolás Maduro.

  • 25/11/2014 | Latin America

    Hugo Chávez ballet to show in Venezuela

  • 22/10/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela says to avoid costly foreign borrowing

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the South American country would avoid more borrowing on international markets due to rising costs as a result of worsening credit risk perceptions.

  • 28/10/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela calls back ambassador to Spain over Rajoy comment

    Venezuela has announced it is calling back its ambassador to Spain for consultations in protest over Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's call to free a Venezuelan opposition activist jailed for leading protests against President Nicolas Maduro.

  • 13/11/2014 | Latin America

    'Pregnant' mannequins flare up sex education debate in Venezuela

    A display showing mannequins of pregnant schoolgirls at a Caracas mall is shocking shoppers and stirring debate over sex education in Venezuela.

  • 02/10/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuelan 'Chavista' lawmaker Serra stabbed, killed at home

    Robert Serra, a young "Chavista" ruling party lawmaker, died after being stabbed in his home in Caracas in an "intentional homicide," government officials said, in Venezuela's latest high-profile violent crime.

  • 15/10/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela arrests two suspects in Socialist Party lawmaker's murder

    Venezuelan authorities have arrested two men in connection with the murder of a pro-government lawmaker this month, President Nicolós Maduro said.

  • 18/10/2014 | Latin America

    Maduro supporters, foes stage rival protests in polarized Venezuela

    Red-clad "Chavistas" rallied in central Caracas today to protest the killing of a young ruling party lawmaker, while across town a protest called by the opposition's new leader failed to attract as big a crowd.

  • 03/09/2014 | Latin America

    Maduro reshuffles Venezuela cabinet, declines economic changes

    Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro has reshuffled his cabinet in a bid to boost his popularity but shows no sign of revamping his nation's troubled economy, meaning prospects of gasoline price hikes and a unification of Byzantine currency controls have dimmed.

  • 10/09/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela's oldest newspaper halts circulation due to paper shortage

    El Impulso, the oldest newspaper in Venezuela, will stop publishing next week because it cannot find printing paper, the latest victim of a shifting media landscape triggered by shortages.

  • 22/09/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela president Maduro to make UN Assembly debut

    Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro has said he will travel to New York this week for his debut appearance as president at the United Nations General Assembly despite "racist" editorials against him in major US newspapers.

  • 29/07/2014 | Latin America

    CFK praises MERCOSUR support in vulture fund case

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner today addressed fellow heads of state at the 46th Mercosur summit, where she thanked members of the bloc for their support over the ongoing fight with holdout investors in the New York courts.

  • 21/08/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela creates fingerprinting system to limit smuggling

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the creation of a fingerprinting system in stores that sell food to limit smuggling of subsidized staple products.

  • 02/09/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuelan Socialist Party swaps God for Chavez in new prayer

    A member of Venezuela's Socialist Party has rolled out a variation of the classic Christian "Lord's Prayer" to implore beloved late leader Hugo Chavez for protection from the evils of capitalism.

  • 26/07/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela ex general Caravajal awaits US extradition bid

    A retired Venezuelan general wanted in the United States over drug-trafficking accusations remained in jail on the Caribbean island of Aruba over the weekend awaiting a formal extradition request, his lawyer said on Saturday.

  • 27/07/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela: Ex-general to be freed in Aruba

    Venezuela has revealed that retired military General Hugo Carvajal, wanted by the United States over drug accusations and arrested four days ago on the Caribbean island of Aruba, would be freed and return home shortly.

  • 29/07/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Maduro marks Chávez birthday, says 'little bird' back

    Venezuela’s president Nicolás Maduro headed the celebrations of what would have been Hugo Chávez’s 60th birthday today and said “a little bird” told him the deceased socialist leader is “happy and full of love”.

  • 27/06/2014 | Latin America

    Blackout hits Venezuela, interrupts presidential broadcast

    A blackout cut electricity in various parts of Venezuela and twice interrupted the live television broadcast of a speech by President Maduro, who said authorities were seeking more information about the outage.

  • 22/07/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela evicts squatters from the tallest slum in the world

    Venezuelan soldiers and officials began moving hundreds of families out of the "Tower of David," a half-built 45-story skyscraper that dominates the Caracas skyline, thought to be the world's tallest slum.

  • 24/07/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuelan ex-intelligence head faces US drug charges

    Venezuela's former military intelligence chief, accused of involvement in drug trafficking by the United States, was arrested on a Caribbean island while on diplomatic business, the South American country said in a sternly worded statement.

  • 28/05/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela government accuses opposition leader of 'coup' plot

    Venezuelan officials accused hardline opposition leader Maria Corina Machado of leading plots to topple President Nicolas Maduro in league with US officials.

  • 28/05/2014 | Latin America

    US House passes bill seeking Venezuela sanctions

    The US House of Representatives passed legislation today, to impose sanctions on Venezuelans responsible for human rights abuses during anti-government protests, despite Obama administration worries that they could threaten talks seeking to ease the unrest.

  • 03/06/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuelan protesters give artistic twist to tear gas canisters

    Tear gas canisters fired by the thousands on the streets of Caracas are being transformed into sculptures in a competition seeking to give an artistic twist to this year's anti-government unrest in Venezuela.

  • 11/05/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela gov't frees most students arrested in camp raids

    Although the government hoped the demolition of four camps in Caracas would snuff out a three-month protest movement, activists vowed the measure had only strengthened their resolve to demonstrate against Maduro.

  • 20/05/2014 | Latin America

    Union of South American States fails to revive Venezuela talks

    Mediators from the Union of South American States (UNASUR) urged Venezuela's government and opposition back to the negotiating table today after failing to revive talks to stem months of protests in the polarized nation.

  • 28/05/2014 | Latin America

    US House passes bill seeking Venezuela sanctions

    The US House of Representatives passed legislation today, to impose sanctions on Venezuelans responsible for human rights abuses during anti-government protests, despite Obama administration worries that they could threaten talks seeking to ease the unrest.

  • 20/04/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuelan protesters burn Maduro effigies in Easter rally

    Hundreds rallied to demand the "resurrection" of Venezuelan democracy while effigies of both President Nicolás Maduro and opposition leaders were paraded for burning in a local Easter Day tradition.

  • 05/05/2014 | Latin America

    HRW: Venezuela violated rights of protesters

    Venezuela has violated the rights of opposition protesters through beatings, illegal detentions and failure to follow due process, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

  • 08/05/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela arrests hundreds of anti-gov't protesters

    Venezuelan security forces arrested 243 people in pre-dawn raids of youth anti-government activists camps in public spaces.

  • 10/04/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Maduro, opposition to begin talks

    President Nicolas Maduro was due to host Venezuelan opposition leaders at the start of mediated talks intended to stem two months of political unrest that has killed dozens in the OPEC nation.

  • 10/04/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela unrest death toll up to 40

    Underlying the gravity of the crisis in Venezuela, authorities said today that a policeman was shot dead in western Barquisimeto city while dispersing a demonstration.

  • 14/04/2014 | Latin America

    Kidnapped Globovisión journalist found safe and well

    Venezuelan Nairobi Pinto, who was kidnapped one week ago by two armed and masked men, and her whereabouts were a mystery, has been found safe.

  • 02/04/2014 | Latin America

    Catholic Church blasts Venezuela Gov't for 'brutal repression'

    Venezuela's Roman Catholic Church accused today President Nicolas Maduro's government of "totalitarian" tendencies and "brutal repression" of demonstrators during two months of political unrest that has killed several dozen people.

  • 08/04/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela opposition to join exploratory talks with government

    Venezuela's opposition said it agreed to attend exploratory talks with President Nicolas Maduro's government in a bid to end the country's worst political unrest for a decade.

  • 09/04/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela formally invites the Vatican to mediate

    The Venezuelan government formally invited today the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, to join the exploratory talks with the opposition as “mediator of good will”.

  • 24/03/2014 | Latin America

    Soldier and pregnant woman killed in Venezuela unrest, lifting death toll to 36

    A pregnant woman was shot dead near Caracas and a soldier was killed in the western state of Merida, as the death toll from weeks of anti-government protests in Venezuela rises to 36.

  • 31/03/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Maduro unveils new home-buying scheme for renters

    The Venezuelan government led by President Nicolás Maduro has decreed that property owners who have rented for over 20 years must offer tenants the chance to buy their homes, in a new plan to tackle a chronic housing shortage in the nation.

  • 01/04/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela troops block opposition leader from parliament

    Venezuelan troops dispersed opposition demonstrators with tear gas today and blocked anti-government activist Maria Corina Machado, recently stripped of her seat in the National Assembly, from reaching the legislature.

  • 18/03/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuelan Congress seeks inquiry of protest leader Machado

    Venezuela's Congress today requested a criminal investigation of opposition deputy Maria Corina Machado for crimes including treason in relation to her involvement in anti-government protests that have left at least 28 dead.

  • 22/03/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela death toll rises to 33 as two die from gunshot wounds

    Two Venezuelans died from gunshot wounds during protests against socialist President Nicolas Maduro, witnesses and local media said today, pushing the death toll from almost two months of anti-government protests to 33.

  • 23/03/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela prosecutor sees police 'excesses' in protest crackdown

    Venezuela's top state prosecutor has affirmed that security forces had committed "excesses" in breaking up nearly two months of opposition protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro that have left at least 34 dead.

  • 14/03/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela inflation tops 57% amid protests

    The South American OPEC nation, which has one of the world's highest rates of inflation, said that despite the protests inflation slowed on a month-on-month basis to 2.4 percent from 3.3 percent in January.

  • 15/03/2014 | Latin America

    Maduro gives ultimatum to Caracas protesters

    Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro warned protesters in Caracas to clear a square they have made their stronghold, or face eviction by security forces.

  • 17/03/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela death toll rises as soldier is shot in head

    A Venezuela National Guard captain died today after being shot in the head during a demonstration, the military said, the 29th fatality in six weeks of clashes between protesters and security forces.

  • 10/03/2014 | Latin America

    Chilean national killed in Venezuela protests

    A Chilean woman was shot dead while clearing a barricade put up by anti-government protesters in the first foreign fatality from a month of unrest in Venezuela, authorities and state media said.

  • 12/03/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela unrest death toll rises, students fight troops again

    Protesters battled soldiers in the streets of Caracas again as three more fatal shootings raised to 25 the death toll from a month of demonstrations against Venezuela's socialist government.

  • 13/03/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela says death toll from protests rises to 28

    Venezuela's state prosecutor said the death toll from a month of violent protests had risen to 28, after the nation's top court ordered opposition mayors to dismantle barricades set up by street protesters.

  • 05/03/2014 | Latin America

    Maduro breaks ties with Panama over 'conspiracy'

    Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro said he was breaking diplomatic and commercial relations with the Panamanian government due to a "conspiracy" against his administrtation.

  • 06/03/2014 | Latin America

    Two dead in Venezuela opposition protest

    A Venezuelan soldier and a motor cyclist were killed in a standoff with opposition demonstrators who had set up a barricade along an avenue of Caracas, the vice president of the ruling Socialist Party said.

  • 07/03/2014 | Latin America

    Latin American foreign ministers to discuss Venezuela unrest

    Latin American foreign ministers will meet next week to discuss the unrest in Venezuela that has left at least 20 dead and convulsed the South American OPEC nation, diplomatic sources.

  • 02/03/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela opposition musters thousands for march despite Carnival

    While many Venezuelans went to the beach to enjoy the Carnival holiday, thousands of anti-government demonstrators marched in the capital, trying to keep up the momentum from weeks of protests demanding President Nicolas Maduro resign.

  • 04/03/2014 | Latin America

    Amid protests, Venezuela to remember late Hugo Chavez

    Venezuela geared up for commemorations of socialist leader Hugo Chavez's death despite continued protests against his successor that have shaken the OPEC member and threatened the legacy of "El Comandante."

  • 05/03/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez remembered with pomp and protests

    Followers of Venezuela's late socialist leader Hugo Chávez flooded the streets to mark the anniversary of his death, a sad but welcome distraction for his successor who has faced a month of violent protests.

  • 27/02/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Jaua in BA denounces 'political nature' of protests

    Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elías Jaua was holding a press conference at the Casa Rosada presidential palace in Buenos Aires today along with his Argentinean counterpart Héctor Timerman.

  • 27/02/2014 | Latin America

    US State Department report warns human right violations in Venezuela

    An executive summary published today by the US State Department describes Venezuela’s political power as “concentrated in a single party with an authoritarian executive”, and reported human rights abuses, including corruption, freedom of speech restrictions, and political persecutions amid others.

  • 28/02/2014 | Latin America

    Kerry says working with others on possible Venezuela mediation

    The United States is working with Colombia and other countries to see if mediation can bring opposing sides in Venezuela together for talks on ending unrest there, US Secretary of State John Kerry said today.

  • 24/02/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela protests flare anew, death toll rises

    Anti-government demonstrators set up barricades and started fires in Venezuela's capital today despite calls from within the opposition to rein in protests in which at least 14 people have died in the OPEC nation.

  • 26/02/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuelan opposition declines Maduro's ‘Peace Conference’

    Venezuela’s opposition has declined its participation in the so called ‘National Peace Conference’, sponsored by President Nicolas Maduro in the presidential palace, as marches and protests continue nationwide.

  • 26/02/2014 | Latin America

    OAS suspends meeting over Venezuela situation

    The Organization or American States (OAS) has suspended tomorrow’s summit regarding Venezuela’s political unrest “for administrative reasons”, but postponed the meeting for a further date, officials said.

  • 21/02/2014 | Latin America

    From jail, Venezuela protest leader urges resistance

    Venezuela's jailed protest leader urged supporters to keep demonstrating peacefully against President Nicolas Maduro despite violence that has killed at least six people and rocked the OPEC member nation.

  • 22/02/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela deaths rise as unrest claims student and biker

    A female student and a young supermarket worker were the latest fatalities from Venezuela's political unrest as the death toll from 10 days of violence rose to at least eight.

  • 20/02/2014 | Latin America

    Violence escalates in Venezuela

    Venezuelan security forces and demonstrators faced off in streets blocked by burning barricades in several provincial cities as protests escalated against President Nicolas Maduro's socialist government.

  • 20/02/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela protests rumble as demonstrators, troops face off

    Venezuelan security forces and demonstrators faced off in streets blocked by burning barricades in several provincial cities as protests escalated against President Nicolas Maduro's socialist government.

  • 20/02/2014 | Latin America

    Maduro: If CNN do not correct reports, they are out of Venezuela

    "CNN has the objective of forcing a civil war in order to provoke the 'gringo' [USA] army against our fatherland. Alert the entire country, alert," the head of state warned, in a live television appearance this evening.

  • 19/02/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela: jailed protest leader López urges Maduro's 'exit'

    Imprisoned protest leader Leopoldo Lopez urged supporters to keep fighting for the departure of Venezuela's socialist government, even as he was due in court today accused of fomenting unrest that has killed at least four people.

  • 19/02/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela state TV claims sixth protest victim

    Venezuelan state television said that a woman died after an ambulance taking her to hospital was blocked by opposition protesters in Caracas, bring to six the number of fatalities in a week of political unrest.

  • 17/02/2014 | Latin America

    UNASUR condemns Venezuela violence

    The Union of Southern Nations (UNASUR) today expressed its "energetic condemnation" of the violent episodes recorded over the last week in Venezuela during conflicting opposition and pro-government marches, and called for "the preservation of institutions and democratic principles" in the divided nation.

  • 18/02/2014 | Latin America

    Argentina condemns 'conspiracy,' 'public opinion manipulation' in Venezuela crisis

    Buenos Aires has ratified its support and solidarity to Caracas where anti-government protests have sparked tensions and violence over the past days. Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich said “any conspiratorial attitude” in Venezuela poses a threat “to all South American democracies.”

  • 18/02/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela opposition leader López turns himself in amidst protests

    Hardline opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez has handed himself over to Venezuelan security forces answering an arrest warrant placed on the figure following last week's fatal protests.

  • 15/02/2014 | Latin America

    'Chavistas' march in Venezuela, opposition protests continue

    Thousands of supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro marched in the center of Caracas to call for peace and make a show of political strength after this week's deadly violence at street protests.

  • 15/02/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuelan students fight police

    Venezuelan police fired teargas and turned water cannons on stone-throwing protesters to stop them blocking a Caracas highway in a fourth day of sporadic unrest against President Nicolas Maduro's government.

  • 17/02/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela expels 3 US diplomats after protests

    Venezuela has ordered three US diplomats to leave the country, accusing them of recruiting students to lead protests that were the OPEC nation's most serious violence since President Nicolas Maduro's April election and in which three people were killed.

  • 13/02/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela court orders arrest of opposition leader Lopez

    A Venezuelan court ordered the arrest of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez on charges including murder and terrorism linked to street protests that resulted in the deaths of three people the day before.

  • 14/02/2014 | Latin America

    Argentina denounces 'media manipulation' in Venezuela crisis

    Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich has ratified Argentina’s “solidarity with the Venezuelan legitimately elected constitutional authorities” and denounced what he called a “manipulation of information” carried out by opposition media in the Caribbean country.

  • 15/01/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela shuffles economic team, limits corporate profits, keeps forex rate

    Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro shuffled his top economic officials, limited corporate profits by law to under 30%, and said the official exchange rate would remain at 6.3 to the dollar this year despite a soaring black market and rumors of devaluation.

  • 24/01/2014 | Latin America

    Venezuela decrees new price controls to fight inflation

    Venezuela decreed a new price control law that sets limits on company profits and establishes prison terms for those charged with hoarding or over-charging, part of socialist President Nicolas Maduro's efforts to tame inflation.

  • 12/02/2014 | Latin America

    Two dead, 23 people injured in violent Venezuela protests

    Two people were killed and 23 injured during standoffs at the end of an anti-government rally in Caracas, escalating the worst bout of unrest in Venezuela since protests against President Nicolas Maduro's April 2013 election.

  • 30/11/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuelan gov't occupies local unit of Irish group Smurfit Kappa

    Venezuela's government said it was temporarily occupying the local subsidiary of multinational packaging company Smurfit Kappa, accusing the company of using its dominant position in the market to inflate prices.

  • 08/12/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela municipal vote tests President's strength

    Venezuelans voted in municipal elections today that are the biggest political test yet for President Nicolas Maduro as he tries to halt an economic slide and preserve the legacy of his late mentor, Hugo Chavez.

  • 09/12/2013 | Latin America

    Maduro pledges to 'deepen the economic offensive' this week

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro pledged to deepen his "economic offensive" to force businesses to cut prices after his ruling Socialist Party won the most votes in weekend municipal elections.

  • 14/11/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela says 100 'bourgeois' businessmen jailed in crackdown

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that authorities had arrested more than 100 "bourgeois" businessmen in a crackdown on alleged price-gouging since the weekend.

  • 23/11/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuelan opposition marches, leader's aide arrested

    Tens of thousands of opposition supporters marched in Venezuela to pressure President Nicolas Maduro's government before Dec. 8 local elections after their leader denounced the pre-dawn arrest of an aide.

  • 29/11/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Maduro vows stricter business inspections

    Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro said a stricter wave of inspections for suspected price-gouging would begin on Saturday in an aggressive pre-election "economic offensive" aimed at taming the highest inflation in the Americas.

  • 30/09/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela expels top US diplomat for encouraging 'acts of sabotage'

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said today he was expelling the top US diplomat in the South American nation and two others, accusing them of meeting with opposition leaders and encouraging "acts of sabotage" against his country.

  • 08/10/2013 | Latin America

    President Maduro seeks decree powers from Venezuela lawmakers

    Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro went to parliament to seek decree powers that he says are essential to tackle corruption and fix the economy but opponents view as proof he wants to rule as an autocrat.

  • 09/11/2013 | Latin America

    Maduro government 'occupies' Venezuela electronics chain

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the military "occupation" of a chain of electronics stores in a crackdown on what the socialist government views as price-gouging hobbling the country's economy.

  • 11/07/2013 | Latin America

    Mercosur to lift Paraguay suspension in August

    This August 15, Mercosur will lift the suspension on Paraguay's participations that has held since June 29 2012, Uruguay representative Luis Almagro has announced.

  • 22/07/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuelan, Colombian presidents put aside diplomatic dispute

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos on Monday agreed to turn the page on a diplomatic dispute triggered when Santos met with Venezuela's main opposition leader in May.

  • 17/09/2013 | Latin America

    Clash kills at least 16 at prison in Venezuela

    A clash between gangs killed at least 16 inmates at a Venezuelan prison in the latest bloodshed to afflict the notoriously over-crowded penal system, the government said.

  • 07/07/2013 | Latin America

    Austria denies inspecting Morales plane during landing

    Austrian officials did not search the plane which carried Evo Morales in the hunt for US whistleblower Edward Snowden, the President of the European country has stated in an attempt to ease the diplmoatic crisis causd by the incident.

  • 11/07/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela says Snowden has still not formally responded to asylum offer

    Venezuela has still not received a formal response to its offer of asylum to former US spy contractor Edward Snowden, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua told a news agency today.

  • 14/06/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela considers taking bottles from babies' mouths

    Venezuela's Congress will discuss legislation next week that would prohibit bottle feeding of infants to try to encourage breast feeding and reduce the use of baby formula, said a lawmaker of the ruling Socialist Party.

  • 02/07/2013 | Latin America

    Snowden needs 'world's protection', says Maduro

    Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said that Edward Snowden, the former US spy agency contractor, deserved the "world's protection" for divulging details of Washington's spy program.

  • 04/07/2013 | Latin America

    CFK expresses solidarity with Morales and calls on Europe to 'apologise'

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was among several South American leaders who spoke out at an emergency Unasur meeting, convened after Evo Morales was stopped from landing in several European nations. Cristina called on the responsible nations to apologise, and spoke out in defence of the Bolivian leader.

  • 09/05/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Maduro gets firm Brazilian backing, trade

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro got strong backing from regional heavyweight Brazil on a tour of South American allies to cement his legitimacy as political heir to the late Hugo Chavez.

  • 31/05/2013 | Latin America

    Colombia's Santos calls Venezuela plot accusations 'crazy'

    Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos dismissed as "crazy" accusations made by his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro that Santos is involved in a plot to overthrow him, and called for a diplomatic solution to the dispute.

  • 02/06/2013 | Latin America

    Cuba says Venezuela's spat with Colombia could hurt peace talks

    Cuba expressed support for its ally Venezuela in a row with Colombia, which Havana suggested could hurt peace talks it has been hosting to end Colombia's long war with leftist rebels.

  • 02/05/2013 | Latin America

    Maduro: opposition seeks 'totalitarian project' in Venezuela

    Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro asked the US to “respect” his country, and warned about the raise of an extreme right in the Caribbean nation but said he’ll do everything possible “in order to stop the appearance of a new Pinochet.”

  • 02/05/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela opposition challenges Maduro's win in court

    Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles challenged President Nicolas Maduro's narrow election victory before the Supreme Court, prolonging what appears to be a futile effort to overturn last month's vote.

  • 05/05/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela rebuffs Obama, repeats case against US 'spy'

    Venezuela brushed off criticism from US President Barack Obama and maintained its accusation that an American detainee in Caracas is a spy pretending to be a filmmaker.

  • 24/04/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's parliament launches probe into Capriles

    Venezuela's government-controlled parliament set up an inquiry into violence over its disputed election that authorities blame on opposition leader Henrique Capriles.

  • 25/04/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela detains US citizen accused of financing opposition

    Venezuela has detained an American citizen it says was financing opposition student demonstrations after this month's disputed presidential election, the latest in a flurry of accusations over last week's post-vote violence.

  • 30/04/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuelan lawmakers injured during punch-up in parliament

    Fistfights broke out in Venezuela's parliament, leaving a number of legislators bloodied and injured during an angry session linked to the South American nation's bitter election dispute.

  • 17/04/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela opposition fears crackdown, Maduro vows protection

    Venezuela's opposition leaders said they feared persecution over post-election protests, but President-elect Nicolás Maduro promised to protect his rival despite their vicious election dispute.

  • 19/04/2013 | Latin America

    Maduro sworn in, Venezuela to review disputed vote

    Nicolas Maduro was sworn in as Venezuela's president at a ceremony attended by leaders from Iran to Brazil after a decision to widen an electronic audit of the vote took some of the heat out of a dispute over his election.

  • 23/04/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela declares 90-day electricity 'emergency'

    President Nicolas Maduro's government declared a 90-day "emergency" in Venezuela's electricity sector to speed up infrastructure work and equipment imports needed to prevent politically-contentious power cuts.

  • 15/04/2013 | Latin America

    Maduro calls for calm, open to vote audit

    Venezuela's ruling party candidate Nicolás Maduro called for peace and said he would be willing for Sunday's election result to be audited.

  • 15/04/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela election board proclaims Maduro president-elect

    Venezuela's election authority formally proclaimed Nicolas Maduro the winner of Sunday's presidential vote, despite insistence by the opposition that the ceremony be suspended until a complete recount was carried out.

  • 16/04/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela accuses opposition of plotting coup, 7 dead

    Venezuelan President-elect Nicolas Maduro accused the opposition of planning a coup against him after seven government supporters were killed in clashes over his disputed election victory.

  • 13/04/2013 | Latin America

    Pro-Chávez Venezuelans mark coup anniversary on eve of election

    Hugo Chávez loyalists on the eve of a presidential vote celebrated across Venezuela a milestone in the late leader's socialist revolution, irking the opposition that complained of a campaign tipped in favor of the government.

  • 14/04/2013 | Latin America

    Factbox: Candidates Maduro and Capriles

    Venezuelan acting President Nicolás Maduro and opposition candidate Henrique Capriles square off in Sunday's election to determine who will succeed socialist leader Hugo Chávez, who died of cancer last month.

  • 15/04/2013 | Latin America

    Tight win for Maduro in Venezuela elections

    Late socialist leader Hugo Chávez's chosen successor Nicolás Maduro won Venezuela's presidential election by a whisker but now faces opposition protests plus a host of economic and political challenges in the OPEC nation.

  • 10/04/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's opposition denies it would scrap Chavez welfare aid

    Venezuelan opposition candidate Henrique Capriles denied accusations from acting President Nicolás Maduro that he would scrap popular welfare policies if he wins Sunday's election.

  • 11/04/2013 | Latin America

    Maradona attends Maduro's closing campaign rally

    Nicolás Maduro’s closing campaign rally had a special guest with Diego Maradona giving a celebrity boost to Venezuela’s colorful presidential elections that will test Hugo Chavez’s socialist legacy.

  • 13/04/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela says it foiled plot to destabilize presidential vote

    Venezuela's government said it foiled a plot to destabilize Sunday's presidential election, the latest in a flurry of claims that the opposition has derided as crude attempts to distract voters from the country's problems.

  • 05/04/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Maduro says campaign sabotage suspects arrested

    Acting President Nicolás Maduro said that Venezuelan authorities had arrested several people suspected of plotting to sabotage one of his campaign rallies before an April 14 election by cutting the power.

  • 08/04/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Maduro vows to battle corruption

    Acting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro vowed to stamp out corruption following days of accusations by opposition candidate Henrique Capriles that ruling party officials were plundering the country's oil wealth.

  • 09/04/2013 | Latin America

    Timerman, Jaua meet as Venezuela's presidential elections near

    Less than a week ahead of the elections that will determine Caracas’ political scenario after the death of Hugo Chávez, Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman meet with his Venezuelan counterpart Elías Jaua to address current state of bilateral ties.

  • 17/03/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Maduro urges Obama to halt 'plot' against rival

    Venezuela's acting president urged US President Barack Obama to stop what he called a plot by the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency to kill his opposition rival and trigger a coup ahead of an April 14 election.

  • 30/03/2013 | Latin America

    Maduro calls Venezuela opposition 'heirs of Hitler'

    Venezuela's acting President Nicolás Maduro called the country's opposition "heirs of Hitler," accusing them of persecuting Cuban doctors working in the South American country the way Jews were persecuted in Nazi Germany.

  • 02/04/2013 | Latin America

    At Chávez's birthplace, Maduro vows to win Venezuela vote

    Venezuelan acting President Nicolás Maduro made a pilgrimage to late socialist leader Hugo Chávez's birthplace and pledged to win the April 14 election in his honor.

  • 11/03/2013 | Latin America

    Fidel Castro: Chávez 'was the champion of the poor'

    Cuba's Fidel Castro praised the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as a champion of the poor and said Cubans had lost their best friend ever, in his first comments on the death last week of his socialist ally.

  • 12/03/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela to probe Chavez cancer 'poisoning' accusation

    Venezuela will set up a formal inquiry into suspicions that the late President Hugo Chávez's cancer was the result of poisoning by his enemies abroad, the government said.

  • 13/03/2013 | Latin America

    Latin America’s pontiff

    By Carolina Barros.- The first Jesuit, Latin American and Argentine pope ever. Sounds like another case of “God is also Argentine,” that popular saying which offers so much consolation and hope in bleak times — not to mention “the hand of God.”

  • 09/03/2013 | Latin America

    As Venezuelans mourn Chavez, election expected in April

    Venezuela will likely hold a presidential election in mid-April, multiple sources from the opposition and election board said although some in the government were pushing for the symbolic April 13 anniversary of Hugo Chávez's return to power after a short-lived 2002 coup.

  • 11/03/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Capriles joins race, tussles with Maduro

    Venezuela's opposition leader vowed to fight late Hugo Chávez's preferred successor for the presidency next month and the pair quickly locked horns in an angry war of words.

  • 06/03/2013 | Latin America

    Maduro: from bus driver to Chavez's successor

  • 07/03/2013 | Latin America

    Chávez's last words: 'Please don't let me die'

    President Hugo Chávez died of a massive heart attack after great suffering and inaudibly mouthed his desire to live, the head of Venezuela's presidential guard said.

  • 06/03/2013 | Latin America

    Stunned Cuba ponders future without Chávez

  • 06/03/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuelans react on the streets of Caracas

    Venezuelans react on the streets of Caracas after the death of President Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías.

  • 06/03/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuelans bid farewell to Chávez

  • 05/03/2013 | Latin America

    Hugo Chávez's life in pictures

  • 05/03/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela opposition leader urges unity, offers condolences

    Opposition leader Henrique Capriles called for unity among Venezuelans and offered condolences to Hugo Chávez's family and supporters after the president's death today.

  • 06/03/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuelans mourn Chávez as focus turns to election

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's death has unleashed a flood of emotional tributes that his allies hope will help ensure the survival of his self-styled socialist revolution when voters elect a successor.

  • 05/03/2013 | Latin America

    Supporters of Chávez devastated by his health setback

    Venezuela's political and military leaders gathered at the presidential palace and supporters wept after the government said President Hugo Chávez suffered a serious setback in his battle against cancer.

  • 05/03/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Hugo Chávez dies

    Venezuelan President Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías died after a two-year battle with cancer. Venezuelans will vote for a new president in 30 days and Vice President Nicolas Maduro will temporarily assume power.

  • 05/03/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's military vows loyalty to Maduro

  • 02/03/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chavez undergoing 'tough' chemotherapy

    Venezuela's ailing President Hugo Chavez has been undergoing "tougher" new treatment for cancer including chemotherapy at the military hospital where he has been for the last two weeks, his vice-president said.

  • 04/03/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela says Chávez's breathing problems have worsened

    President Hugo Chávez's breathing problems have worsened and the socialist leader is suffering a new, severe respiratory infection after cancer surgery in Cuba, Venezuela's government said today.

  • 05/03/2013 | Latin America

    Chávez 'in God’s hands,' daughter tweets

    “We are still holding on to God”, María Gabriela Chávez, one of Hugo Chávez’s daughters, tweeted as she welcomed messages of solidarity and support to the president of Venezuela, who is struggling to recover from cancer surgery.

  • 15/02/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela shows photos of ailing Hugo Chávez

    Venezuela's government published the first pictures of cancer-stricken Hugo Chávez since his operation in Cuba more than two months ago, showing him smiling while lying in bed reading a newspaper, flanked by his two daughters.

  • 18/02/2013 | Latin America

    Re-elected Correa vows media and land reforms

    Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa vowed today to press ahead with laws to control the media and redistribute land to the poor as he looks to deepen his socialist revolution after a resounding re-election victory.

  • 21/02/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez still suffers breathing problems

    Venezuela's cancer-stricken president, Hugo Chávez, is still suffering respiratory problems after his operation in Cuba more than two months ago, the government said.

  • 04/02/2013 | Latin America

    Fidel Castro says Chávez improving after tough cancer fight

    Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro said Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is getting "much better" as he recovers from cancer surgery almost two months ago in Havana, Communist Party newspaper Granma reported today.

  • 09/02/2013 | Latin America

    Opposition slams Venezuela devaluation, shoppers fret

    Opposition leaders derided another currency devaluation by President Hugo Chávez's government as evidence of economic incompetence, while some anxious Venezuelans hit shops on Saturday in fear of price increases.

  • 12/02/2013 | Latin America

    Cuba tones down Castro's positive words on Chávez health

    More than a week after former leader Fidel Castro was quoted in Cuban media as saying Venezuela's cancer-stricken President Hugo Chávez was "much better," the Communist Party newspaper published a different, toned down version of his comments.

  • 26/01/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela prison riot kills dozens

    A jail riot in southwestern Venezuela killed dozens of people on Friday, local media reported, the latest incident in the ongoing crisis in the South American nation's crowded prisons.

  • 26/01/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chavez overcomes infection, still having treatment

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has overcome a respiratory infection, but is still being treated for breathing problems after cancer surgery in Cuba last month, a government minister said today.

  • 27/01/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela prison riot kills 61, government silent

    A prison riot in southwestern Venezuela killed 61 people, a hospital official said, although the government has refused to give an official death toll in the bloody standoff that highlighted chaos in the country's jails.

  • 19/01/2013 | Latin America

    Maduro slams business leaders over Venezuela economy comments

    Venezuela's vice president hit out at the country's business leaders, saying they were seeking to destabilize the nation while cancer-stricken President Hugo Chávez fights to recover from surgery.

  • 22/01/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez has no return date yet says minister

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez does not have a date for his return from Cuba despite "encouraging" news on his recovery from cancer surgery, Information Minister Ernesto Villegas said.

  • 23/01/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's VP says he's target of assassination plot

    Venezuelan Vice President Nicolás Maduro said unidentified groups had entered the country with the aim of assassinating him and the head of the National Assembly as President Hugo Chávez recovers from cancer in Cuba.

  • 13/01/2013 | Latin America

    Chávez's medical evolution 'favorable,' Venezuelan gov't says

    Cancer-stricken Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's lung infection has been controlled and his medical condition is developing positively, more than a month after his latest surgery in Cuba, the government said.

  • 15/01/2013 | Latin America

    Maduro stands in for Venezuela's ailing Chávez in key speech

    Venezuelan Vice President Nicolás Maduro gave a brief state of the nation address today in place of his ailing boss, Hugo Chávez, who has not been seen in public since going to Cuba for cancer surgery more than a month ago.

  • 16/01/2013 | Latin America

    'Talk to us,' Venezuela's Capriles urges Chávez

    Venezuela's opposition leader, Henrique Capriles, called today for a proof of life from ailing President Hugo Chávez who has not been seen since cancer surgery in Cuba five weeks ago.

  • 08/01/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela opposition furious over likely Chávez inauguration delay

    Venezuela's opposition has accused the government of violating the constitution by proposing to delay cancer-stricken President Hugo Chávez's inauguration Thursday for a new term amid growing uncertainty over the polarized OPEC nation's political future.

  • 09/01/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela court endorses Chávez inauguration delay

    Venezuela's top court endorsed the postponement of Hugo Chavez's inauguration this week and ruled that the cancer-stricken president remained the South American OPEC nation's leader.

  • 12/01/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Hugo Chavez not in coma, brother says

    Venezuela's cancer-stricken president, Hugo Chavez, is recovering in Cuba and is not in a coma as some have rumored a month after surgery, his brother, Adan Chavez, said after a visit to Havana.

  • 03/01/2013 | Latin America

    Chávez still has 'severe' respiratory problem

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is still suffering from a lung infection that has hindered his breathing as he battles to recover from Dec. 11 cancer surgery, the government said today.

  • 05/01/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela lawmakers elect Chávez ally as Assembly chief

    Venezuelan lawmakers re-elected a staunch ally of Hugo Chávez as leader of the National Assembly today, putting him in line to be caretaker president if the socialist leader does not recover from cancer surgery.

  • 06/01/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela lawmakers elect Chávez ally as Assembly chief

    Venezuelan lawmakers re-elected a staunch ally of Hugo Chávez to head the National Assembly, putting him in line to be caretaker president if the socialist leader does not recover from cancer surgery.

  • 20/12/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez 'awake' and 'in good conditions'

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is conscious and recovering a week after a cancer surgery he underwent in Cuba, and "in good conditions" after suffering a respiratory infection, according to Vice-President Nicolás Maduro.

  • 01/01/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuelan VP says Chávez 'absolutely aware of his situation'

    Venezuelan Vice-President Nicolás Maduro stated during an interview that President Hugo Chávez is "aware of the complex situation he is going through," and blasted the press over the rumours about of his condition.

  • 02/01/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's opposition demands 'whole truth' about Chávez health

    Venezuela's opposition demanded the government tell "the whole truth" about the health of cancer-stricken President Hugo Chávez, who has not been heard from in three weeks after undergoing a grueling operation in Cuba.

  • 15/12/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez has 'full intellectual capacity' after surgery

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has recovered "full intellectual capacity" after a six-hour cancer operation in Cuba this week, an official said today, but offered few details on the socialist firebrand's physical condition.

  • 16/12/2012 | Latin America

    With absent Chávez, Capriles holds seat in Venezuela state elections

    Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles held his governorship post in state elections, leaving him well placed to challenge the government, should President Hugo Chavez's cancer necessitate a new presidential vote.

  • 18/12/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez stable after respiratory infection, gov't says

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez is in "stable" condition in Cuba after being treated for a respiratory infection following cancer surgery a week ago, the government said today.

  • 12/12/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez 'in stable condition' after operation

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is in stable condition after his cancer operation in Cuba, Information Minister Ernesto Villegas said today.

  • 13/12/2012 | Latin America

    Chavez's condition improves after suffering complication from surgery

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez suffered bleeding as a result of a six-hour operation in Cuba meant to treat a third bout of cancer, the government said.

  • 14/12/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez in satisfactory condition

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez is recovering "satisfactorily" from his cancer surgery in Cuba although the process remains slow, Information Minister Ernesto Villegas said today.

  • 06/12/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chavez likely to miss Brazil summit due to health

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will not attend a regional trade summit in Brazil, sources said.

  • 10/12/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez arrives in Cuba for surgery, vows 'I'll be back'

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez flew to Cuba early today for cancer surgery, vowing to return quickly despite admitting the disease could curb his 14-year rule of the South American nation.

  • 11/12/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez begins recovery after 'successful' surgery

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's cancer operation in Cuba yesterday was a success, his vice president said, adding that the complex surgery had lasted more than six hours and he would be recuperating for several days.

  • 27/11/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez to continue medical treatment in Cuba

    Following a nearly two-week absence from the public eye, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will travel to Cuba for medical treatment, months after he underwent chemotherapy and radiation for cancer there.

  • 29/11/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's VP says Chávez doing well in Cuba

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is doing well as he receives medical treatment in Cuba, Vice President Nicolas Maduro said today, despite a two-week absence from public view that has raised fresh doubts about his health.

  • 03/12/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez will travel to Brazil for summit, ambassador says

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez will travel to Brazil for a regional summit at the end of this week despite cancer-related medical treatment in Cuba, Brazil's ambassador said on today.

  • 04/10/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez fights Capriles in re-election bid

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez faces the toughest election of his 14-year rule on Sunday in a vote pitting his charisma and oil-financed largesse against challenger Henrique Capriles' promise of jobs, safer streets and an end to cronyism.

  • 09/10/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez hails 'perfect' democracy, mocks tyrant image

    An ebullient President Hugo Chávez hailed his comfortable re-election as evidence of Venezuela's "perfect" democracy and mocked his foes' depiction of him as a dictator.

  • 10/10/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez names Maduro as vice-president

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez named Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro as his new vice-president in the first change of his cabinet after Sunday's re-election.

  • 29/09/2012 | Latin America

    Two Venezuelan opposition activists shot dead

    Gunmen shot and killed two local leaders of parties backing presidential challenger Henrique Capriles today in the worst violence of a volatile campaign before Venezuela's election next weekend, the opposition said.

  • 30/09/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela opposition fumes about deaths of party activists

    Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles demanded justice for the shooting of three of his activists, while President Hugo Chavez promised to expand his socialist agenda if he wins next weekend's election.

  • 01/10/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Capriles vows to help Colombian peace talks

    Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles pledged to help Colombia in its peace talks with rebels and distance himself from Iran should he defeat President Hugo Chávez in an increasingly tight race ahead of Sunday's election.

  • 19/09/2012 | Latin America

    Top Colombian drug lord captured in Venezuela

    One of Colombia's most wanted drug traffickers was captured in neighbouring Venezuela with the help of Caracas as well as British and US intelligence agencies, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said.

  • 22/09/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Capriles mocks Chávez's pledges at rally

    Venezuela's opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles spoke at a rally today, mocking President Hugo Chavez's grandiose campaign pledges two weeks before the election, and vowed to fix voters' daily problems if he wins.

  • 26/09/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela polls mixed as presidential vote nears

    Venezuelan pollsters diverged sharply over whether President Hugo Chávez will win re-election on Oct. 7 or lose to opposition rival Henrique Capriles in an increasingly close election.

  • 15/09/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela blasts US criticism over drugs

    Venezuela today rejected as unsubstantiated a new US report that accused President Hugo Chavez's government of failing to fight the drugs trade.

  • 16/09/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela opposition chides Chavez over recent weeping jag

    Venezuela's opposition presidential candidate chided Hugo Chavez for publicly weeping over the loss of freedom he has had to contend with during his 14 years in power, all part of an increasingly dramatic campaign ahead of the Oct. 7 vote.

  • 17/09/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Capriles slams Chávez for blocking broadcast

    Venezuela's opposition candidate Henrique Capriles slammed President Hugo Chávez for blocking a live broadcast of an opposition rally, highlighting criticism the leftist leader abuses state resources to guarantee his re-election.

  • 12/09/2012 | Latin America

    Supporters throw stones in Venezuela pre-election clash

    Rival supporters in Venezuela's presidential election fought and threw stones on Wednesday before a campaign stop by opposition leader Henrique Capriles less than a month before an Oct. 7 vote.

  • 13/09/2012 | Latin America

    Aide to Venezuela opposition candidate fired amid corruption talk

    Venezuela's opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles kicked a top aide off his campaign  after vague corruption accusations by government leaders, potentially harming his bid to unseat socialist President Hugo Chávez.

  • 14/09/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Capriles goes on offensive after graft accusations

    Venezuela's opposition challenger Henrique Capriles sought to deflect attention from a corruption row by throwing the accusation back at President Hugo Chávez on Friday in an escalating political brawl ahead of the Oct. 7 vote.

  • 28/08/2012 | Latin America

    Two of three tank fires extinguished at Venezuela refinery

    Firefighters have managed to extinguish two of three burning storage tanks at Venezuela's biggest refinery today, officials said, as authorities aim to restart the facility by the end of the week.

  • 28/08/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela stamps out refinery blaze, eyes a restart

    Venezuelan firefighters put out a blaze at the country's biggest oil refinery paving the way for a restart of the facility and an investigation into the world's deadliest refinery accident in fifteen years.

  • 02/09/2012 | Latin America

    Demands for answers after Venezuela refinery blast

    Against a smoke-blackened skyline of blazing fuel storage tanks, residents who lived alongside Venezuela's biggest oil refinery wandered through what looked like a war zone for days.

  • 26/08/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's refinery to restart in two days after fire killed 39

    Venezuela's biggest refinery is on track to restart within two days, the energy minister said, a day after an explosion and fire there killed 39 people in one of the global oil industry's deadliest accidents.

  • 26/08/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela struggles with refinery blaze after deadly blast

    Venezuelan firefighters struggled to put out a blaze at the country's biggest refinery sparked by an explosion that killed 41 people in one of the global oil industry's deadliest accidents.

  • 27/08/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela refinery could restart Friday

    Venezuela's biggest refinery could restart operations and fires still burning in three storage tanks will be extinguished within two days, the country's energy minister said, following the country's worst oil industry accident.

  • 10/08/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez says US detainee was Marine

    A US citizen arrested in Venezuela while entering illegally from Colombia is a former US Marine and is refusing to explain himself under interrogation, President Hugo Chávez said.

  • 20/08/2012 | Latin America

    Well-armed Venezuela prisoners riot again, killing 25

    Well-armed inmates in one of Venezuela's notoriously overcrowded prisons rioted over the weekend, killing 25 people, the government said.

  • 25/08/2012 | Latin America

    Explosion kills 24 at Venezuela's biggest refinery

    An explosion tore through Venezuela's biggest oil refinery early today, killing at least 24 people, wounding more than 50 and halting operations at the huge facility in the OPEC nation's worst industrial accident in recent memory.

  • 24/07/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela unveils 3D image of hero Bolivar

    Venezuela's Hugo Chávez unveiled a 3D image of South America's 19th century independence hero Simon Bolivar on Tuesday, based on bones the president ordered exhumed two years ago to test his theory that Bolivar was murdered.

  • 27/07/2012 | Latin America

    Top Venezuelan embassy official killed in Kenya

    The head of Venezuela's embassy in Kenya was strangled to death at her official residence in the capital Nairobi, police said.

  • 31/07/2012 | Latin America

    'Venezuela's entry to Mercosur strengthens the region,' CFK

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner assured today during a press conference held at the Mercosur summit in Brasilia, that Venezuela’s entry to the bloc “strengthens the entire region.”

  • 13/07/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez says Venezuela is no threat to anyone

    President Hugo Chavez denied on Friday that Venezuela was a threat to anyone, after US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney criticized Barack Obama for playing down the risk posed by the socialist leader.

  • 14/07/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez re-election team expands social media reach via Twitter

    Venezuela's verbose Hugo Chávez is offering to send supporters his tweets to their mobile phones as the socialist president fights a vigorous opposition campaign across the Twitter-mad country ahead of an Oct. 7 election.

  • 24/07/2012 | Latin America

    De Vido, Venezuelan officials discuss details of YPF-PDVSA cooperation

    Planning Minister Julio De Vido and senior members of the Venezuelan Oil Company PDVSA were holding a meeting this afternoon to discuss the details of plan of cooperation between oil companies PDVSA and recently nationalized YPF.

  • 30/06/2012 | Latin America

    Paraguay blasts Mercosur's decision to take on Venezuela

    Paraguay’s government blasted Mercosur’s decision of taking Venezuela as a full member of the bloc "before finishing the legislative procedure to so" and assured the measure lacks legal recognition. President Federico Franco also said that his country's suspension from the bloc 'is illegal and illegitimate.'

  • 01/07/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez, Capriles launch presidential race

    President Hugo Chávez shook off his health problems to lead a massive rally on Sunday while opposition rival Henrique Capriles took to remote regions for the formal launch of Venezuela's presidential race.

  • 09/07/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez says 'totally free' of cancer

    President Hugo Chávez said he was fully recovered from cancer three months before Venezuela's election, where he is seeking to win another six-year term.

  • 11/06/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez stages cancer-comeback rally

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez led his biggest rally since he was diagnosed with cancer a year ago, seeking to stage a show of strength as he heads into a re-election campaign to extend his 13 years of socialist rule.

  • 19/06/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez has 16-point lead in latest Venezuela poll

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has a 16-percentage-point lead over opposition candidate Henrique Capriles ahead of an election in October, a new opinion poll showed today.

  • 26/06/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela election ads glorifying Chavez irk foes

    Political ads exalting Venezuela's socialist President Hugo Chávez as second only to God have offended opponents and added further controversy to an already spicy election campaign.

  • 02/06/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez reappears in public

    President of Venezuela Hugo Chávez, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, made his first public appearance before the press today since April, after meeting with a part of the Belarus government.

  • 06/06/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez to submit presidential candidacy next week, campaign chief says

    Venezuelan President Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías will submit on Monday 11 his candidacy for next October 7 presidential vote, according to his campaign manager Jorge Rodríguez.

  • 09/06/2012 | Latin America

    Chavez says tests show him in good health

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said today medical tests following his cancer treatment show he is in good health, but provided few additional details about an illness that has become an obsession in the OPEC nation.

  • 10/05/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez rival struggles to close gap in Venezuela race

    On a heady night in mid-February, Henrique Capriles roared himself hoarse with optimism at his victory rally in Caracas after trouncing rivals to win the Venezuelan opposition's presidential ticket.

  • 18/05/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez breaks silence with phone call

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez ended a weeklong silence after his latest cancer treatment with a call to state television, singing a folk song and vowing to deepen his self-styled socialist "revolution."

  • 22/05/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez reappears, leads cabinet meeting

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez reappeared in a live television broadcast, the first time he has been seen in public view since returning from cancer treatment in Cuba almost two weeks ago.

  • 26/04/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez back from Cuba after cancer treatment

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has returned home after 11 days of cancer treatment in Cuba as the state television showed images of the Head of State chatting with his vice president and other aides after arriving at Caracas' international airport early today.

  • 30/04/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez to withdraw Venezuela from IACHR

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez announced that his country will withdraw "from the sadly famous Inter-American Commission on Human Rights" (IACHR) and called for the State Committee to evaluate this issue.

  • 07/05/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez breaks silence, says governing Venezuela

    President Hugo Chávez broke a week-long silence to deny he had left Venezuela rudderless during his cancer treatment in Cuba and to promise a resounding re-election win in October.

  • 19/04/2012 | Latin America

    Ex-Supreme Court justice says Venezuela manipulates courts

    A Venezuelan Supreme Court judge who was removed from his post last month for assisting a drug trafficker has accused President Hugo Chávez's leftist government of systematically manipulating the courts, including meddling in drug cases.

  • 20/04/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela seeks arrest of fugitive judge through Interpol

    Venezuela asked Interpol to issue a notice for the arrest of a former Supreme Court justice who fled the country after he was removed from the bench for allegedly assisting a drug trafficker.

  • 23/04/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez calls home to squash death rumors

    A healthy-sounding President Hugo Chávez called Venezuelan state television from Cuba to dispel rumors fanned by a nine-day silence that he had died undergoing cancer treatment at a hospital in Havana.

  • 06/04/2012 | Latin America

    Reflective Chavez weeps at Mass, asks for God’s help

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wept and asked God to spare his life during a pre-Easter Mass after returning from his latest session of cancer treatment in Cuba. Chavez has undergone three operations in less than a year, and received two sessions of radiation treatment.

  • 08/04/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez lands in Cuba for treatment

    Venezuelan President Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías returned to Cuba on Easter Sunday for a third round of radiation therapy.

  • 10/04/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez to attend summit, says Colombia

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will attend the Summit of the Americas in Colombia this weekend, Colombia's foreign minister said, in what would be a show of strength for the socialist stalwart who has been weakened by cancer.

  • 24/03/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela says gas project output to begin in December

    Venezuela's Mariscal Sucre offshore gas project will begin production in December after years of delays and difficulties in attracting foreign partners, the South American country's energy minister said.

  • 29/03/2012 | Latin America

    Chavez back in Venezuela after radiation therapy

    President Hugo Chavez returned home to Venezuela today after a first session of radiation treatment in Cuba that he hopes will cure his cancer and allow him to win a new six-year term in October.

  • 05/04/2012 | Latin America

    Chavez back in Venezuela after treatment in Cuba

    President Hugo Chavez returned home to Venezuela today after his latest session of cancer treatment in Cuba, as he aims to fight off the illness and win a new six-year term in an October election.

  • 11/03/2012 | Latin America

    Down but not out, sick Chavez seeks re-election in Venezuela

    Cranes tower over new apartment blocks in Venezuela's capital where President Hugo Chavez's government plans to house 20,000 poor families as part of a populist pre-election spending push.

  • 16/03/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez returns to Venezuela from Cuba after surgery

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez flew home after cancer surgery in Cuba that will require him to have radiation therapy ahead of October's re-election bid.

  • 18/03/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuelans threaten mass lawsuits for faulty breast implants

    Some 2,000 Venezuelan women are threatening to sue doctors, private clinics and distributors for faulty PIP breast implants if they do not get free replacements in one of the world's hottest markets for plastic surgery.

  • 04/03/2012 | Latin America

    Chavez faces more cancer treatment before Venezuela vote

    President Hugo Chavez said he will need radiation treatment for cancer in the run-up to Venezuela's October presidential poll, though he insisted there was no metastasis after the removal of another tumor. 

  • 05/03/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela to ship more fuel to Syria as crackdown spreads

    Venezuela is readying a third shipment of diesel to the government of Syria even as President Bashar al-Assad intensifies a crackdown against protesters, said a Venezuelan lawmaker on Monday.

  • 07/03/2012 | Latin America

    Colombia says Chávez will head home early next week

    Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will return home next week from Cuba where he is recovering from surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.

  • 28/02/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela says Chávez's lesion 'completely' removed

    Surgeons "completely" removed a lesion from Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's pelvis and the socialist leader is in good physical condition after the operation in Cuba, Venezuela's vice president said on.

  • 01/03/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez 'working' after Cuba operation

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez is back working on government affairs from Cuba after a successful operation for his suspected recurrence of cancer, allies said.

  • 02/03/2012 | Latin America

    Ecuador plaintiffs eye Chevron assets in Venezuela, Panama

    The legal team representing Ecuadorean plaintiffs who won an $18 billion landmark case against oil giant Chevron for polluting the Amazon jungle will target the company's assets in Panama and Venezuela in a bid to collect the award

  • 15/02/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez taunts 'bourgeois' election foe

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez vowed to thrash newly chosen opposition leader Henrique Capriles in an October election and mocked his foes for copying him to woo voters.

  • 22/02/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez surgery rocks Venezuela ahead of election

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's imminent departure for more cancer surgery in Cuba has thrown his re-election campaign into uncertainty and once again shaken the socialist leader's passionate supporters.

  • 23/02/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez goes to Cuba on Friday for cancer surgery

    Venezuela's ailing socialist leader, Hugo Chávez, will fly to Cuba on Friday for an unknown period to undergo new cancer surgery that has shaken the South American nation before an October presidential election.

  • 30/01/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico ambassador kidnapped, released in Venezuela

    Mexico's envoy in Caracas was briefly seized today in the latest high-profile kidnapping in Venezuela, where violent crime is routinely listed as citizens' No. 1 worry, diplomats and local media said.

  • 12/02/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Capriles to run against Chávez

    Youthful state governor Henrique Capriles won Venezuela's opposition primary on Sunday, setting up a potentially close battle with socialist President Hugo Chávez in an October election.

  • 13/02/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Capriles seeks to unseat Chávez

    Venezuela's opposition primary winner Henrique Capriles exuded confidence that he can unseat President Hugo Chávez and end 13 years of socialism that foes say has left the OPEC nation in crisis.

  • 09/01/2012 | Latin America

    Iranian, Venezuelan leaders rebuff US, joke about bomb

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuela's Hugo Chávez lavished each other with praise, mocked US disapproval and joked about having an atomic bomb at their disposal.

  • 13/01/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez says would respect Venezuela vote if loses

    Venezuela's Hugo Chávez said that if an opposition candidate wins this year's presidential election, he will be the first to recognize the rival's victory and hand over power.

  • 24/01/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's López pulls out of presidential race

    Leopoldo López, one of Venezuela's best-known opposition leaders, has pulled out of the South American nation's presidential race and will back coalition frontrunner Henrique Capriles Radonski, sources in both camps said today.

  • 28/12/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez says US developed way to give LatAm leaders cancer

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez speculated that the United States might have developed a way to give Latin American leaders cancer, after Argentina's Head of State Cristina Fernández de Kirchner joined the list of presidents diagnosed with the disease.

  • 02/01/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela shrinks nationalization payment to Exxon

    Venezuela's PDVSA said it will pay Exxon Mobil Corp $255 million in compensation for nationalized assets - less than a third of what the US oil giant said it was awarded by an arbitration panel.

  • 06/01/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela names defence min accused by US as drug kingpin

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez named as defence minister General Henry Rangel Silva, who the United States has described as a "drug kingpin" linked to cocaine smuggling from neighboring Colombia.

  • 02/12/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez hosts CELAC summit, snubs US, Canada

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez hosted fellow Latin American leaders to launch a new regional body that pointedly excludes the United States.

  • 06/12/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez laughs off Obama-kiss Benetton ad

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez laughed off a Benetton advertisement that showed him kissing his ideological adversary and US counterpart Barack Obama, guffawing that it was a "good joke."

  • 19/12/2011 | Latin America

    US voices concerns over Venezuela’s Cuban, Iranian ties

    The United States believes increasingly warm ties between Venezuela, Iran and Cuba do not benefit the Venezuelan people, US President Barack Obama said in an interview with a Venezuelan newspaper published today.

  • 20/10/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez says ‘martyr’ Gaddafi was killed

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez qualified the ex leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, as “a martyr,” and assured he “was outrageously killed.”

  • 05/11/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez shows good health on national television

    President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, who is currently recovering from a battle with cancer, went out of his way to show his good state of health today, by running with a group of students of the Military Academy, shown on a Venezuelan television network.

  • 28/11/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela, Colombia hail drug kingpin capture

    The presidents of Venezuela and Colombia announced the capture of one of the region's most-wanted drug traffickers and touted it as evidence that their ideologically opposed governments were united against crime.

  • 17/10/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela blocks Chávez rival's presidential bid

    Venezuela's Supreme Court blocked high-profile opposition challenger Leopoldo López on Monday from running against President Hugo Chávez in a 2012 vote despite an international ruling in his favour.

  • 19/10/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez plans 'thanksgiving' after Cuba cancer tests

    Venezuela's convalescing President Hugo Chávez said he would be home on Thursday for a thanksgiving ceremony at a religious shrine after checks in Cuba following cancer treatment.

  • 20/10/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela’s Chavez: ‘I'm free of illness’

    Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez declared himself cancer-free today, four months after surgery to remove a cancerous tumor that shook the South American nation ahead of a 2012 presidential vote.

  • 13/09/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez to run again in October 2012

    Venezuela's presidential vote will be held on Oct. 7 next year when Hugo Chávez hopes to win re-election and cement his socialist "revolution" in South America's largest oil exporter.

  • 29/09/2011 | Latin America

    Chavez fights health scare rumors

    Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez denied rumors today that he was rushed to the hospital’s emergency room in a health scare episode. Versions of a supposed worsening of Chavez’ physical condition emerged at the Miami media this week.

  • 06/10/2011 | Latin America

    Chavez eyes Venezuela tourist islands for takeover

    President Hugo Chavez said his government would seize private homes on the idyllic Los Roques archipelago in the Caribbean and use them for state-run tourism in the latest move to implant socialism across Venezuela.

  • 23/08/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez says Gaddafi still Libya's leader

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said he will only recognize a Libyan government led by his friend and ally Muammar Gaddafi and accused the United States of inciting the country's civil war.

  • 27/08/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela: Chávez to have third chemo session

    President Hugo Chávez will undergo a third round of chemotherapy for cancer at home in Venezuela beginning tomorrow, he said, instead of traveling to Cuba where he had two previous rounds of treatment

  • 02/09/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez finishes third chemo session

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez ended a third round of chemotherapy, saying he "couldn't feel better" as he led a caravan to the presidential palace cheered on by thousands of supporters.

  • 06/08/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez to return to Cuba for more chemotherapy

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said he will return to Cuba for a second session of chemotherapy to treat a cancer that has forced him to slow his pace ahead of a re-election bid next year.

  • 14/08/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez congratulates CFK over primaries result

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez congratulated President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner via his Twitter account after the first official results of the primary election showed her as the winner.

  • 17/08/2011 | Latin America

    Pension scandal shakes up Venezuelan oil giant

    Venezuela received an enviable honor last month: OPEC said it is sitting on the biggest reserves of crude oil in the world – even more than Saudi Arabia. But the Venezuelan oil industry is also sitting atop a well of trouble.

  • 27/07/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Hugo Chávez mocks succession talk

    Venezuela's convalescing President Hugo Chávez laughed off talk of succession and said his enemies were engaging in speculation that his cancer diagnosis was made up to boost his popularity.

  • 28/07/2011 | Latin America

    ‘I promise I’ll live,’ Chávez assures CFK

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, who currently undergoes a treatment for cancer, said he has had a “beautiful” conversation with his Argentine counterpart Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, to whom he promised he will beat the disease.

  • 05/08/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela frees more than 2,000 prisoners

    Venezuela has freed more than 2,000 inmates to improve conditions in its violent and overcrowded prisons, state media said.

  • 20/07/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez softens on opposition prisoners

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, humbled by a cancer that has upended the OPEC nation's politics, has set clemency proceedings in motion for convicted opposition activists suffering from health problems.

  • 22/07/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chavez says first chemo successful

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said his first phase of chemotherapy treatment for cancer was successful, and he is preparing for a second phase to eliminate the risk of malignant cells.

  • 25/07/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez will run for re-election in 2012

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will seek another six-term in an election next year despite recovering from cancer surgery, he said in an interview with state newspaper Correo del Orinoco.

  • 14/07/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez to get cancer treatment in Brazil

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will travel to Brazil for cancer treatment, a Brazilian government source told reporters, following his return home after an operation in Cuba.

  • 15/07/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez plans to have more cancer treatment in Cuba

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said he plans to return to Cuba for more cancer treatment, in a move that will raise further concerns about his illness that has upended the OPEC nation's politics.

  • 16/07/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's ailing Chávez delegates some powers

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez delegated some powers to his vice president and finance minister, hours before a planned departure to Cuba for cancer treatment.

  • 07/07/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chavez says surgery forces slower pace

    Venezuela's convalescing President Hugo Chavez showed he was still boss with an upbeat visit to a military base but said cancer surgery was forcing him to slow a famously punishing style of leadership.

  • 08/07/2011 | Latin America

    Brazil-Venezuela: Rousseff offers Chávez medical help

    Brazilian President Dilma Roussef offered today Venezuela president Hugo Chávez her support over the mandate’s battle against cancer. According to the Presidential House press Secretary, Rousseff expressed her sentiments during a phone call conversation held this morning.

  • 13/07/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chavez may face chemotherapy for cancer

    Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez acknowledged for the first time today he may need radiotherapy or chemotherapy for ongoing treatment after cancer surgery in Cuba, the presidential office said.

  • 04/07/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chavez vows to win health battle

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez said on Monday he had to submit to "strict" medical treatment but would win the battle to regain his health after an operation in Cuba for a cancerous tumor .

  • 04/07/2011 | Latin America

    Back in Venezuela, Chavez vows to win cancer battle

    Venezuela's ever-theatrical President Hugo Chavez made a surprise homecoming after cancer surgery in Cuba, thrilling supporters and saying he would win the battle to regain his health.

  • 05/07/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela celebrates independence with Chávez home

    Venezuela celebrated the 200th anniversary of its independence with President Hugo Chávez back in his palace after a triumphant return from cancer surgery in Cuba that has left him weakened but defiant.

  • 29/06/2011 | Latin America

    New footage shows Venezuela's Chavez chatting with Fidel

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez was shown and heard chatting animatedly with former Cuban leader Fidel Castro in new video footage released today as rumors swirled over his health.

  • 01/07/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez is to go back soon, military assures calm

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez is recovering "satisfactorily" from surgery to remove a cancerous tumor and will be home "soon," the head of the South American nation's military said today. General Henry Rangel Silva added.

  • 02/07/2011 | Latin America

    Uncertainty over Chavez's recovery roils Venezuela

    Venezuela was mired in uncertainty today over how long President Hugo Chavez would take to recover from a cancer operation, despite assurances by allies he will be fit to run for re-election next year.

  • 24/06/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chavez tweets from Cuba

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, not seen in public in over two weeks, ended his unusual silence with several Twitter messages today, but said nothing about his health after an operation in Cuba.

  • 25/06/2011 | Latin America

    Power vacuum in Venezuela

    There’s no such thing as “Chavism” without Hugo Chávez. That’s the conclusion which emerges from a 20-day power vacuum in Venezuela with an ailing Chávez stuck in Havana...

  • 27/06/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela: opposition demands information on Chavez's health

    Demands by Venezuela's opposition for information on President Hugo Chavez's health grew louder today and bond prices rallied on speculation the socialist leader could be seriously ill.

  • 05/05/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez denounces opposition plans to ‘destabilize’ Venezuela

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez denounced that the opposition might be plotting to “destabilize” the country. He urged the people to watch out from those "groups playing to the destabilizing plot."

  • 11/06/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez has successful surgery in Cuba

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez had a successful operation on in Cuba for an abscess in the pelvis discovered on the last stage of this week's tour around Latin America, his government said.

  • 23/06/2011 | Latin America

    Chavez ‘stronger than ever’ but not home soon, says minister

    Nearly two weeks after surgery in Cuba, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez is "stronger than ever" but will not rush home until he is ready, his defense minister said today.

  • 07/04/2011 | Latin America

    Blackout hits Venezuelan oil states, Caracas

    Power cuts hit several Venezuelan regions including oil states and the capital Caracas, but refineries were not affected by the latest major blackout to hit the OPEC member.

  • 12/04/2011 | Latin America

    Colombia says rebel camps gone from Venezuela

    Colombian rebels no longer have camps in Venezuela, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said, in a sign of greatly improved ties the year after the two countries' spat over the guerrillas raised fears about regional stability.

  • 26/04/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez says Gaddafi officials in Venezuela

    A delegation of Libyan officials is in Venezuela to discuss possible peaceful solutions to the war in the North African country, Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez said.

  • 19/03/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez denounces military action in Libya

    Western military action in Libya is aimed at seizing the North African country's oil reserves, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said.

  • 22/03/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez says capitalism may have ended life on Mars

    Capitalism may be to blame for the lack of life on the planet Mars, Venezuela's socialist President Hugo Chávez said.

  • 27/03/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez to begin South America tour in Buenos Aires

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez reported he will begin in Buenos Aires his trip to Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Colombia to strengthen bilateral relationships with these countries.

  • 10/02/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela lawmakers exchange punches in parliament

    Venezuelan lawmakers exchanged punches in parliament when a fight erupted between members of President Hugo Chávez's socialist party and rivals, in a sign of the OPEC member nation's political polarization.

  • 18/02/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela says US is meddling in hunger strikes

    Venezuela accused the United States of meddling in connection with student hunger strikes opposed to President Hugo Chávez and said Washington was trying to create "something like a virtual Egypt" in Venezuela.

  • 21/02/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela denies reports Gaddafi on his way there

    Both Libya and Venezuela on Monday denied reports that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was seeking asylum as a violent revolt gripped his country and would join his friend President Hugo Chavez in the South American oil producing nation.

  • 22/12/2010 | Latin America

    Venezuela opposition slams "coup d'etat" by Chávez

    Venezuela's opposition accused President Hugo Chávez of a "coup d'etat" after the outgoing parliament gave him the power to rule by decree for 18 months and pushed through a host of new laws.

  • 23/12/2010 | Latin America

    Venezuela security forces break up student protest

    Venezuelan security forces fired a water cannon and rubber bullets to disperse hundreds of students protesting against a new law tightening the government's control over universities.

  • 15/01/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez may shorten decree powers

    Denying he was a dictator, President Hugo Chávez offered to give up much-criticized decree powers in May, a year ahead of schedule, if post-flood emergency measures were implemented quickly.

  • 11/12/2010 | Latin America

    Venezuela opponents wary of Chávez decree powers

    Venezuelan opposition leaders said they feared President Hugo Chávez would use decree powers he has requested to override an electoral setback that stripped him of a super-majority in parliament.

  • 16/12/2010 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez has 'battery' of decrees ready

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said he had a "battery" of decrees ready to issue once parliament grants him special powers that opponents say are an attack on democracy in the South American nation.

  • 17/12/2010 | Latin America

    Venezuela assembly gives Chávez decree powers

    Venezuela's parliament gave President Hugo Chávez decree powers for 18 months, outraging opposition parties that accuse him of turning South America's biggest oil producer into a dictatorship.

  • 29/01/2013 | Sports

    Tigre win 3-0 to reach Libertadores Cup group stage

    Tigre put in an excellent performance to beat Venezuela’s Deportivo Anzoátegui 3-0 in the away leg of the Libertadores Cup preliminary round to win on a 5-1 aggregate and qualify for first round group 2.

  • 22/03/2013 | Sports

    Argentina beats Venezuela 2-0

    Argentina's national footbal team wins Venezuela 2-0 in the eliminatory round for the 2014 World Cup.

  • 10/04/2012 | Sports

    Arsenal beat Zamora, revives the Libertadores Cup dream

    Arsenal defeated Venezuela's Zamora 1-0 and still dreams with the classification to the last 16 of the Libertadores de América Cup.

  • 01/08/2012 | Sports

    Venezuela wins first gold since 1968

    Venezuela's Ruben Limardo Gascon broke his country's 44-year gold medal drought when he defeated Norway's Bartosz Piasecki 15-10 in the men's epee competition for the nation's first fencing medal.

  • 11/09/2012 | Sports

    Venezuela win, push Paraguay nearer World Cup failure

    Striker Salomon Rondon scored twice to give Venezuela a 2-0 away win over Paraguay in the Defensores del Chaco cauldron in a World Cup qualifier.

  • 17/10/2011 | Sports

    Argentina dominate first day of Pan-Am rowing

    Argentina won three of the four rowing gold medals and Colombia was joined by Venezuela atop the cycling podiums on a good day for South America at the Pan-American Games.

  • 12/11/2011 | Sports

    Baseball star Ramos describes rescue in Venezuela

    Major League Baseball star Wilson Ramos described his fear as Venezuelan security forces swooped onto a mountain hideout to rescue him from kidnappers in a hail of bullets.

  • 30/08/2011 | Sports

    ‘It’s an important match for me and for the team'

    The new coach of Argentina’s national football team, Alejandro Sabella, qualified as “very important” the friendly match that will be played against Venezuela on Friday at Calcutta (India).

  • 02/09/2011 | Sports

    Winning start for Argentina coach Sabella

    Nicolás Otamendi headed the only goal as Alejandro Sabella kicked off his reign as Argentina coach with a 1-0 win over Venezuela in a friendly in India on Friday.

  • 06/09/2011 | Sports

    Argentina beat Venezuela, reach semi-finals

    Argentina’s national basketball team achieved its classification for the semi-finals of the pre-Olympic tournament after defeated Venezuela by 111 to 93 in the match for the second round.

  • 16/03/2011 | Sports

    Argentina's home-based thrash Venezuela

    Argentina’s national football team composed entirely of players from local league crushed Venezuela 4-1 during a friendly match in order to get prepared for the América Cup and to inaugurate the Bicentenario Stadium in San Juan province that will be used in the tournament.

  • 14/04/2011 | Sports

    Silva leads Vélez into Libertadores last 16

    Vélez Sársfield crushed the leader of the Group 4, Venezuela’s Caracas, 3-0 and achieved the pre-quarter finals of the Libertadores de América Cup in the second place along with Chile's Universidad Católica.

  • 09/08/2011 | Sports

    Sabella travels to Europe to meet Messi, other players

    Argentina’s national football team new coach Alejandro Sabella travelled to Europe to interview the players who currently play in teams from that continent, especially with Lionel Messi, the star of the “Albiceleste” team.

  • 30/06/2011 | Multimedia

    Venezuela's Chávez says was treated for cancer

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said he had undergone a successful operation in Cuba to extract cancerous cells and was on the road to full recovery.

  • 07/10/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez’s fate lies in Venezuela’s divided barrios

    The last time he ran for re-election, President Hugo Chávez won comfortably in Petare, one of Latin America’s biggest slums with nearly half a million people.

  • 21/05/2013 | Latin America

    Cuban meddling in Venezuelan politics

    Venezuela’s opposition yesterday released an audio recording that it said contains a prominent member of the ruling party discussing political strategy with a Cuban intelligence officer.

  • 21/05/2013 | Latin America

    Maligned dollar flourishes in Caracas and beyond

    By Juan Forero - The Washington Post

    The once-almighty US dollar has lost its lustre in some corners of the world. But there’s one outpost where greenbacks have never been stronger: in socialist, anti-imperialist Venezuela, whose government rails against US-style capitalism as the bane of humanity.

  • 21/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Copa América: Chávez tweets Venezuela 'was ripped off'

    President Hugo Chávez proclaimed Venezuela had been "ripped off" after his team were beaten on penalties by Paraguay in the Copa América semi-finals. Paraguay won a penalty shootout 5-3 sinking a desperately unlucky Venezuelan side who had a goal ruled offside and hit the crossbar three times during the goalless draw.

  • 22/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Paraguay coach banned for final, teams fined after brawl

    Paraguay coach Gerardo Martino will watch the Copa América final from the stands after he was suspended for two games following a brawl at the end of their semi-final win over Venezuela.

  • 23/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Peru crush Venezuela to reach 3rd place of Copa América

    Striker Paolo Guerrero scored a hat-trick as Peru crushed 10-man Venezuela 4-1 to take third place at the Copa América.

  • 19/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Venezuela coach bemoans absence of ‘Copa's best player’

    Venezuela coach César Farías will have to replace "the best player in the tournament" for their Copa América semi-final against Paraguay.

  • 21/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Paraguay ride their luck to reach Copa final

    Paraguay beat Venezuela 5-3 in a penalty shootout to reach the final of the Copa America for the first time since 1979 after a fortunate goalless draw.

  • 20/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Copa form leaves Peru's Guerrero eyeing World Cup place

    Peru's performances at the Copa América have left striker Paolo Guerrero confident the team can end a 32-year wait for a World Cup finals appearance.

  • 14/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Chile's Paredes assures Venezuela 'better than Brazil' at Copa

    Venezuela have played better than Brazil at the Copa América and will present Chile with a tough test in their quarter-final this weekend, Chilean striker Esteban Paredes said.

  • 15/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Chile coach vows to stick with goalless Suazo

    Chile striker Humberto Suazo will be in the starting lineup for Sunday's Copa América quarter-final against Venezuela despite his goalscoring drought, coach Claudio Borghi said.

  • 17/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Venezuela beat Chile, headed to semis

    Venezuela beat Chile 2-1 to reach the semifinals of the Copa América for the first time in their history.

  • 05/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Valencia injures ankle, misses next Copa match

    Ecuador's Antonio Valencia has injured the ankle which he had surgery on last year and will miss their second Copa América Group B match against Venezuela on Saturday, a team doctor said.

  • 09/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Venezuela stun Ecuador, lead Group B

    Venezuela stunned Ecuador 1-0 to go top of Group B at the Copa América with only their third win in the competition since they first took part in 1967.

  • 13/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Venezuela late comeback stuns Paraguay to snatch draw

    Venezuela stunned Paraguay with two goals in the dying minutes to snatch a 3-3 draw and retain their lead in Group B at the Copa América.

  • 30/06/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Groups & Fixture

    The three groups of the Copa América 2011 are formed by: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru, Chile and Mexico. Watch the complete fixture here.

  • 30/06/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    The teams

    See slideshow.

  • 30/06/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    The star players of the Cup

    Each team competing for the Copa América counts with its own star players. Watch here the list and their photos.

  • 07/10/2012 | In Depth - Elections in Venezuela

    Queues of voters symbolize a mature democracy, Chávez

    Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez said today he is "very happy" so far with the outcome of the general elections and predicted that given the massive participation in the process it may not close until past 6pm local time.

  • 07/10/2012 | In Depth - Elections in Venezuela

    Why is he unbeatable?

    Special report by Carolina Barros from Caracas

  • 06/10/2012 | In Depth - Elections in Venezuela

    Nervous Venezuelans stock up on supplies before election

    Venezuelans packed supermarkets  to stock up on food and other essentials in case of trouble around Sunday's presidential vote, which was shaping up as the biggest electoral challenge of Hugo Chavez's 14-year rule.

  • 07/10/2012 | In Depth - Elections in Venezuela

    Chávez's socialist rule at risk as Venezuelans vote

    Hugo Chávez loyalists blew bugles in a wake up call for voters as the Venezuelan leader faced the biggest electoral challenge yet to his socialist rule from a young rival tapping into discontent over crime and cronyism.

  • 07/10/2012 | In Depth - Elections in Venezuela

    Election test for Venezuela bond fans

    Investors who have been buying up Venezuelan bonds in hopes of an opposition victory in this weekend’s presidential election will be heartened by the results of a poll from Consultores 21 which shows Henrique Capriles having the edge on incumbent Hugo Chávez.

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