January 29, 2015
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  • 07/12/2014 | Argentina

    Pope Francis calls for CFK ‘to end mandate in peace’

    Argentines across the political spectrum should work to maintain stability ahead of October's presidential election, Pope Francis said in an interview published by La Nación newspaper.

  • 07/11/2014 | Argentina

    Carlotto says she was 'misinformed' about Bergoglio, 'made a mistake'

    Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayor head Estela de Carlotto has said she was misinformed about the role played by now Pope Francis during Argentina’s darkest period and apologized to the pontiff.

  • 11/11/2014 | Argentina

    Renewal Front wants Francis bank note

    The Renewal Front (RF) commanded by MP Sergio Massa has submitted a project to Congress demanding the Central Bank officially issues a note bearing the image of Pope Francis.

  • 14/11/2014 | Argentina

    Pope Francis cancels Argentina 2016 visit

    President of the Argentine Episcopal Conference (CEA) monsignor José María Arancedo has confirmed the pontiff will be not coming to Argentina in June 2016 when he was expected to attend the National Eucharistic Congress in the Tucumán province.

  • 13/10/2014 | Argentina

    Pope mourns passing of Antonio Cafiero

    Pope Francis has expressed his solidarity with the family of Antonio Cafiero following the death of the peronist politician, whose son Juan Pablo is the outgoing Argentine ambassador to the Vatican City.

  • 21/10/2014 | Argentina

    Pope delivers mass in honour of Once tragedy victims, receives relatives

    The Argentine pontiff presided over a mass at the Vatican Santa Marta chapel along with relatives of the Once train tragedy which claimed the lives of 51 people back in 2012. The group will be received by the pope in an official audience later today.

  • 05/11/2014 | Argentina

    Ex judge, Pope Francis' close friend Alicia Oliveira dies

    Former judge and a close friend of Pope Francis Alicia Beatriz Oliveira passed away today at her home in the Buenos Aires City neighbourhood of Almagro in the company of her three children. Oliveira suffered from a terminal disease. She was 71 years old.

  • 20/09/2014 | Argentina

    CFK, Francis meeting: 'Global financial reform, pope's constant concern'

    Both leaders discussed Argentina’s political and economic scenario with the pontiff expressing his concern about the legal dispute against vulture funds. Ms. Kirchner will be flying today to New York where she will be attending the UN General Assembly.

  • 20/09/2014 | Argentina

    CFK threatened by IS

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has revealed she was recently threatened by the Islamic State for “being friends with Pope Francis and being in favor of the existence of both a Palestinian State and Israel.”

  • 22/09/2014 | Argentina

    'It would be great if Máximo run for governor of BA province'

    Ever since Máximo Kirchner made his first major political speech, kirchnerite leaders have expressed their support for a more active political role of the president’s son. Deputy governor of Buenos Aires province Gabriel Mariotto said “it would be great if (Máximo) presented his candidacy for Buenos Aires province” in 2015 elections.

  • 16/09/2014 | Argentina

    'Pope supports democracy, which means watching for Cristina'

    Vatican spokesman Monsignor Guillermo Karcher said Saturday’s will be a “lunch between two Argentineans,” affirming Pope Francis “is worried about the (country’s) governability and healthy democracy.” Karcher did not rule out a papal visit to the country next year. 

  • 18/09/2014 | Argentina

    CFK blames ‘local vultures’ for speculative attack on the economy

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner assured that Argentina is under “permanent speculative attack headed by US Federal judge Thomas Griesa,” and criticized “local vultures who have amplified the offensive to the point of ridicule.”

  • 19/09/2014 | Argentina

    CFK in Rome for Pope Francis meeting

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has arrived in Rome where she will be meeting Pope Francis on Saturday in the Vactican’s Santa Marta residency. Both leaders are likely to discuss Argentina’s situation with the pontiff expected to express his support to the country in its legal dispute against vulture funds.

  • 30/08/2014 | Argentina

    Berni says shooting is ‘consequence of badly executed eviction’

    Security Secretary Sergio Berni has said the shooting in the Pope Francis settlement located in the BA City neighbourhood of Villa Lugano between Metropolitan Police officers and a group of drug criminals that happened earlier today is the consequence of “the badly executed eviction” of the area.

  • 07/09/2014 | Argentina

    Cámpora chief Larroque backs 'committed' Berni

    The leader of the Kirchnerite youth organisation La Cámpora, Andrés Larroque, has backed Security secretary Sergio Berni, after the politician was fiercely criticised for incidents involving the Border Guard last week in clearing a demonstration on the Panamericana highway.

  • 13/09/2014 | Argentina

    CFK says wouldn’t be ‘surprised’ incidents occurred during her Rome, UN visits

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has said she would not be surprised if incidents are registered in the country when she leaves for her Pope Francis and UN visits next Thursday, after former President Eduardo Duhalde defended unionist Luis Barrionuevo, who said the country heads towards “chaos”.

  • 26/08/2014 | Argentina

    Further arrest made in connection with Lugano shooting

    A male suspect aged 22 has been arrested in connection with the murder of Melina López, the teenager who was shot to death close to the controversial Pope Francis informal settlement in Villa Lugano, City of Buenos Aires, the second arrest made as security services investigate the case.

  • 29/08/2014 | Argentina

    Pope Francis meets Argentine Gaza priest

    Pope Francis has met with Jorge Hernández, the Argentine parish priest who leads the Sacred Family in Gaza, the only Catholic church in the conflict-hit zone.

  • 30/08/2014 | Argentina

    Shooting at 'Pope Francis' settlement leaves 7 police officers wounded

    Seven Metropolitan Police officers were left with gunshot wounds as a result of clashes with a group of drug criminals in the Pope Francis settlement located in the BA City neighbourhood of Villa Lugano.

  • 19/08/2014 | Argentina

    Francis asks to pray for his family

    Pope Francis was informed about the tragic road accident a nephew of his and his family suffered in Argentina, asking for prayers for his relatives.

  • 20/08/2014 | Argentina

    CFK calls Pope Francis, expresses condolences for family loss

    The president called Pope Francis to express Argentineans’ condolences for the death of the pontiff’s relatives. On Tuesday, Emanuel Bergoglio, the pope’s nephew, and his family suffered a car accident. Emanuel’s wife and their two little children died.

  • 23/08/2014 | Argentina

    Police, gendarmes evict 'Pope Francis' squatters

    Buenos Aires City Metropolitan police and national military police have conducted an eviction in the so called “Pope Francis” settlement in the City’s neighbourhood of Lugano.

  • 06/08/2014 | Argentina

    Pope Francis 'moved' by Guido Carlotto's story

    Monsignor Guillermo Karcher – a close assistant of the pontiff who usually discusses with him news about Argentina – confirmed today the Argentine pope was “moved” about the finding of Estela de Carlotto’s grandson.

  • 08/08/2014 | Argentina

    In interview to Argentina radio, Pope says Church can't be 'quiet'

    Pope Francis granted an interview to a community radio from the Santiago del Estero province. In a relaxed tone, the Argentine pontiff took the chance to question what he called “destructive criticism” damaging the Church, the country and people.

  • 19/08/2014 | Argentina

    Road crash tragedy for Pope's relatives, 3 killed

    A nephew of Argentine Pope Francis got involved in a tragic road accident today’s early morning with his wife and two children resulting killed. Emanuel Horacio Bergoglio, the son of the pontiff’s late brother, Alberto Bergoglio, suffered serious injuries.

  • 23/05/2014 | Argentina

    Government says Pope 'regrets' doubts about 'authentic' letter

    The Secretary to the Presidency Oscar Parrilli has held a press conference to inform Argentine ambassador to the Vatican Juan Pablo Cafiero was contacted by Pope Francis and affirmed the letter sent to President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is “authentic.”

  • 03/06/2014 | Argentina

    Capitanich praises Pope's letter on crime

    Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich praised Pope Francis' letter to the 19th International Congress of Criminal Law calling for a “humanitarian vision over criminal matters”. He highlighted the Pope's “clear, transparent” perspective and urged analysts to “take it into account”.

  • 28/07/2014 | Argentina

    Mariotto: ‘Francis said Griesa is further right than right-wing Republicans'

    The Deputy Governor of Buenos Aires province Gabriel Mariotto revealed details of a private conversation he had with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

  • 22/05/2014 | Argentina

    ‘Pope Francis’s letter to CFK is a fake’

    One of the Pope's closest collaborator, Argentine Monsignor Guillermo Karcher has affirmed that the letter from Pope Francis to President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner revealed earlier today by the government is a fake.

  • 22/05/2014 | Argentina

    Parrilli: ‘We don’t know why the Vatican says Pope’s letter is a fake’

    Government's Chief-of-Staff Oscar Parrilli and Worship Secretary Guillermo Oliveri have said that the letter from Pope Francis to President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner revealed earlier today is authentic, and wondered why the Vatican claims it’s a fake, as the letter was delivered by proper means from the Apostolic Nunciature in Buenos Aires to the presidential secretary.

  • 23/05/2014 | Argentina

    Karcher 'rectifies,' says pope's message is 'official'

    After denying the legitimacy of a letter sent by Pope Francis to President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, now Chief of Ceremonial of the Vatican Guillermo Karcher has said the message was “official.” The Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi has also ratified Karcher’s statements.

  • 11/05/2014 | Argentina

    Church attacks in Israel threaten to sour the Pope's visit

    The top Roman Catholic cleric in the Holy Land said a spate of attacks against the Church have poisoned the atmosphere ahead of this month's visit by Pope Francis, and urged Israel to crack down on the perpetrators.

  • 14/05/2014 | Argentina

    Maradona wants Pope Francis to change Vatican

    Soccer great Diego Maradona has urged fellow Argentine Pope Francis to move ahead with reforms and transform the Vatican from "a lie" into an institution that gives more to the people.

  • 22/05/2014 | Argentina

    Pope Francis calls Argentineans to build 'constructive dialogue'

    In the wake of the 204th anniversary of the May Revolution Pope Francis urged Argentineans to work towards “a peaceful cohabitation” and to build “a constructive dialogue” in a letter addressed to President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

  • 23/04/2014 | Argentina

    'Give the unemployed their hope back'

    During his weekly general audience at the St. Peter’s square at the Vatican, Pope Francis called to "give the unemployed their hope back." World "crisis" and "squandering" are to blame for leaving millions without jobs, the pontiff said.

  • 28/04/2014 | Argentina

    'No intermediaries in the relationship between CFK and Pope Francis'

    The relationship between President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Pope Francis “is fluid and direct” with a “permanent dialogue and no intermediaries,” Religion Secretary Guillermo Oliveri told a radio today from Rome.

  • 07/05/2014 | Argentina

    Pope Francis to meet with Susana Trimarco

    Susana Trimarco is the mother of Marita Verón, the 23-year-old who went missing in the province of Tucumán back in 2002. Marita’s has become Argentina’s high-profile human trafficking case. Ms. Trimarco will be received today by Pope Francis.

  • 27/03/2014 | Argentina

    Ahead of meeting with UK's Queen Elizabeth, Pope expresses support for Malvinas dialogue

    In the sidelines of his weekly audience at the St. Peter's square, Pope Francis met Argentina’s Malvinas Islands Affairs Secretary Daniel Filmus and expressed his hopes for Buenos Aires and London to resume sovereignty talks over the South Atlantic territories.

  • 09/04/2014 | Argentina

    Pope grieves over lynchings: 'I felt the kicking in my soul'

    In a letter addressed to two Argentine humanists living in Sweden, Pope Francis deeply regretted the murder of an 18-year-old who was beat to death by a group of Rosario citizens after he had allegedly stolen a woman’s purse. “The worst that can happen to us is to forget about that scene,” the pontiff said.

  • 19/03/2014 | Argentina

    Malvinas war veterans take 'peace calls' to Pope Francis

    During his weekly general audience at St Peter's square, Pope Francis met with a group of Malvinas war veterans and families of soldiers who died in the war Argentina and the UK fought over the sovereignty of the British-seized territories in 1982.

  • 22/03/2014 | Argentina

    Pope appoints Argentine priest at Church's anti-pedophilia group

    The pontiff has named an Argentine theologist and a victim of sexual abuse by a priest to be part of a core group formed to help the Catholic Church tackle clerical pedophilia that has dogged it for two decades.

  • 13/03/2014 | Argentina

    Argentineans celebrate Francis' first anniversary

    A mass at the Buenos Aires City Cathedral, an interview with a community radio station from a local shanty town and an art exhibition in the Museum of Contmeporary Art (MAR) of the City of Mar del Plata are among the commemorative activities taking place to mark Pope Francis’ first year in the Catholic Church.

  • 15/03/2014 | Argentina

    CFK flies to Rome to hold private audience with Pope Francis

    Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was flying to Rome where she will be holding an audience with Pope Francis on Monday. Later in the week, the head of state will be attending the Salon du livre in Paris, a top book event in Europe that this year has Argentina as guest of honour, and meet French leader Fracois Hollande.

  • 17/03/2014 | Argentina

    The gifts CFK, Pope Francis exchanged

    Before sitting for lunch at Santa Marta residence in the Vatican, and as tradition dictates, Pope Francis and Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner exchanged official gifts.

  • 18/02/2014 | Argentina

    Moreno likely to meet Pope in 'cordial' reunion

    Argentina’s ambassador to the Vatican Juan Pablo Cafiero praised the decision by Pope Francis to renew his passport as a regular Argentine and said the first South American pontiff in history might visit the country next year in an event the diplomat considered would be “massive and unforgettable.”

  • 07/03/2014 | Argentina

    CFK to meet Pope Francis on March 17

    News has been confirmed by Secretary to the Presidency Oscar Parrilli in an official statement. March 17 will mark the second time President Kirchner meets Pope Francis. Last year, the head of state visited Rome to attend the Inauguration Mass of the pontiff.

  • 12/03/2014 | Argentina

    BA City locals to send art present to Francis on papacy anniversary

    Buenos Aires City neighbours will be having a say in the first anniversary of Pope Francis’ pontificate. Following an initiative by the Mauricio Macri administration, locals will be able to sign a tapestry that will be sent to the Argentine pontiff as a gift, showing images of City’s landmarks. “We pray for you,” the artistic piece will read.

  • 09/02/2014 | Argentina

    Pope denies calling meeting between gov't, business & union leaders

    Pope Francis today dismissed reports that he had called for a meeting between representatives of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's government and members of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) and CGT union, with the supposed aim of discussing economic issues.

  • 10/02/2014 | Argentina

    Capitanich urges not to 'dishonour' Pope Francis' name for media operations

    Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich today rejected media rumours which during the weekend affirmed Pope Francis had called a meeting with the Argentine government, union and business leaders in March.

  • 10/02/2014 | Argentina

    Business, union leaders also deny Pope call for a meeting

    Business and union leaders today came on stage to dismiss media rumours which indicated that Pope Francis had called a meeting with them in order to reach agreements and “guarantee the social peace.”

  • 12/01/2014 | Argentina

    Francis designates 19 cardinals including Argentina's Poli

    Pope Francis put his first stamp on the group at the top of the Roman Catholic hierarchy naming 19 new cardinals from around the world. From Latin American are Archbishop Mario Poli, 66, Francis's successor in the Argentine capital, and the archbishops of  Rio de Janeiro in Brazil among others.

  • 17/01/2014 | Argentina

    Pope Francis receives SC president Lorenzetti

    Pope Francis has met Supreme Court head Ricardo Lorenzetti at the Santa Marta residency. The picture of the gathering was released by the Center of Judicial Information controlled by Argentina’s top tribunal.

  • 01/02/2014 | Argentina

    Pope Francis former office in BA robbed

    At least three people, who pretended to be worshipers, broke into the personal office of Archbishop Mario Poli last Monday and stole 100.000 pesos. It was the same workplace used earlier by Jorge Bergolgio, now Pope Francis.

  • 26/10/2013 | Argentina

    Pope Francis confirms visit to Argentina 'not before 2016'

    Ever since ex Argentine cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was appointed to head the Roman Catholic Church, versions have alleged to a papal visit to Argentina in the near future. However, Pope Francis himself said he is not planning such a trip, at least, not before 2016.

  • 27/12/2013 | Argentina

    Pope's sister hospitalized, remains 'stable'

    Sister of Pope Francis María Elena Bergoglio remains hospitalizad in a BA City clinic since December 20 receiving medical treatment for a urinary infection.

  • 10/01/2014 | Argentina

    Pope Francis sister released from hospital

    María Elena Bergoglio was released from the Hospital Británico located in the city of Buenos Aires, where she was treated for an urinary infection. The pope's sister underwent a previous medical hospitalization in September after suffering a glucose peak.

  • 05/10/2013 | Argentina

    Pope Francis meets dictatorship-kidnapped priest Jalics

    Pope Francis met with priest Franz Jalics in the Vatican today. The 86-year old Jesuit was kidnapped by Argentina’s 1976-1983 military dictatorship.The encounter comes after some sectors here connected the pontiff with the de facto government and, specially, with Jalics’ case.

  • 06/10/2013 | Argentina

    Lujan pilgrimage attracts almost 2.5 million people

    Around two and a half million people descended today on the town of Luján, Buenos Aires, after participating in the 39th Young Person's Pilgrimage, marking an historic record for the important celebration of the Catholic faith.

  • 09/10/2013 | Argentina

    Francis sends hope message to CFK, prays for the president's recovery

    Pope Francis has wished President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner a “full health recovery” following the surgery she underwent yesterday at the Fundación Favaloro clinic in Buenos Aires. “I beg you to feel my presence. I guarantee my nearness and prayer,” the ex Argentine cardinal said.

  • 17/09/2013 | Argentina

    Pope's sister hospitalized

    The sister of Pope Francis María Elena Bergoglio has been hospitalized at the Modelo Clinic located in the Buenos Aires province district of Morón where she is being treated since Saturday for a hypertension crisis, medical authorities confirmed today.

  • 18/09/2013 | Argentina

    Pope's sister stable, remains hospitalized

    Pope Francis’ sister María Elena Bergoglio evolves favorably after suffering a hypertension crisis that has put her in hospital since Saturday. The pontiff closely follows her sister’s condition from the Vatican, the family confirmed.

  • 05/10/2013 | Argentina

    Thousands of devoted walkers join the 39th Luján pilgrimage

    The 39th annual youth pilgrimage to the city of Luján in Buenos Aires province could turn into more than one million Catholics walking 63 km to reach the historic Luján Basilica. This time, such massive act of prayer is being crossed by the designation of ex Argentine cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as pontiff.

  • 28/07/2013 | Argentina

    Victory flunk?

    By Martin Gambarotta
    When election time comes around you are inclined to compare the politics of today with the past. Voters in Argentina have a history of punishing ruling parties in the midterm elections.

  • 07/08/2013 | Argentina

    Pope Francis sends his prayers to Rosario tragedy victims

    The Argentine Pope has sent his solidarity to the families of the Rosario tragedy victims expressing his “paternal pray and closeness” towards the injured and those affected by the building collapse that has claimed the lives so far of 10 people.

  • 20/08/2013 | Argentina

    Pérsico joins Pope Francis for a private audience

    Deputy Secretary of Family Agriculture Emilio Pérsico met with Pope Francis during a papal audience at the Santa Marta residency. Pérsico was joined by the head of the Workers Confederation of Popular Economy (CTEP in Spanish) Juan Grabois.

  • 04/07/2013 | Argentina

    Pope Francis meets with Scioli, urges him to 'fight against wild capitalism'

    Pope Francis met with Buenos Aires province governor Daniel Scioli at the Santa Marta residence in Vatican City and urged him to fight "against wild capitalism."

  • 16/07/2013 | Argentina

    Pope Francis responds to CFK salutation letter

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner tweeted that Pope Francis had replied to the salutation letter she sent him on Pontiff's Day last June 15.

  • 27/07/2013 | Argentina

    CFK blasts ‘those who are nostalgic about the 90s'

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner blasted the economic policies of the 90’s and those “who are nostalgic” about them, reaffirming that “the State system used to be completely unfair” before the Kirchnerite decade.

  • 24/04/2013 | Argentina

    Vatican says Pope Francis unlikely to visit Argentina in 2013

    Vatican dismissed the possibility of a visit of Pope Francis to Argentina this year. Local Church authorities had announced the pontiff would come in December.

  • 20/05/2013 | Argentina

    Pope Francis greets Argentines for May 25 National Day

    Pope Francis sent a greeting letter to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for May 25 (May Revolution) celebrations where he assured to remember all Argentines in his prayers.

  • 22/05/2013 | Argentina

    Pope Francis meets Capitanich, Binner

    At the end of the weekly general audience in St. Peter's square at the Vatican, Pope Francis received governor of the province of Chaco Jorge Capitanich and head of the Progressive Front coalition (FAP in Spanish) Hermes Binner.

  • 06/04/2013 | Argentina

    Pope calls Scioli, expresses solidarity with flood victims

    Pope Francis has contacted Buenos Aires province Governor Daniel Scioli and expressed his solidarity to the victims of La Plata’s extraordinary flooding.

  • 11/04/2013 | Argentina

    Pope sends letter to Macri, calls to build city with no people excluded

    In a letter sent to Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri, Pope Francis prayed for God to “enlighten and accompany with his grace” all citizens of Argentina’s capital and called to build a city where people are not excluded.

  • 29/03/2013 | Argentina

    Francis drives fervour among devoted Argentineans on Good Friday

    Election of Argentine cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope has led to a rare religious enthusiasm among devoted people in Argentina who mark the Good Friday worships in churches all across the country showing pictures of their beloved Francis.

  • 30/03/2013 | Argentina

    Religious fervour marks Easter Vigil in Argentina

    The Easter Vigil will be celebrated tonight in all churches of the archdioceses and dioceses of Argentina, where devoted Catholics are experiencing enthusiastic religious fervor following the appointment of Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope.

  • 05/04/2013 | Argentina

    Pope Francis donates u$s 50,000 for La Plata's victims

    Pope Francis has made a u$s 50,000 emergency fund available for the La Plata archdiocese to assist the victims of the storm that battered the capital city of Buenos Aires province earlier this week.

  • 22/03/2013 | Argentina

    Timerman: 'We never change our position towards Bergoglio'

    Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman rejected the allegations about an alleged “manuever” by Argentina’s ambassador to the Vatican Juan Pablo Cafiero to stop the election of ex BA city archbishop Bergoglio and denied that the government has changed its opinion about now Pope Francis.

  • 23/03/2013 | Argentina

    Moyano blasts CFK 'rapprochement' with Pope

    Union leader Hugo Moyano has branded President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s “rapprochement” to Pope Francis a “speculation” maneuver to improve her public image among society.

  • 27/03/2013 | Argentina

    La Pampa bishop to succeed Bergoglio

    Bishop of La Pampa Province Mario Poli has been chosen to succeed ex BA City archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, reported today.

  • 21/03/2013 | Argentina

    Kunkel praises Bergoglio's 'peronist' nature

    As the national government continues to reject any “resentment” over the election of Argentine cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio to head the Roman Catholic Church, now kirchnerite lawmaker Carlos Kunkel has praised Bergoglio’s “peronist” nature.

  • 21/03/2013 | Argentina

    'I felt more Argentinean than ever,' CFK tweets about meeting with Francis

    As she has been doing over the past months to ratify the government’s decisions and her own political views, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner used her Twitter account to describe the recent meeting she held with Pope Francis. “I felt more Argentinean than ever,” among the key “presidential” tweets.

  • 22/03/2013 | Argentina

    Baltasar Garzón: Pope Francis 'could perfectly open' Vatican 'dicatorship' files

    Ex Spanish judge and adviser of La Haya International Court of Justice Baltasar Garzón stated that Pope Francis “could perfectly open the Vatican’s files” in order to reveal the communications and "all the information" sent to Argentina during the 1976-1983 military dictatorship.

  • 19/03/2013 | Argentina

    Abal Medina: CFK, Pope meeting was a 'very important gesture'

    Cabinet Chief Juan Manuel Abal Medina praised yesterday's meeting between President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Pope Francis at the Vatican’s Santa Marta House, saying he considered it a “very important gesture.”

  • 20/03/2013 | Argentina

    Gov't praises Pope Francis in rapprochement

    Presidential-chief-of-Staff Oscar Parrilli, came on stage today to praise pope’s decision to beatify Carlos de Dios Murias, a Franciscan friar tortured and killed in la Rioja province by Argentina’s last civil-military dictatorship.

  • 20/03/2013 | Argentina

    Pope Francis to meet Adolfo Pérez Esquivel

    Pope Francis will meet tomorrow Argentine Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel. News announced by Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi come after Pérez Esquivel denied accusations that linked Bergoglio with Argentina’s 1976-1983 dictatorship.

  • 19/03/2013 | Argentina

    Friar killed by Argentina’s dictatorship could become first beatified of Francis' papacy

    According to Italian newspaper La Stampa, Carlos de Dios Murias, a Franciscan friar tortured and killed by Argentina’s last civil-miltary dictatorship, could become the first religios leader to be beatified by Pope Francis.

  • 19/03/2013 | Argentina

    Argentine 'cartonero' invited by Pope Francis to attend inauguration mass

    Following Pope Francis’ pledge for the poor, a young man who makes a living in Buenos Aires collecting what other people discard -known here as a “cartonero”-attended the pontiff’s inauguration mass as part of Argentina’s official delegation.

  • 19/03/2013 | Argentina

    Oliveri: Malvinas request 'relevant' issue of CFK-Pope Francis meeting

    Worship Secretary Guillermo Oliveri considered that the sovereignty dispute over the Malvinas Islands was the “relevant” issue addressed by President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Pope Francis yesterday.

  • 18/03/2013 | Argentina

    CFK asks Pope for his 'holy intervention' over Malvinas case

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner told reporters to be surprised by the Pope Francis’ invitation to share lunch with her, and revealed she asked the pontiff for his "holy intervention" ovewr Malvinas case in a press release celebrated at the Vatican.

  • 18/03/2013 | Argentina

    CFK invites Pope Francis to visit Argentina

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner invited Pope Francis to visit Argentina any time soon during the meeting they had today in the Vatican City.

  • 19/03/2013 | Argentina

    ‘Speechless’ Macri salutes Pope Francis

    BA City Mayor Mauricio Macri attended Pope Francis’ inauguration mass in the Vatican but when the moment of the official salutation came he went “speechless” and forgot “everything” he had planned to tell the new spiritual leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.

  • 15/03/2013 | Argentina

    Domínguez: 'Let the Pope pray for Malvinas'

    Lower House head Julián Domínguez has called to pray to God for the Pope to be “an instrument” that helps build dialogue channels with the UK over the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands.

  • 16/03/2013 | Argentina

    Francis to meet CFK in his first audience with a head of state

    The Vatican Press Office has announced that Pope Francis will meet President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner on Monday at 8.50 AM Buenos Aires time. It will be the first official meeting the pontiff holds with a head of state.

  • 16/03/2013 | Argentina

    Strassera: Attacking Bergoglio is 'vile'

    Ex public prosecutor Julio Strassera, who played a key role in the historic trial against the military, considered a “vile trick” the allegations involving now Pope Francis with Argentina’s civil-military dictatorship.

  • 07/01/2015 | World

    Pope on shooting: Stop the spread of hate

    Pope Francis has condemned as "abominable" the attack that killed 12 people at the Paris offices of a weekly satirical magazine known for lampooning Islam, calling on everyone to stop the spread of hate.

  • 31/12/2014 | World

    Pope condemns alleged corruption in Rome

    Pope Francis has condemned administrators and criminals in Rome who allegedly pocketed public funds meant to help poor migrants, saying the eternal city needed a "spiritual and moral renewal".

  • 24/12/2014 | World

    Pope Francis to preside over Christmas Eve midnight mass

    Pope Francis will be presiding over the midnight Mass service for Christmas Eve for the second time since his was elected to head the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics with his non-tradition style expected once more to mark the event.

  • 25/12/2014 | World

    Pope condemns IS, suffering of children

    Pope Francis has condemned the "brutal persecution" of minorities by Islamic State insurgents and said the joy of Christmas was marred by the suffering of children in the Middle East and around the world.

  • 18/12/2014 | World

    Francis ‘happy’ for US-Cuba rapprochement

    Pope Francis, who played a key role in the breakthrough in US-Cuban relations –as presidents Barack Obama and Raúl Castro highlighted-, expressed his joy for the historic rapprochement after 53 years of hostility.

  • 20/12/2014 | World

    Pope names new chamberlain in charge of Vatican papal transitions

    Pope Francis has named French Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran as the new camerlengo, or chamberlain, the cardinal who runs the Vatican after the death or resignation of a pontiff.

  • 17/12/2014 | World

    It's happy birthday for the Pope

    On the day of his 78th birthday, Francis presided over the weekly general audience at St. Peter’s Square as the Vatican announced no special celebrations have been scheduled.

  • 17/12/2014 | World

    Pope had key role in US-Cuban talks, offers good offices

    US President Barack Obama and Cuba’s Raúl Castro thanked Pope Francis for his role in the talks for normalizing relations. The Vatican expressed “warm congratulations for the historic decision” and offered its good offices “to facilitate a constructive dialogue.”

  • 11/11/2014 | World

    Francis creates new comission for abuse cases

    Pope Francis has created a new commission (Coleggio) of seven bishops and cardinals to speed up the appeal process for priests found guilty by the Church of serious crimes, including sexual abuse on minors, the Vatican said.

  • 18/11/2014 | World

    Pope calls abuse victim, asks for forgiveness 'in the name of the Church'

    A few days ago, a young man from Granada, Spain whose real identity remains unidentified, wrote a letter to the pontiff telling him he had been sexually abused by priests. His case got media attention because Daniel – a pseudonym to preserve his real name – on Sunday heard his cell phone rang. It was Pope Francis personally calling him to ask him for forgiveness in the name of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • 28/10/2014 | World

    'If I talk about land, work, housing they call me communist '

    True to his unorthodox style, Francis said some people think he is a “communist” pope given his constant pledge for a fairer world.

  • 29/10/2014 | World

    Francis says scientifc theories don't contradict Catholic teaching

    Scientific theories including the "Big Bang" believed to have brought the universe into being 13.7 billion years ago and the idea that life developed through a process of evolution do not conflict with Catholic teaching, Pope Francis has said.

  • 08/11/2014 | World

    Thumbs down for conservative cardinal

    Pope Francis has demoted an outspoken conservative American cardinal who has been highly critical of the pontiff's reformist leadership of the Catholic Church.

  • 25/09/2014 | World

    Pope sacks Paraguayan bishop accused of protecting abuser priest

    Pope Francis has dismissed a conservative Paraguayan bishop who was accused of protecting a priest suspected of sexually abusing young people in the United States, the Vatican said today.

  • 30/09/2014 | World

    Francis summons M. East envoys to discuss IS

    Pope Francis, who has expressed alarm over the rise of Islamic State militants and the plight of Christians in the Middle East, has summoned his envoys in the region to a rare meeting to discuss a response to the crisis, the Vatican said.

  • 21/10/2014 | World

    Swiss Guard publishes popes' favourite recipes

    A young chef with the Vatican City's Swiss Guard has launched a new book which contains the favourite recipes of various pontiffs, including the Argentine delicacy Dulce de Leche and the Polish dish Pierogi.

  • 08/09/2014 | World

    Pope Francis: ‘God is not a magician. He is the Creator!’

    Francis dedicated his homily to Creation today saying that “God is not a magician, He is the Creator.” The Pontiff pointed out that God gave men “an autonomy that is freedom.”

  • 08/09/2014 | World

    Pope accepts resignation of Irish Cardinal involved in abuse scandal

    Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, the Vatican said, drawing a line under a career plagued by accusations that he kept quiet about the sexual abuse of children by clergy.

  • 13/09/2014 | World

    Pope warns of 'piecemeal' World War III, condemns 'massacres, destruction'

    Pope Francis has said the spate of conflicts around the globe today were effectively a "piecemeal" Third World War, condemning the arms trade and "plotters of terrorism" sowing death and destruction.

  • 18/08/2014 | World

    Pope urges Korean reconciliation, reaches out to China

    Pope Francis called for peace and reconciliation on the divided Korean peninsula and sent a further message of goodwill to China, wrapping-up a five day trip to South Korea and the first papal visit to Asia in 15 years.

  • 27/08/2014 | World

    Pope urges Christian unity, says 'division is serious sin'

    In his weekly general audience in the Saint Peter’s Square in the Vatican, Pope Francis called for Christians’ unity and a “one and saint Church.” “Division is one of the most serious sins,” the Argentine pontiff said.

  • 29/08/2014 | World

    Francis to preside over first joint wedding of his papacy

    On September 14, Pope Francis will be presiding over his first Vatican wedding ceremony since he was appointed head of the Catholic Church last year.

  • 15/08/2014 | World

    Pope Francis denounces wealth gap in Seoul mass

    Pope Francis celebrated a huge open-air Mass in the centre of Seoul, where he denounced the growing gap between the haves and have nots, urging people in affluent societies to listen to "the cry of the poor" among them.

  • 16/08/2014 | World

    In South Korea visit, Pope warns Catholic clergy to be humble, not hypocrites

    On the third day of his visit to South Korea, Francis celebrated a huge open-air Mass in the center of the capital Seoul, where he denounced the growing gap between the haves and have nots, urging people in affluent societies to listen to "the cry of the poor."

  • 17/08/2014 | World

    Francis calls Asian nations to further dialogue with Vatican

    The Pope, in remarks clearly intended for communist-ruled countries such as China, North Korea and Vietnam, said that Asian governments should not fear Christians as they did not want to "come as conquerors".

  • 27/07/2014 | World

    Pope Francis' plea: 'Please stop!'

    Pope Francis made an emotional plea for peace in an impromptu addition to comments delivered at his weekly Angelus address in Saint Peter's Square.

  • 29/07/2014 | World

    Pope Francis to travel to Sri Lanka, Philippines in January

    The Pope will be travelling to Sri Lanka and the Philippines on January 12-19 next year.

  • 13/08/2014 | World

    Pope Francis begins South Korea trip

    Pope Francis began his first apostolic journey to Asia as he boarded the Alitalia plane that will take him from Rome’s International Airport to Seoul, in South Korea, where he is expected to arrive tomorrow at 10.30 (local time).

  • 18/07/2014 | World

    Pope calls Peres, Abbas to voice 'grave concerns' about Gaza crisis

    Pope Francis has telephoned Israeli President Shimon Peres and West Bank-based Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to express his "very grave concerns" over the conflict in Gaza, the Vatican said.

  • 20/07/2014 | World

    Francis calls for peace in Ukraine, Middle East

    Pope Francis called for peace in the Middle East and Ukraine, speaking after the Angelus in St. Peter’s Square. He also expressed his concern for the plight of Christian communities in the Iraqi town of Mosul.

  • 26/07/2014 | World

    Pope Francis renews attack on mafia in region scarred by toxic waste

    Pope Francis called for nature to be protected from criminal abuse today during a visit in the southern Italian town of Caserta, near Naples, in a region long blighted by illegal toxic waste dumps and the pervasive grip of the Camorra mafia.

  • 20/06/2014 | World

    Pope renews anti-drug decriminalisation message

    Pope Francis has ratified its opposition to the legalisation of drugs considering it a scourge that puts people’s lives at risk, fueled by a "market of profit that goes beyond national and continental boundaries.”

  • 29/06/2014 | World

    Pope Francis back in public after health concerns

    Pope Francis has led a religious ceremony at the Vatican, his first public appearance since concerns for his health were raised when he abruptly cancelled a visit to a Rome hospital two days ago.

  • 05/07/2014 | World

    'Exploitation of nature is a sin of our time'

    In an address at the university of Molise, an agricultural and industrial region in southern Italy, the pontiff said the Earth should be allowed to give her fruits without being exploited. Since his election, Francis has made many appeals in defense of the environment.

  • 13/06/2014 | World

    Pope Francis challenges 'wall' of security protocol

    Pope Francis granted an interview to the “La Vanguardia” newspaper, the head of the Roman Catholic Church acknowledged he runs risks by breaking the Vatican’s security protocol but stressed he “can not tell people he loves them from inside a sardine can, even if it is made of crystal.”

  • 15/06/2014 | World

    Francis announces first European trip to Albania

    Pope Francis has said his first trip to a European country would be to Albania in September to pay tribute to those who suffered under communism.

  • 16/06/2014 | World

    Francis: financial, commodities speculation is 'intolerable'

    Pope Francis criticised the wealth made from financial speculation as "intolerable" and said speculation on commodities was a "scandal" that compromised the poor's access to food.

  • 29/05/2014 | World

    Israeli and Palestinian presidents to meet at Vatican on June 8

    Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will meet at the Vatican and pray for peace together at an unprecedented gathering on June 8, the Vatican said.

  • 08/06/2014 | World

    Pope welcomes Peres, Abbas for Vatican prayers

    The Israeli and Palestinian presidents began an unprecedented meeting with Pope Francis to pray together in the hope that the gesture will relaunch the Middle East peace process.

  • 26/05/2014 | World

    Francis: Papal retirements could become normal in Vatican

    Pope Francis has said he would be open to retiring eventually like his predecessor, Benedict XVI, instead of ruling for life, adding that the concept of a "pope emeritus" could someday become normal in the Church

  • 27/05/2014 | World

    Back in Vatican, Francis prays, gives thanks for Holy Land trip

    The Pope made a visit to the Rome Basilica of Saint Mary Major to pray and give thank for his recent trip to Holy Land, an intense journey filled with bold personal gestures that took him to Jordan, Palestine and Israel.

  • 28/05/2014 | World

    Francis blasts 'globalization of indifference' for migrants

    The Pope has reiterated his call against “globalization of indifference” for migrants and said human trafficking and slave labour are “crimes against humanity”.

  • 24/05/2014 | World

    'Peace can not be bought but built with our hands'

    Francis made the statements while presiding over a mass at Amman’s International Stadium in Jordan where around 1,400 children received their first Holy Communion. Facing the crowd witnessing the pontiff’s historic visit to the Middle East, the first Latin American pope in history said peace was a “gift” that must be built “through gestures of our everyday life.”

  • 25/05/2014 | World

    Pope Francis invites Israel, Palestine leaders to Vatican for peace talks

    "In this, the birthplace of the Prince of Peace, I wish to invite you, President Mahmoud Abbas, together with President Shimon Peres, to join me in heartfelt prayer to God for the gift of peace," the pontiff said as he made a surprise visit to the wall separating Bethlehem from Jerusalem.

  • 26/05/2014 | World

    Shimon Peres: 'We'll work together, Jews, Christians, Muslims to bring an end to conflicts'

    "We will work together, Jews, Christians and Muslims to bring an end to the conflicts," Peres said, speaking alongside the pope, a choir of children standing behind them.

  • 24/05/2014 | World

    The Pope's visit in pictures

  • 09/05/2014 | World

    Pope tells UN do more to help the poor

    Francis, who since his election last year has often called for significant changes to economic systems, made his comments in an address to Ban and heads of many UN agencies meeting in Rome.

  • 10/05/2014 | World

    Late Pope Paul VI moves a step closer to sainthood

    The timing of the ceremony, which will take place at the conclusion of a Vatican synod of bishops from around the world on the theme of the family in October, means Francis will have either canonized or beatified three of his predecessors in the short space of six months. Beatification is the last step before sainthood.

  • 16/05/2014 | World

    Pope cancels engagements due to cold, need to rest ahead of trip

    Pope Francis has cancelled his engagements for today because of a cold and will not make a planned visit to a Rome parish this weekend so that he can rest ahead of a trip to the Middle East next week, the Vatican said.

  • 27/04/2014 | World

    Gallery: Popes John XXIII and John Paul II become saints

    The two pontiffs canonised today by Pope Francis are widely seen as representing contrasting faces of the Church.

  • 01/05/2014 | World

    Francis calls politicians 'to remember human dignity, common good'

    On International Labour Day and the catholic feast of Saint Joseph the Worker, Pope Francis used Twitter today to ask politicians to keep in mind human dignity and common good, two factors he’s previously linked to labour.

  • 04/05/2014 | World

    Francis appeals for Ukraine and Afghanistan

    Pope Francis appealed once more for peace in Ukraine and asked for prayers for the victims of the massive landslide that killed over 2,000 people in Afghanistan last Saturday.

  • 26/04/2014 | World

    Pope Benedict to attend canonization ceremony

    Emeritus Pope Benedict will attend the canonization Mass in St. Peter's Square tomorrow at which Pope Francis will proclaim the late Popes John XXIII and John Paul II saints of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • 18/04/2014 | World

    Mega salaries are evil, papal preacher tells Good Friday service

    The Vatican's official preacher, at a Good Friday service attended by Pope Francis, said huge salaries and the world financial crisis were modern evils caused by the "cursed hunger for gold".

  • 20/04/2014 | World

    Pope Francis calls for peace and the end of hunger in Easter address

    Pope Francis, in his Easter address before a huge crowd, denounced the "immense wastefulness" in the world while many go hungry and called for an end to conflicts in Syria, Ukraine and Africa.

  • 22/04/2014 | World

    Francis to meet with Ukrainian Prime Minister

    The Pope will meet with Premier Arseni Yatseniuk next Saturday in the Vatican.

  • 10/04/2014 | World

    Pope says 'enough': human trafficking is a crime against humanity

    Pope Francis said "enough" to human trafficking denouncing it as a crime against humanity as police leaders and religious groups from around the world pledged to work together to combat it.

  • 11/04/2014 | World

    Pope asks for forgiveness for sex abuse by clergy

    Pope Francis has asked for forgiveness for priests who molested children in some of his strongest words ever on the Roman Catholic Church's sexual abuse crisis, according to Vatican Radio.

  • 17/04/2014 | World

    Francis washes feet of 12 elderly, disabled

    In the traditional Holy Thursday Mass, Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of 12 disabled people in commemoration of Jesus' gesture of humility towards his apostles on the night before he died.

  • 27/03/2014 | World

    Obama invites Pope to the White House

    Obama made the spontaneous invitation as he was giving Francis a symbolic gift of seeds from the White House garden after 50 minutes of private talks in the pope's library.

  • 27/03/2014 | World

    Obama, Pope Francis exchange gifts

    After a 50-minute private audience at Vatican City, Pope Francis and US President Barack Obama exchanged gifts.

  • 04/04/2014 | World

    Pope grants interview to students: 'Poor are the heart of the gospel'

    In an interview granted to Belgium students and broadcast on the country’s public Flemish TV station, VRT, Pope Francis showed himself concerned about the problems of the youth and talked about his very own "mistakes" and "fears."

  • 13/03/2014 | World

    Pope invited to address US Congress

    US House Speaker John Boehner invited Pope Francis to address a joint session of Congress - an unprecedented event - during an expected visit to the United States next year.

  • 20/03/2014 | World

    Pope to workers: the unemployed face 'social exclusion' risks

    Employment not only involves an economic benefit but mainly men’s dignity, Pope Francis said today during an audience with workers of the Italian Steel Works company “Acciaierie di Terni”  and warned the unemployed face the risk of “social exclusion.”

  • 12/03/2014 | World

    Pontiff struggling to fulfill sky-high hopes

    Francis has raised many hopes of imminent changes in Church teaching that managing expectations is going to be a challenge. The Argentine-born pontiff has caught world attention by suggesting he might ease the Catholic Church's strict rules on divorce, birth control, women priests and gay unions.

  • 13/03/2014 | World

    Let's start with the top: Pope redefines role of Vatican secretary of state

    When he was elected a year ago, Pope Francis promised to shake up the bureaucracy of the world's smallest country. He has started at the top - curbing the once-overarching role of the secretary of state.

  • 13/03/2014 | World

    In first anniversary of papacy, Francis renews his 'Pray for me' message in Twitter

    The first Latin American pope in history is currently in Ariccia near Rome along with the Roman Curia on a Lenten spiritual retreat held outside the city state for the first time in decades. Reaffirming his simple style – no mass celebrations have been scheduled in the Vatican to mark the first anniversary of his papacy – Francis chose a social network to address Catholics and renew his “Pray for me” message.

  • 07/03/2014 | World

    Vatican confirms Pope's visit to Holy Land

    The Vatican has confirmed today Pope Francis will visit the Holy Land in May, as scheduled, after Israeli media suggested the trip could be cancelled.

  • 08/03/2014 | World

    Pope names top economists, finance experts to Vatican body

    Pope Francis named top laymen from the worlds of finance and economics to a new Vatican Council for the Economy, intended to improve scrutiny of the Holy See's scandal-plagued accounts.

  • 09/03/2014 | World

    Pope departs Vatican on frugal retreat ahead of anniversary

    Pope Francis left the Vatican ahead of the first anniversary of his papacy, which he will pass with the Roman Curia on a Lenten spiritual retreat held outside the city state for the first time in decades.

  • 05/03/2014 | World

    Pope Francis says he is no 'superman'

    Pope Francis has played down the notion that he is a "superman" who will bring sweeping reforms to the Roman Catholic church, stressing that its ban on contraception and opposition to gay marriage will remain in place.

  • 06/03/2014 | World

    Pope Francis reveals 'mercy' theft

    The rosary cross he wears in a pouch under his cassock belongs to a late confessor of his, a Buenos Aires City priest who had heard thousands of confessions, even from Pope John Paul II. “He” is Pope Francis who has just revealed a story that ends with a “Give me half your mercy” moral.

  • 22/02/2014 | World

    Pope Francis inducts cardinals, predecessor Benedict attends rite

    Pope Francis has urged 19 freshman cardinals to shun rivalries and factions at an induction ceremony where his predecessor, pope Benedict, made a surprise appearance. It was the first time Benedict attended a papal rite since his resignation a year ago.

  • 26/02/2014 | World

    Pope Francis calls for end to violence in Venezuela

    Pope Francis has called for a “cease of violence and hostilities” in Venezuela and prayed for dialogue and reconciliation in a country that has seen both anti and pro-government protesters flooding main cities' streets over the past weeks.

  • 28/02/2014 | World

    Pope sends new message to the divorced

    In a new show of his refreshing views on the Catholic Church traditions and mandates, Pope Francis pledged to “support” and “don't condemn” those who have "failed" in their marriage, during his daily homily at the Santa Marta papal residency today.

  • 04/02/2014 | World

    Reach out and touch the poor, Pope says

    Pope Francis called for a fair distribution of wealth and equal access to education and health care today in a Lenten message where he urged people to reach out and touch "the poverty of our brothers".

  • 21/02/2014 | World

    Pope Francis pledges for peace, harmony in Kiev

    Ahead of Saturday's official appointment of 19 cardinals for the first time of his pontificate, Pope Francis appealed for peace in Ukraine saying he hopes for “all violent action to end” and for “peace and harmony” to be resumed soon.

  • 16/01/2014 | World

    Pope Francis meets with DAIA to deepen inter-religious dialogue

    The Supreme Pontiff met with representatives of the argentine Jewish community in the Vatican to deepen inter-religious dialogue. The meeting was qualified as “transcendent” and “historical” by both parts.

  • 18/01/2014 | World

    Former Prosecutor says Pope won't be lenient with predator priests

    Pope Francis will not show leniency towards paedophile priests because truth and justice are more important than protecting the Church, the Vatican's former sex crimes prosecutor said.

  • 21/01/2014 | World

    Obama to meet Pope during European visit

    Obama is scheduled to meet with the pope on March 27 in a trip that will include stops in the Netherlands, Belgium and other parts of Italy, the White House announced in a statement.

  • 13/01/2014 | World

    Pope Francis calls abortion 'horrific'

    The Argentine pontiff, whom conservatives in the Roman Catholic Church have accused of not speaking out forcefully enough against abortion, has called the practice "horrific" while delivering the his so called "State of the World" address.

  • 14/01/2014 | World

    Obama to meet Pope Francis in 'near future'

    US President Barack Obama is looking forward to meeting Pope Francis in the near future, the White House reported, saying Obama is paying close attention to the pope's work on addressing inequality.

  • 15/01/2014 | World

    Pope removes four cardinals in shake-up of Vatican bank

    Pope Francis shook up the scandal-plagued Vatican bank, removing four of five cardinals from an oversight body in a break with the clerical financial establishment he inherited from his predecessor.

  • 05/01/2014 | World

    Pope Francis to make middle east visit in May

    Pope Francis is to visit biblical sites in Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories in May, his first trip to the Christian Holy Land as pontiff and only the fourth by a pope since biblical times.

  • 08/01/2014 | World

    Priest hitches ride on popemobile during papal general audience

    An Argentine priest hitched a ride on Pope Francis' popemobile during the pontiff's general audience in St. Peter's Square today after the pope recognised him in the crowd.

  • 12/01/2014 | World

    Francis baptizes daughter of civil marriage couple, son of single mother

    Pope Francis has baptized 32 babies in the Sistine Chapel and told their mothers to have no qualms about feeding them there. Two of the infants are the daughter of a couple that did not get married in the Catholic Church and a single mother's son.

  • 01/01/2014 | World

    Pope asks for end to wars, peace in New Year appeal

    Pope Francis made an impassioned New Year's peace address today, saying the heart of humanity seemed to have gone astray and too many people were still indifferent to war, violence and injustice.

  • 02/01/2014 | World

    Francis drew 6.6 million to Vatican in 2013, three times Benedict

    More than 6.6 million people attended events with Pope Francis at the Vatican from his election in March to the end of 2013, compared to 2.3 million for former Pope Benedict in all of 2012.

  • 05/01/2014 | World

    Like sheep to the slaughter

    By James Neilson
    The biggest problem facing Pope Francis, né Jorge Bergoglio, is not abortion, ecclesiastical paedophilia, homosexual rights, capitalist savagery or the no doubt sinister activities of conservative clerics who are conspiring against him in the Vatican corridors.

  • 26/12/2013 | World

    Francis denounces discrimination, violence against Christians

    Pope Francis has denounced discrimination against Christians, including in countries where religious freedom is in theory guaranteed by law.

  • 28/12/2013 | World

    Syria's Assad sends direct message to Pope Francis ahead of peace talks

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has sent Pope Francis a private message, the Vatican has said, without disclosing its contents. Vatican sources said the message likely included the Syrian government's position ahead of peace talks due to start on January 22 under UN auspices in Geneva.

  • 31/12/2013 | World

    Francis celebrates first year-end vespers, Te Deum prayers as pope

    Pope Francis urged the people of Rome not to let the beauty of their city to blind them to the growing number of homeless, refugees, and unemployed living among them. Francis, who is also the bishop of Rome, has made appeals for people to reach out to the poor in a personal way a hallmark of his papacy, presided at a solemn vespers ceremony in St. Peter's.

  • 23/12/2013 | World

    Pope Francis and Benedict pray together in Christmas meeting

    Pope Francis made a Christmas visit to Pope Emeritus Benedict and said he found his 86-year-old predecessor looking well, according to television footage released by the Vatican.

  • 24/12/2013 | World

    Francis celebrates first Christmas as Pope

    Pope Francis will celebrate his first Christmas as leader of the world’s Roman Catholics today and tomorrow with crowds of pilgrims expected to attend the annual celebrations in the Vatican.

  • 25/12/2013 | World

    Atheists, work with us for peace, Pope says on Christmas

    Pope Francis, celebrating his first Christmas as Roman Catholic leader, called on atheists to unite with believers of all religions and work for "a homemade peace" that can spread across the world.

  • 06/12/2013 | World

    Obama praises Francis, a 'soulful messenger' of peace, justice

    President Barack Obama likes what he sees from Pope Francis, who has called for a more humble Catholic Church that sides with the poor.

  • 12/12/2013 | World

    In peace message, Francis denounces social inequality, calls to rethink 'development models'

    Pope Francis attacked mega-salaries and big bonuses saying in the first peace message of his pontificate that they are symptoms of an economy based on greed and inequality.

  • 22/12/2013 | World

    Pope Francis: Every family should have home

    Pope Francis today called on governments and social services across the world to "do everything possible so that people can have a home of their own."

  • 15/11/2013 | World

    Pope Francis cancels audiences due to illness

    Pope Francis canceled several audiences today due to flu, the first time his health has affected his role as leader of the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics.

  • 26/11/2013 | World

    Pope calls global leaders to end 'tyranny of markets' in key document

    Pope Francis called for renewal of the Roman Catholic Church and attacked unfettered capitalism as "a new tyranny", urging global leaders to fight poverty and growing inequality in the first major work he has authored alone as pontiff.

  • 05/12/2013 | World

    Pope Francis to set up special committee to fight child sex abuse

    The Vatican is to set up a special committee to improve measures to protect children against sexual abuse within the Church, the archbishop of Boston, Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley, said.

  • 07/11/2013 | World

    Pope Francis dons red nose to support charity work

    In a new show of his unorthodox style, Pope Francis donned a red nose after he congratulated newlyweds who work as volunteers at an organization assisting the sick with clown therapy.

  • 10/11/2013 | World

    Pope Francis leads prayer for Philippines victims after typhoon

    Pope Francis led prayers today for those affected by the typhoon that killed at least 10,000 people in the Philippines.

  • 14/11/2013 | World

    Pope meets Italy's Napolitano, warns about world crisis 'painful' effects

    Prio to his meeting with with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano today, Pope Francis warned about the effects of the global crisis, considering unemployment one of its “most painful” consequences. “It is necessary to multiply efforts in order to strengthen any sign of recovery,” the pontiff stated.

  • 27/10/2013 | World

    Pope toasts 10 million Twitter followers

    A jubilant Pope Francis celebrated reaching 10 million followers on messaging site Twitter, a milestone in the Vatican's drive to spread the gospel through social media.

  • 30/10/2013 | World

    Pope Francis amid 5 most powerful people in the world

    Pope Francis has made it to Forbes No.4 of the world’s most powerful people this year. First goes Russian President Vladimir Putin taking the place of now No.2 Barack Obama. Third is China’s Xi Jinping and the fifth “power broker” as the magazine says is German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

  • 16/10/2013 | World

    Pope Francis decries 'scandal' of hunger and malnutrition on World Food Day

    Marking the World Food Day, Pope Francis rose his voice today against what he called the “scandal” of hunger and malnutrition questioning also “consumerism, waste and squandering of food.”

  • 17/10/2013 | World

    Abbas to Pope Francis: 'I hope to sign a peace treaty with Israel'

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas today met with Pope Francis and invited him to visit the Holy Land, matching a standing invitation from Israel.

  • 23/10/2013 | World

    Pope Francis tells 'luxury bishop' to go for unspecified period

    Pope Francis has ordered the German Roman Catholic prelate known as the "luxury bishop" for spending some 31 million euros ($42.70 million) on a residence to leave his diocese for an unspecified period, the Vatican said.

  • 21/09/2013 | World

    Pope Francis makes key new appointments

    Pope Francis’ campaign to set out a new vision of the Catholic Church has now reached key new appointments in the Roman Curia positions.

  • 01/10/2013 | World

    Amid reform talks, Pope Francis vows to change Vatican mentality

    Pope Francis began landmark meetings today to reform the Vatican, promising to do all he could to change the mentality of an institution he said was too focused on its own interests.

  • 03/09/2013 | World

    Pope Francis renews anti-war call for Syria: 'Let peace burst'

    In a new peace call facing the Syrian crisis, Pope Francis urged world leaders to prevent the war in the Arab country. “We want peace to burst in our society ravaged by divisions and conflicts,” the head of the Catholic Church said in his official Twitter account.

  • 05/09/2013 | World

    Pope Francis tells G20 leaders military solution in Syria 'futile'

    Pope Francis, in a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin for the G20 conference, today urged world leaders to "lay aside the futile pursuit of a military solution" in Syria.

  • 06/09/2013 | World

    Pope Francis renews anti-war calls

    Peace is a good that goes beyond all barriers, it is a good for all manking, the official Twitter account of Pope Franci read today in a new anti-war message amid US preparations for a military strike on Syria.

  • 19/07/2013 | World

    Pope sets up commission to reform Vatican

    Pope Francis, moving to overcome major crises in the Holy See, set up a special commission to reform its economic and administrative departments.

  • 21/08/2013 | World

    No peace without dialogue, Pope Francis

    During a meeting with Japanese students at the Vatican, the Pope affirmed that no peace can be secured without dialogue. “All wars, all fights, all problems that are not solved and continue are due to lack of dialogue,” the head of the Catholics said.

  • 08/07/2013 | World

    Pope Francis blasts society sliding into 'the globalization of indifference'

    Pope Francis laid a wreath in the port of Lampedusa in memory of the thousands of migrants from Africa who have died trying to reach the tiny Sicilian island in unsafe and overcrowded boats.

  • 09/07/2013 | World

    Pope Francis, 'Man of the Year' according to Vanity Fair

    The Italian edition of Vanity Fair magazine has chosen Pope Francis as "Man of the year" for his words and actions during his first 100 days as Pontiff.

  • 11/07/2013 | World

    Vatican broadens child abuse crimes in legal reform

    The Vatican unveiled changes to its law that name the sexual abuse of children as a specific crime and aim to implement international anti-money laundering norms as the city state seeks to end years of scandal.

  • 05/07/2013 | World

    Pope Francis stresses continuity in first encyclical on faith

    Pope Francis issued his first encyclical with a message on the importance of Christian faith that showed he plans no radical departure from the doctrinal stance of his predecessor Benedict.

  • 06/07/2013 | World

    Pope Francis calls to renew 'flimsy" structures of Catholic Church

    During his traditional homily at the chapel of the Santa Marta residency, Pope Francis urged Catholics “not to be afraid of renewing the flimsy structures" of the Church. The pontiff backed the resignation of the Vatican’s top banking officials involved in a broadening financial scandal.

  • 06/07/2013 | World

    Italian prosecutors drop inquiry into former Vatican bank chief

    Italian prosecutors have dropped inquiries into the Vatican bank's former president Ettore Gotti Tedeschi after concluding a money laundering investigation, judicial sources said.

  • 20/06/2013 | World

    Pope condemns 'scandal of starvation', calls to end 'financial speculation'

    Pope Francis condemned what he called the “scandal of starvation” leading millions to hunger as he called to end “financial speculation” that controls food prices. Such was the address of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics to the Participants in the 38th Conference of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

  • 20/06/2013 | World

    Britain rejects involvement of pope in Malvinas dispute

    Britain and a representative of the Malvinas (Falkland Islands) rejected the idea of Pope Francis intervening in the long-running dispute with Argentina over the islands, which Buenos Aires claims are Argentine territory.

  • 26/06/2013 | World

    Pope Francis sets up special review of Vatican bank

    Pope Francis has set up a special commission to review the activities of the scandal-plagued Vatican bank to ensure that it operated in "harmony" with the mission of the Catholic Church, the Vatican confirmed.

  • 14/06/2013 | World

    Pope Francis and new Anglican leader meet, note differences

    Pope Francis and the new head of the world's Anglicans acknowledged deep differences over issues ranging from gay rights to women priests but pledged to seek unity when they met today for the first time since both took office in March.

  • 15/06/2013 | World

    Pope urges French lawmakers to go beyond 'ideas of the moment'

    Pope Francis urged a delegation of French lawmakers to avoid following only "fashions and ideas of the moment" when legislating, in an apparent reference to the country's legalization of gay marriage last month.

  • 25/05/2013 | World

    Pope Francis 'concerned' about increasing unemployment

    Pope Francis said “unemployment” is increasing in 'exponential and alarming' rates, extending poverty limits.

  • 11/06/2013 | World

    Pope Francis renews 'poor church' vision

    Reaffirming his austerity and humility claims, Pope Francis said a “rich Church” has “no life” during his morning mass at the Santa Marta Chapel.

  • 12/06/2013 | World

    Pope Francis condemns 'plague' of child labour

    Marking the World Day against Child Labour, Pope Francis condemned the exploitation of children in domestic work a “despicable growing phenomenon especially in poor countries.” “Greater action” is needed to tackle what the pontiff called a “plague.”

  • 01/05/2013 | World

    Pope Francis on International Labour Day: 'If people have no job, society is not fair'

    On the International Labour Day, Pope Francis issued a message against “selfish profit” economic rules as Europe plunges into historic unemployment rates. The Pontiff also voiced concern about slave work and human trafficking.

  • 18/05/2013 | World

    Germany's Merkel visits Pope, urges tougher market controls

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel met Pope Francis and, apparently responding to his criticism of a heartless "dictatorship of the economy", called for stronger regulation of financial markets.

  • 19/05/2013 | World

    Pope warns Church against closing in on itself

    Pope Francis warned the Catholic Church to not close in on itself at a Mass to mark Pentecost Sunday attended by more than 200,000 people, urging the faithful to be open in a new and changing world.

  • 13/04/2013 | World

    Pope makes first big decision naming advisory board

    Pope Francis, in his first major decision, set up an advisory board of cardinals from around the world to help him govern the Catholic Church and reform its troubled central administration.

  • 30/04/2013 | World

    Pope accepts invitation to Israel, urges peace talks

    Pope Francis urged Israelis and Palestinians to resume talks and make "courageous decisions" to bring peace after his first meeting with Israel's President Shimon Peres and accepted an invitation to visit the Holy Land.

  • 30/03/2013 | World

    Pope led Catholics into Easter at vigil service

    Pope Francis, leading the world's 1.2 billion Catholics into Easter for the first time, urged those who have strayed from the faith to allow God back into their lives.

  • 05/04/2013 | World

    Pope Francis wants Church to 'act decisively' against sex abuse

    Pope Francis wants the Catholic Church to "act decisively" to root out sexual abuse of children by priests and ensure that the perpetrators undergo due process, the Vatican said today.

  • 12/04/2013 | World

    Pope meets Vatican administrators ahead of changes at top

    Pope Francis held his first meeting with staff of the Vatican department that was at the center of last year's scandal over leaked documents alleging corruption, ahead of expected changes to its leadership.

  • 29/03/2013 | World

    Francis led Good Friday worship

    As Reverend Cantalamessa called to tear down the “ceremonial remains and controversies of the past” in order to return to the “simplicity of origins”, Pope Francis presided over this afternoon the first Good Friday worship of his papacy at the Saint Peter Basilica.

    In silence and covered with a red chasuble symolizing the blood of martyrdom, Benedict’s sucesor laid prostrate in prayer.

    Preacher to the papal household Reverend Raniero Cantalamessa delivered the Good Friday sermon stressing the need to recover the Church’s evangelizing ímpetus and calling to banish “the ceremonial remains” and the “controversies of the past” referencing to Franz Kafka’s “An Imperial Message” to illustrate the current obstacles faced by Catholism.

    Francis will preside alsoa another Good Friday services, the traditional "Via Crucis" (Way of the Cross) procession around the ancient Colosseum in Rome.

    He will celebrate an Easter eve service on Saturday night and on Easter Sunday, the most important day in the Church's liturgical calendar, he will deliver his first "Urbi et Orbi" (to the city and the world) message to a large crowd in St. Peter's Square.

  • 29/03/2013 | World

    Francis presided over Good Friday worship

    As Reverend Cantalamessa called to tear down the “ceremonial remains and controversies of the past” in order to return to the “simplicity of origins”, Pope Francis presided over this afternoon the first Good Friday worship of his papacy at the Saint Peter Basilica.

  • 30/03/2013 | World

    Easter Vigil: Francis baptised four adult converts

    After praying for peace in the Middle East on Good Friday, Pope Francis baptised four adult converts to the Catholic Church during the first Easter vigil of his papacy.

  • 21/03/2013 | World

    Pope Francis to give Maundy Thursday Mass at minors' prison

    As he used to do while he was still the Archbishop of BA City and ratifying his social commitment that tries to whitewash the Catholic Church’s scandals, Pope Francis will celebrate the Maundy Thursday mass at a minors’ prison in Rome.

  • 23/03/2013 | World

    Historic encounter between Pope Francis and Benedict XVI

    A reigning pope and ex-pope faced each other for the first time in at least 600 years when Pope Francis travelled south of Rome to meet his predecessor, "pope emeritus Benedict XVI".

  • 29/03/2013 | World

    Francis led first Via Crucis of his papacy

    Thousands of people holding candles turned out at Rome's Colosseum to see Pope Francis mark the first Good Friday of his pontificate with a traditional "Way of the Cross" procession around the ancient amphitheatre.

  • 19/03/2013 | World

    Defend environment, society's weakest members, pope says

    Pope Francis inaugurated his papacy with an address calling for the defense of the weakest in society and of the environment, saying that otherwise the way was opened to death and destruction.

  • 19/03/2013 | World

    Papal inaugural Mass straddles religion and politics

    Pope Francis's inaugural Mass became an event straddling religion and politics that brought together European royalty, heads of state and world spiritual leaders.

  • 20/03/2013 | World

    Pope urges religions, those with no church to ally for justice

    Pope Francis urged members of all religions and those belonging to no church to unite to defend justice, peace and the environment and not allow the value of a person to be reduced to "what he produces and what he consumes."

  • 15/03/2013 | World

    Priest kidnapped by Argentina military 'in peace' with Francis

    Hungarian Jesuit priest Franz Jalics was kidnapped by Argentina´s 1976-1983 dictatorship when Jorge Mario Bergoglio was the head of the Jesuit order in Buenos Aires. Jalics lives in Germany since 1978 and says he is “in peace” with the newly elected pontiff.

  • 16/03/2013 | World

    Pope wants a “poor Church” after Saint Francis of Assisi

    In an audience with members of the international press, the pontiff explained why he chose the name Francis in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi and said he would like “a poor Church and a Church for the poor.”

  • 16/03/2013 | World

    Pope Francis and Benedict XVI to lunch in historic gathering

    Next Saturday Francis will visit and have lunch with Benedict XVI in a historic meeting that will bring together the first pope to resign in 600 years and the first non-European pope in modern times and first Latin American head of the Roman Catholic Church in history.

  • 27/07/2013 | Latin America

    Pope urges Brazil's youth to seek change

    Pope Francis encouraged Brazil's young people, who have protested against corruption in their country, to continue their efforts to change society by fighting apathy and offering "a Christian response."

  • 14/04/2014 | Latin America

    Pope Francis expresses his solidarity with Chilean victims

    Pope Francis expressed his solidarity and "spiritual proximity" to the victims of the "terrible fire" that killed at least 12 people in the Chilean city of Valparaíso.

  • 26/07/2013 | Latin America

    Pope Francis asks young to change unfair world

    Pope Francis urged young people to change a world where food is discarded while millions go hungry, where racism and violence still affront human dignity and where politics is more associated with corruption than service.

  • 27/07/2013 | Latin America

    Pope tells clergy to go out on the streets and help the poorest

    Pope Francis told Catholic clergy to leave their comfort zones and smug surroundings and reach out to serve the poor and needy.

  • 27/07/2013 | Latin America

    Pope calls for dialogue to end Brazil protests

    Pope Francis said leaders must address the issues raised in protests in Brazil, and in a message to priests worldwide urged them to leave their comfortable surroundings to serve the poor and needy.

  • 17/07/2013 | Latin America

    Pope to shun bullet-proof vehicles during Brazil trip

    Pope Francis will not use bullet-proof popemobiles on his visit to Brazil next week to allow him more direct contact with crowds despite the security risks, the Vatican said.

  • 19/07/2013 | Latin America

    Pope heads to less Catholic Brazil

    Five months after becoming the first non-European pontiff in 13 centuries, Pope Francis makes his debut trip abroad next week by returning to Latin America for a gathering of young faithful in Brazil, the world's largest Roman Catholic country.

  • 25/07/2013 | Latin America

    Pope scolds rich, demands social justice in visit to Brazil slum

    Pope Francis today issued the first social manifesto of his young pontificate, telling slum dwellers that the world's rich must do much more to wipe out vast inequalities between the haves and the have-nots.

  • 23/03/2013 | Latin America

    Pope Francis to meet President Dilma Rousseff in Brasilia

    As part of an official tour to Brazil where he will be visiting Rio de Janeiro to attend the celebrations marking the 2013 World Youth Day, Pope Francis is expected to hold a meeting with Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff in Brasilia.

  • 03/05/2013 | Latin America

    CELAM meeting to take place in Río during Pope Francis' visit

    Río de Janeiro is not only getting ready to host the World Youth Day celebrations. The presidential meeting of the CELAM Latin American Episcopal Council will also take place in the Brazilian city where Pope Francis will be attending the youth festival.

  • 01/07/2013 | Latin America

    Pope Francis does not fear protests during Brazil trip

    Pope Francis does not believe that there will be protests during his visit to Brazil to mark World Youth Day, scheduled to run from July 22-29 in Rio de Janeiro.

  • 16/03/2013 | Latin America

    Dilma changes agenda to attend Francis' inauguration mass

    The President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff has outlined changes in her government agenda in order to attend the inauguration mass of Francis’ papacy next Tuesday.

  • 19/03/2013 | Latin America

    Mujica's absence at Vatican: 'We are not believers'

    While South American leaders Rafael Correa, Dilma Rousseff and Sebastián Piñera showed themselves deeply moved at Pope Francis' inauguration mass, Uruguayan president José "Pepe" Mujica did not attend the historic ceremony.

  • 20/03/2013 | Latin America

    Dilma meets Pope Francis, renews invitation of Rio's World Youth Day

    In the second meeting Pope Francis holds with a head of state, the pontiff received Brazilian President Dilma Roussef. After a 30-minute meeting, the South American leader affirmed the pontiff is “excited” about the possibility of visiting Brazil.

  • 13/08/2014 | Sports

    Francis looks forward to San Lorenzo final: Today is a very special day

    San Lorenzo fanatic Pope Francis is just one of thousands of Cuervo supporters anxiously looking forward to today's Copa Libertadores final, and the Argentine pontiff hopes to celebrate as the club bid for their first-ever victory in the South American tournament.

  • 01/09/2014 | Sports

    Icardi hat-trick hands victory to 'Pupi' in Match for Peace

    Javier Zanetti's Pupi Foundation team came out victors in a special Match for Peace organised by Pope Francis, winning 6-3 over Diego Maradona's Scholus thanks to three goals from Mauro Icardi.

  • 10/09/2014 | Sports

    San Lorenzo to name proposed new stadium after Pope Francis

    The board of directors of San Lorenzo has agreed to name the club's future stadium after Pope Francis, in a decision taken today during a meeting at the Primera División institution.

  • 12/08/2013 | Sports

    Argentina train ahead of Italy clash, Messi still a doubt

    The Argentine national football team, with captain Lionel Messi a fitness worry, has trained for the first time in Rome's Stadio Olimpico, ahead of a friendly match against their Italian counterparts in honour of Pope Francis.

  • 13/08/2013 | Sports

    Lavezzi sits on Pope Francis' chair during Argentina visit

    Paris Saint-Germain and Argentina forward Ezequiel Lavezzi took advantage of a visit to the Vatican City to 'steal the throne' from Ballon d'Or holder Lionel Messi, as he cheekily made himself comfortable in Pope Francis' chair during a team photo.

  • 17/04/2013 | Sports

    Pope Francis receives Barcelona T-shirt signed by Messi

    During his weekly general audience on St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis received a Barcelona Football Club T-shirt belonging to Lionel Messi and showing the Argentine star player’s signature.

  • 04/07/2013 | Sports

    Italy and Argentina to play in honour of Pope Francis

    The national football teams of Italy and Argentina will play a friendly in Rome on August 14 in honour of Pope Francis, the Italian Football Federation (DIGC) confirmed.

  • 30/07/2013 | Sports

    Aguero out of Argentina friendly against Italy

    Striker Sergio Aguero is missing from the squad named by coach Alejandro Sabella for Argentina's friendly against Italy in Rome next month.

  • 16/03/2013 | Sports

    San Lorenzo with Pope Francis' T-shirt

    News about the election of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has shaken up the country and also the San Lorenzo football club of which the Pope is a notorious fan. The club board launched an especial edition T-shirt showing Francis’s image.

  • 20/03/2013 | Sports

    San Lorenzo's hope for boost from the hand of Pope Francis

    The arrival of former Argentine BA City archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio to the Vatican has shaken up the football scenario. San Lorenzo’s authorities are already planning advertising strategies to promote the Boedo club in the world.

  • 21/03/2013 | Sports

    Messi is 'proud' of Argentine Pope and wants to 'meet' Francis

    Argentine football star Lionel Messi said he is “proud” of Argentine cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s appointment as Pope and assured he would like to personally meet the pontiff.

  • 20/09/2014 | Multimedia

    Homeland gifts for Francis - video

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner met at the Vatican with Pope Francis. In a two-hour lunch, both leaders discussed in private Argentina's affairs. Prior to their meeting, the Ms. Kirchner gave the pontiff some special gifts from his homeland Argentina.

  • 24/05/2014 | Multimedia

    Pope launches historic trip to Holy Land

    Pope Francis has arrive for the first time in the Middle East, together with a Rabbi and a Muslim leader, in a delicate mission to push his vision of inter-religious dialogue as a vehicle for peace in the region.

  • 05/06/2014 | Multimedia

    VIDEO: 'Pope' annoyed by World Cup defeat

    As an avid football fan and member of San Lorenzo, Pope Francis is certain to be keeping a close eye on proceedings at the 2014 World Cup. But for one Spanish cellphone company, the head of the Roman Catholic church may not be able to keep his cool.

  • 18/07/2014 | Multimedia

    Pope Francis calls for justice in AMIA case

    On the 20th anniversary of the AMIA bombing, the Argentine pontiff sent a message for “justice” to Argentina’s Israeli community and relatives of the 85 victims that resulted dead in the attack.

  • 28/11/2013 | Multimedia

    Solanas grants Pope to TN

    UNEN lawmaker Fernando “Pino” Solanas achieved a feat in obtaining the first TV interview with Pope Francis, but the senator gave the rights of the broadcast to the Clarín Group’s TN news channel, refusing to release any bit of the material before then.

  • 27/03/2014 | Multimedia

    Obama, Pope Francis meet for the first time, stress fight against inequality

    Pope Francis and US president Barack Obama today held their first private audience at the Vatican and stressed the world's increasing inequality and the fight against poverty.

  • 03/04/2014 | Multimedia

    A meeting without much of ceremonial pomp

    Britain's Queen Elizabeth met Pope Francis for the first time and gave a bemused pontiff culinary delights from the royal estates, including a dozen eggs and a bottle of whisky. The Argentine pontiff gave the monarch a gift for her eight-month-old great-grandson.

  • 12/06/2014 | In Depth - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

    Pope hopes World Cup becomes a 'feast of solidarity among peoples'

    Pope Francis is hoping the World Cup, which kicks off in Brazil later today, will be played in a spirit of fraternity and fair play, and can overcome any form of racism or intolerance.

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