March 29, 2015
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  • 27/11/2013 | Argentina

    Repsol's board accepts YPF compensation deal

    The Repsol’s Administrative Council has accepted the preliminary agreement reached among Argentina, Mexico and Spain involving a compensation for the expropriation of the Spanish firm’s 51 percent stake in the energy giant YPF.

  • 25/03/2014 | Argentina

    Gov't praises support of France, Mexico, Brazil in vulture funds row

    Capitanich praised the government’s Procrear building program explaining that the construction activity increased by 2.1 percent in January. The head of ministers also stressed the support by France, Brazil and Mexico to Argentina in its long-stranding legal dispute against vulture funds.

  • 26/10/2014 | Argentina

    Giorgi meets with Mexican businessmen, talks investments

    Industry Minister Débora Giorgi met with Mexican businessmen who expressed their intention to invest in Argentina’s hydrocarbon sector.

  • 03/05/2012 | Argentina

    ECLAC reports foreign investment reached 3% in 2011

    The Direct Foreign Investment (DFI) in Argentina reached 7.243 billion dollars in 2011, 3 percent higher than the previous year, according to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

  • 03/11/2012 | Argentina

    Economy Minister protest against 'vulture funds' in Mexico

    Economy Minister Hernán Lorenzino and Central Bank Governor Mercedes Marcó del Pont lead the Argentine delegation in the technical G20 meeting in Mexico, where they insisted on the government’s criticisms against vulture funds and credit rating agencies.

  • 13/12/2012 | Argentina

    CFK: 'Argentina close to reaching automobile trade agreement with Mexico'

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced that the Government is in the process of reaching an automobile trade agreement with Mexico.

  • 23/06/2011 | Argentina

    'The FATF has acknowledged our efforts to fight money laundering,' Alak

    During its plenary session being held in Mexico, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) acknowledged that Argentina had moved forward in its prevention and fight against money laundering activities, sources within Justice Minister Julio Alak’s delegation said.

  • 23/10/2011 | Argentina

    Eleventh gold for Argentina at Pan-American Games

    A great day for Argentine sport saw the eleventh gold medal brought in for the country at the Pan-American Games today in Guadalajara. Today’s achievements equal the Argentine gold medal record to that of the 2007 Games in Río de Janeiro, with a week remaining of the competition in Mexico.

  • 31/03/2012 | Argentina

    Gov't considering restricting Mexican car imports

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's administration is considering applying measures to restrict the import of Mexican cars, which could include unilaterally denouncing Economic Complementation Agreement (ACE) 55, which regulates bilateral trade, official sources told á

  • 14/04/2011 | Argentina

    CFK cleared by doctors, resumes presidential activities

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was cleared by her doctors this morning, after having suffered low blood pressure, and having been ordered to rest for 48 hours, the Presidential Medical Unit informed.

  • 28/05/2011 | Argentina

    CFK flies to Mexico, will meet with Calderón

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner flies to Mexico to begin an official two-day visit to the country, where she will be meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderón, as well as conducting other activities.

  • 30/05/2011 | Argentina

    'Argentina and Mexico have never had such a close relationship,' CFK

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner met her Mexican counterpart Felipe Calderón at the Los Pinos presidential residence in Mexico City, where the Head of State praised the partnership between both countries and said that "Latin America has a very important role to play in the history of the 21st century."

  • 22/02/2014 | World

    Mexico captures No.1 drug kingpin Joaquin 'Shorty' Guzman

    Mexico's most wanted man, drugs kingpin Joaquin "Shorty" Guzman, was captured with help from US agencies in a major victory for the government in a long, brutal drugs war.

  • 22/06/2014 | World

    Republicans call for secure US border amid child immigrant influx

    Republican lawmakers have stepped up calls to secure the US border with Mexico before proceeding with changes to the country's immigration policies, linking the issue to a recent surge of illegal children.

  • 08/11/2014 | World

    Missing Mexican students likely burned to ashes by gang - Gov't

    Forty-three missing students abducted by corrupt police in southwest Mexico six weeks ago were apparently incinerated by drug gang henchmen and their remains tipped in a garbage dump and a river, the government has said.

  • 29/05/2013 | World

    Hurricane Barbara hits southern Mexico, killing at least two

    Hurricane Barbara hit Mexico's southern Pacific coast, flooding roads, toppling trees and killing two men as it pounded the area with heavy rain near the country's biggest oil refinery.

  • 14/08/2013 | World

    US asks Mexico to detain drug lord for extradition

    The United States has asked Mexico to detain freed drug kingpin Rafael Caro Quintero to face charges brought decades ago by a US court, the Mexican attorney general's office said, setting the stage for a formal extradition request.

  • 03/01/2014 | World

    Nine dead after attackers dressed as police enter Mexican prison

    Nine people were killed during a gunfight at a prison in Mexico's violent Guerrero state, after a gang dressed as police officers gained entry, authorities said.

  • 27/11/2012 | World

    Mexico's Peña Nieto backs Obama immigration reform push

    Mexican President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto backed President Barack Obama's planned push for US immigration reform, pledged cooperation on border security and promised efforts to reduce violence in his own country.

  • 29/01/2013 | World

    Obama pushes Congress on immigration, split emerges

    US President Barack Obama pushed Congress today to overhaul the country's immigration system but disagreement with Republicans over securing the border with Mexico has already begun to sour bipartisan efforts.

  • 02/05/2013 | World

    Obama blesses Mexican security plan, eyes deeper business ties

    US President Barack Obama gave his blessing to a new security arrangement with Mexican leader Enrique Pena Nieto, in which Mexico will make reducing violence a priority over hunting drug cartel kingpins in the war against organized crime.

  • 23/07/2012 | World

    Death toll rises to 14 in Texas truck crash

    Fourteen people died after a pickup truck jammed with 23 suspected illegal immigrants veered off a rural South Texas highway on Sunday and struck a tree, police said.

  • 29/07/2012 | World

    Magnitude 6.0 quake hits off Mexico's Pacific coast

    An earthquake of 6.0 magnitude struck off Mexico's Pacific coast, the US Geological Survey said. The temblor was centered about 18 miles southwest of Suchiate, Chiapas, Mexico, and occurred at a depth of 22 miles, USGS said.

  • 09/10/2012 | World

    Daredevil's New Mexico skydive called off for now

    An Austrian daredevil called off his death-defying skydive from a balloon 23 miles (37 km) over the New Mexico desert due to winds at the launch site.

  • 25/05/2012 | World

    Hurricane Bud churns towards Mexico's Pacific coast

    Hurricane Bud lost some strength as it moved closer to Mexico's Pacific coast on Friday and was forecast to hit land south of the popular tourist town of Puerto Vallarta, the US National Hurricane Center said.

  • 18/06/2012 | World

    G20 ramps up pressure on Europe over debt crisis

    World leaders pressured Europe to take ambitious new steps to resolve its debt crisis after a victory for pro-bailout parties in a Greek election failed to calm markets or ease worries that wider turmoil could derail the global economy.

  • 17/07/2012 | World

    Mexico bank regulator defends role in HSBC scandal

    Mexico's banking regulator defended its role in a money laundering scandal engulfing HSBC Holdings Plc, saying it had repeatedly told the bank to improve lax controls over suspect funds passing through its accounts.

  • 20/01/2012 | World

    G20 will work toward more IMF funds

    The Group of 20 economic powers will push Europe to take extra steps as it works toward a deal to boost resources for the International Monetary Fund, Mexico Deputy Finance Minister Gerardo Rodríguez said.

  • 22/02/2012 | World

    UK expresses condolences

    Amidst the mounting tension between Argentina and the UK over the Malvinas Islands sovereignty, David Cameron’s administration expressed its condolences to Argentina over the train accident that killed 50 people and injured over 600. Spain and Mexico also sent similar messages.

  • 24/05/2012 | World

    Hurricane Bud forms off Mexico's Pacific coast

    Hurricane Bud formed off Mexico's Pacific coast early, and could threaten parts of southwestern Mexico with heavy rainfall and flooding tomorrow, the National Hurricane Center said.

  • 26/08/2011 | World

    Attack in Mexico kills 53 in shocking violence rampage

    Masked gunmen killed at least 53 people at a casino in northern Mexico yesterday, leaving it ablaze with patrons trapped inside in one of the worst attacks in a major Mexican city in years.

  • 26/08/2011 | World

    Mexico's Calderon berates US after casino attack

    President Felipe Calderon declared three days of mourning and demanded a crackdown on drugs in the United States after armed men torched a casino in northern Mexico, killing at least 52 people.

  • 09/09/2011 | World

    Power restored in US Southwest, Mexico after outage

    Power was restored to some 7 million people plunged into darkness by a blackout blamed partly on "human failure" that snarled traffic, idled elevators and sent workers home early in parts of California, Mexico and Arizona.

  • 05/05/2011 | World

    Earthquake rattles Mexico City, buildings shake

    A strong earthquake rattled the Mexican capital and buildings shook but there were no immediate reports of damage. Helicopters were flying over the city, checking for damage, a witness said.

  • 22/05/2011 | World

    Lagarde leads IMF race, competition from Mexico

    French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde's candidacy for IMF chief gained momentum in Europe while Mexico put forward its own candidate, ensuring competition for the top job.

  • 24/06/2011 | World

    Mexico’s ex-presidents debate legalizing drugs, Fox blames US consumers

    Once praised lavishly by the United States for waging a war on drugs, Mexico's last two presidents now say legalizing them may be the best way to end the rising violence the US-backed campaign has unleashed.

  • 11/03/2011 | World

    Tsunami grazes US West Coast, thousands evacuate

    Thousands of people fled their homes along the California coast as a tsunami triggered by the massive earthquake in Japan began hitting the US West Coast after rolling through Hawaii.

  • 11/03/2011 | World

    American Pacific coast on alert over Japan tsunami

    After a massive Tsunami hit Japan, warnings have been extended to a long list of countries over the possibility of a similar disastrous experience. Among the countries at risk are Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, and the United States (with focus on Hawaii).

  • 19/03/2011 | World

    National Guard to leave Mexico border in June

    More than a thousand National Guard troops brought in last year to shore security on the US-Mexico border will go home in June, authorities said yesterday.

  • 11/12/2010 | World

    UN climate talks agree modest package

    Almost 200 nations agreed to modest steps to combat climate change, including a new fund to help poor countries, and put off major disputes until 2011 and beyond.

  • 01/03/2011 | World

    Diabetes out of control in many countries, US study

    People with diabetes in the United States and several other countries do not get effective treatment to control their disease, US researchers said, and health insurance, not personal wealth, plays a big role in determining which diabetics get good care.

  • 04/03/2015 | Latin America

    Mexico arrests Zetas drug kingpin

  • 06/02/2015 | Latin America

    Mexico police find 60 bodies in Acapulco

  • 29/01/2015 | Latin America

    Gas truck explodes near hospital in Mexico

  • 13/11/2014 | Latin America

    Mexico minister sees economic impact from student murder unrest

    Mexican Finance Minister Luis Videgaray said that there would likely be some impact from protests over the apparent massacre of 43 students abducted by police seven weeks ago.

  • 18/11/2014 | Latin America

    Mexico president sees anti-government motive in massacre protests

    Grappling with outrage over violence and impunity after the apparent massacre of 43 trainee teachers, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto accused unspecified groups of seeking to destabilize his government.

  • 07/11/2014 | Latin America

    Mexico says missing students likely burned to ashes by gang

    Forty-three missing students abducted by corrupt police in southwest Mexico six weeks ago were apparently incinerated by drug gang henchmen and their remains tipped in a garbage dump and a river, the government said earlier today.

  • 09/11/2014 | Latin America

    Protesters set fire to door of Mexico president's ceremonial palace

    A group of protesters set fire to the wooden door of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto's ceremonial palace in Mexico City's historic city center, denouncing the apparent massacre of 43 trainee teachers.

  • 11/11/2014 | Latin America

    LatAm, Caribbean exodus: 28.5 million living outside countries of origin

    Around 28.5 million of Latin American and Caribbean natives are living outside their countries of origin, a report by the Economic Commission for Latina American and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has revealed.

  • 28/10/2014 | Latin America

    Mexico arrests four gang members involved in students' disappearance

    Mexican authorities said they had arrested four drug gang members involved in the kidnapping of dozens of student teachers who disappeared last month and are feared massacred.

  • 05/11/2014 | Latin America

    Prince Charles visits Mexico, meets with local businessmen

    The Prince of Wales and his wife Camila have visited the Mexican northern city of Monterrey, the industrial capital of the country, meeting with local businessmen in the region.

  • 08/10/2014 | Latin America

    Thousands march in Mexico to demand action over massacre

    Thousands marched through the Mexican capital today to demand the government find out what happened to dozens of missing students, who are feared to have been massacred by gang members and police.

  • 17/10/2014 | Latin America

    Thousands march in Acapulco over feared Mexican student massacre

    Thousands marched in the Mexican beach resort of Acapulco today to demand answers about the fate of 43 missing trainee teachers, who authorities fear were massacred by police in league with gang members.

  • 22/10/2014 | Latin America

    Mexico says mayor, wife were behind student-teacher disappearances

    A Mexican mayor and his wife were "probable masterminds" behind the disappearance of 43 student teachers last month in the restive southwest, the country's attorney general said today.

  • 28/09/2014 | Latin America

    At least 18 killed in shootings and clashes as violence shakes Mexico

    Eleven men died in a gunfight in northern Mexico and at least seven people, including an opposition politician, have been killed in violence in the southwest of the country, authorities said today.

  • 01/10/2014 | Latin America

    Mexico captures cartel leader Beltrán Leyva

    Mexican authorities have captured drug lord Héctor Beltrán Leyva, the head of a family crime syndicate that waged a bloody conflict with former ally, kingpin Joaquin "Chapo" Guzmán, a government source confirmed.

  • 06/10/2014 | Latin America

    Mexican president vows to bring massacre culprits to justice

    Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has vowed to hunt down the perpetrators of a suspected massacre of dozens of students in the southwest of the country that authorities say involved local security officials.

  • 23/08/2014 | Latin America

    Mayan cities found hidden in Mexico jungle

    Archaeologists have found two ancient Mayan cities hidden in the jungle of southeastern Mexico, and the lead researcher says he believes there are "dozens" more to be found in the region.

  • 14/09/2014 | Latin America

    Hurricane Odile menaces Mexico's Baja

    Hurricane Odile sped toward Mexico's southern Baja peninsula as a dangerous storm and locals rushed to prepare ahead of a possible hit to the luxury resorts of Los Cabos later today.

  • 15/09/2014 | Latin America

    Hurricane Odile hits Mexico's Baja California

    Hurricane Odile ground its way up Mexico's Baja California peninsula today, gradually losing strength after injuring dozens of people, forcing the evacuation of thousands and smashing shops open to looters in the popular tourist area.

  • 18/06/2014 | Latin America

    Governor resigns in Mexican state plagued by drug violence

    The governor of the Mexican state of Michoacan resigned citing poor health as the government struggles to improve security amid a continuing battle between vigilantes and drug traffickers.

  • 07/07/2014 | Latin America

    Powerful quake rocks Guatemala, Mexico, 5 people reported dead

    A strong earthquake shook the border between Guatemala and Mexico today, killing at least five people, including a newborn boy, damaging dozens of buildings and triggering landslides.

  • 11/08/2014 | Latin America

    Mexican president signs landmark energy reform into law

    Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has signed a package of laws that will serve as a rule book for comprehensive energy reform designed to lure billions of dollars in investment to the country's ailing oil, gas and electricity sectors.

  • 18/04/2014 | Latin America

    Powerful earthquake strikes Mexico

    A magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck central and southern Mexico today, shaking buildings in the capital and sending people running out into the street though there were no early reports of major damage.

  • 07/05/2014 | Latin America

    Mexican official arrested on suspicion of gang links

    A top ruling party politician in the Mexican state of Michoacan was formally arrested for alleged links to organized crime, an official from the attorney general's office said.

  • 08/05/2014 | Latin America

    Mexico shaked by quake, no damage reported

    The US Geological Survey put the quake epicenter in the western Mexican state of Guerrero at a depth of 14.9 miles just inland from the Pacific Coast. No tsunami alert was triggered.

  • 17/04/2014 | Latin America

    'Gabo': a life in pictures

  • 03/04/2014 | Latin America

    Writer García Marquez hospitalised in Mexico

    Nobel prize-winning Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez has been hospitalized in Mexico City since March 31 for dehydration and a lung and urinary infection but has responded well to treatment, Mexico's health ministry said today.

  • 04/04/2014 | Latin America

    Writer García Marquez hospitalised in Mexico

    Nobel prize-winning Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez has been hospitalized in Mexico City since March 31 for dehydration and a lung and urinary infection but has responded well to treatment, Mexico's health ministry has said.

  • 16/04/2014 | Latin America

    Mexican Police captures senior drug lord Arnoldo Villa Sánchez

    Mexican police have captured the second-in-command of one of the country's main drug gangs, who was operating in Mexico City, the government said.

  • 23/01/2014 | Latin America

    Mexican president displeased by Tamayo execution in US

    The execution of Mexican citizen Edgar Tamayo by lethal injection in Texas sets a bad precedent for upholding international law, Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto has said.

  • 23/02/2014 | Latin America

    US to seek extradition of accused Mexican drug kingpin Guzman

    US federal prosecutors in New York plan to seek the extradition of Mexico's most wanted man, drug cartel kingpin Joaquin "Shorty" Guzman, to the United States, the US Attorney's office said today.

  • 09/03/2014 | Latin America

    'Dead' Mexican drug kingpin likely killed in shootout

    A Mexican drug lord who was reported dead more than three years ago was likely killed in a shootout in western Mexico today, a government official said.

  • 16/09/2013 | Latin America

    Two major storms lash Mexico, 41 dead amid 'historic' floods

    Two powerful storms pummeled Mexico as they converged from the Pacific and the Gulf, killing 41 people and forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands amid some of the worst flooding in decades.

  • 21/09/2013 | Latin America

    Little hope for 68 missing in Mexican village mudslide

    Sixty-eight people were missing after a mudslide caused by torrential rains that have already killed more than 100 people across Mexico buried a mountain village and President Enrique Pena Nieto said there was little hope any had survived.

  • 04/12/2013 | Latin America

    Mexico finds stolen radioactive material amid dirty bomb fear

    Mexican police have found dangerous radioactive medical material stolen by thieves that the United Nations said could provide an ingredient for a "dirty bomb," the country's national nuclear safety commission CNSNS said.

  • 13/08/2013 | Latin America

    Mexico to fight release of drug lord behind US agent's murder

    Mexico said it would seek to void a court decision that freed a Mexican drug boss imprisoned for ordering the 1985 torture and murder of a US drug enforcement agent, a ruling that has angered the United States.

  • 25/08/2013 | Latin America

    Mexico migrant cargo train 'La Bestia' derails, at least 4 dead

    At least four people were killed when a cargo train nicknamed "La Bestia", or The Beast, on which would-be migrants hitch rides toward the U.S. border, derailed in a remote area of southern Mexico, emergency services said.

  • 02/09/2013 | Latin America

    Brazil, Mexico ask US to explain NSA spying

    Brazil has demanded an explanation from the United States after new allegations that Washington spied on President Dilma Rousseff, complaining that its sovereignty may have been violated and suggesting that it could call off Rousseff's planned state visit to the White House next month.

  • 15/07/2013 | Latin America

    Mexico government confirms capture of Zetas cartel leader

    Mexico's Navy captured Miguel Angel Trevino, leader of the Zetas drug cartel, in northern Mexico early on Monday, a government spokesman confirmed.

  • 24/07/2013 | Latin America

    ECLAC: Slower Brazil, Mexico to weigh on Latam growth this year

    Economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean is seen at 3 percent in 2013, a slower pace than initially forecast, the United Nations economic body for Latin America said today.

  • 01/08/2013 | Latin America

    Mexico president to present energy reform next week

    Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has announced a sweeping energy reform, which is expected to include constitutional changes to lure private investment and boost output, will be presented to Congress next week.

  • 07/04/2013 | Latin America

    Seven die in Modelo brewery accident in Mexico City

    An accident at a Mexico City brewery killed seven people, Corona beermaker Grupo Modelo said.

  • 07/05/2013 | Latin America

    Mexico: Gas tanker truck explodes, kills 20

    A gas tanker truck exploded on a highway north of Mexico City early, killing at least 20 people and injuring more than 30 others as a fireball tore through cars and homes.

  • 20/06/2013 | Latin America

    Archaeologists discover lost Maya city in Mexican jungle

    Archaeologists have found an ancient Maya city that remained hidden for centuries in the rain forests of eastern Mexico, a discovery in a remote nature reserve they hope will yield clues about how the civilization collapsed around 1,000 years ago.

  • 02/02/2013 | Latin America

    Mexico probes if blast was attack or accident, 33 dead

    Mexico's government vowed to find out whether an explosion that killed 33 people at the headquarters of its state-run oil monopoly Pemex was a deliberate attack or yet another stain on the company's poor safety record.

  • 28/02/2013 | Latin America

    Mexican union boss arrest sounds warning to reform foes

    The arrest of Mexico's best-known trade union leader on fraud charges has thrown down the gauntlet to powerful interests standing between President Enrique Peña Nieto and his plans to shake up Latin America's second-biggest economy.

  • 02/03/2013 | Latin America

    Mexico's ruling party convenes to seek change on tax, energy

    Mexico's ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party begins a congress today to overhaul its manifesto and open the door to major changes in energy and tax law to spur faster economic growth.

  • 21/01/2013 | Latin America

    Mexican president vows to end hunger for millions

    Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto launched a campaign against hunger today, pledging to transform the lives of nearly 7.5 million of the country's poorest, though he gave few details, prompting criticism that the plan was a "rehash" of old policies.

  • 23/01/2013 | Latin America

    Mexico quashes Frenchwoman's kidnap charge, ends seven-year ordeal

    Mexico's top court freed a Frenchwoman convicted of kidnapping, ruling that her trial was tainted and ending a seven-year prison ordeal that strained diplomatic ties.

  • 01/02/2013 | Latin America

    Mexico rescue workers search for survivors after Pemex blast

    Emergency services worked into the early hours today to find people trapped in rubble under state oil company Pemex's headquarters in Mexico City after an explosion that killed at least 25 people and injured more than 100.

  • 17/12/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico's new president outlines nuanced fight against violence

    Mexico's new president today unveiled his strategy to curb drug-related violence that blighted the rule of his predecessor, announcing special units to combat kidnapping and extortion and promising to focus more on crime prevention.

  • 18/01/2013 | Latin America

    Mexico's Peña Nieto to launch drive to end hunger

    Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto unveils his plans to eradicate extreme poverty on Monday, a blight affecting more than 10 percent of the population in Latin America's second biggest economy.

  • 22/11/2012 | Latin America

    Mexican president wants to change his country's Mexico

    Mexican President Felipe Calderón has one non-urgent item pending on his agenda in the dying days of his presidency - he wants to change his country's name.

  • 23/11/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico arrests suspected murderer on FBI most wanted list

    Mexican federal police have captured suspected murderer, rapist and drug gang member Joe Luis Saenz, one of the 10 most wanted fugitives on the FBI's list, the government said today.

  • 01/12/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico's Peña Nieto takes power

    Enrique Peña Nieto took over as Mexican president today, offering a shot at redemption for the party that shaped modern Mexico if he can bring about an end to years of violence and economic underperformance.

  • 30/10/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico's Peña Nieto will back tax reform in first year

    Mexico's president-elect, Enrique Peña Nieto, will present a tax reform bill during his first year in office, his top aide said on Tuesday, without providing any details on the plan

  • 07/11/2012 | Latin America

    Strong earthquake off Guatemala kills at least 48

    A strong earthquake off the coast of Guatemala killed at least 48 people and trapped others under rubble today, crushing homes and cars, destroying roads and forcing evacuations as far away as Mexico City.

  • 15/11/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico lawmaker introduces bill to legalize marijuana

    A Mexican lawmaker presented a bill today to legalize the production, sale and use of marijuana, adding to a growing chorus of Latin American politicians who are rejecting the prohibitionist policies of the United States.

  • 15/10/2012 | Latin America

    Hurricane Paul expected to weaken before hitting land

    Hurricane Paul, currently about 415 miles (670 kilometers) southwest of Mexico's Baja peninsula, is expected to weaken before making landfall in a sparsely populated area late on Tuesday, the US National Hurricane Center said.

  • 17/10/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico charges drug gang investigators with cartel ties

    Mexico has charged seven officials, including three members of the country's organized-crime unit, with providing information on government raids and investigations to the country's most powerful drug gang.

  • 25/10/2012 | Latin America

    Eight bodies found dumped in Mexico City suburb

    Authorities on Thursday discovered eight corpses, six of them showing signs of torture, on the outskirts of Mexico City, where drug-related violence has mounted in recent weeks

  • 01/10/2012 | Latin America

    5.1 magnitude earthquake hits off Mexico's Pacific coast , USGS says

    A 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck off Mexico's Pacific coast on Monday, with an epicenter 173 miles (278 km) west southwest of Cihuatlan, the US Geological Survey reported.

  • 11/10/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico passes law to combat cartel money laundering

    Mexico's Congress approved a long-awaited law to crack down on money laundering in a bid to attack the finances of the country's powerful drug cartels.

  • 12/10/2012 | Latin America

    Tropical Storm Rafael forms over eastern Caribbean Sea

    Tropical Storm Rafael formed over the eastern Caribbean Sea, triggering storm warnings for Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and several other islands, the US National Hurricane Center said.

  • 22/09/2012 | Latin America

    Seven mutilated, burnt bodies found in western Mexico

    Seven decapitated bodies that had been chopped into pieces and burnt were left on a highway in western Mexico today in an apparent drug gang killing, the government said.

  • 24/09/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico arrests 35 police for suspected links to drug gang

    The Mexican navy has arrested 35 members of the federal police force on suspicion of working for one of the country's most notorious drug gangs, the Zetas.

  • 25/09/2012 | Latin America

    Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes near Mexico's Baja Peninsula

    A magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck near Mexico's Baja Peninsula but a local official said there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

  • 18/09/2012 | Latin America

    Fire at Mexico Pemex gas facility kills at least 26

    At least 26 people were killed when a gas facility of state oil monopoly Pemex burst into flames in northern Mexico, disrupting gas supplies in the area..

  • 20/09/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico deploys troops to outskirts of Mexico City

    Mexico has sent soldiers to patrol a suburb of Mexico City for the first time to combat a rise in drug-related violence that is beginning to encroach on the capital.

  • 21/09/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico jobless rate rises more than expected in August

    Mexico's jobless rate rose in August, breaking a five-month streak of declines and adding to expectations of a deceleration in Latin America's second-largest economy in the second half of 2012.

  • 11/09/2012 | Latin America

    OECD pushes Mexico's Peña Nieto to back labour bill

    The head of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development on urged Mexico's President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto to support a proposed labor reform put before Congress by outgoing President Felipe Calderón.

  • 14/09/2012 | Latin America

    Nine corpses found hanging from bridge in northern Mexico

    The bodies of nine tortured and murdered men were found dangling from a bridge in northern Mexico, local security sources said, just days after one of the country's most wanted drug lords was captured in the same state.

  • 17/09/2012 | Latin America

    More than 30 escape from Mexican prison on US border

    More than 30 inmates have escaped from a prison in northern Mexico on the border with the United States, authorities in the state of Coahuila said.

  • 01/09/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico's Calderon makes new push for reform of labour laws

    Mexican President Felipe Calderon sent a new proposal to liberalize the country's antiquated labor laws to lawmakers today as he seeks to fast-track the legislation before leaving office at the end of November.

  • 04/09/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico catches leader of Gulf Cartel drug gang

    Mexico has captured a leader of the country's Gulf Cartel in one of the highest-profile arrests in months in President Felipe Calderón's war on drug gangs.

  • 10/09/2012 | Latin America

    Mexican police find 16 bodies dumped in vehicle

    Police found the bodies of 16 men dumped in a vehicle in the southwestern Mexican state of Guerrero, one of the areas worst hit by feuding between drug gangs.

  • 28/08/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico's electoral court set to confirm Peña Nieto victory

    Mexico's electoral court is poised to confirm President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto's victory in the July 1 ballot, despite allegations of vote buying and money laundering during the campaign, electoral officials and legal experts said.

  • 30/08/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico electoral judges reject challenge to Peña Nieto vote win

    A majority of Mexico's electoral tribunal judges rejected a bid by leftist leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador to overturn Enrique Peña Nieto's victory in the July 1 presidential election, which has left the country in political limbo.

  • 31/08/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico electoral tribunal confirms Peña Nieto as president-elect

    Mexico's electoral tribunal officially named centrist Enrique Peña Nieto as president-elect on Friday, ending a drawn-out dispute over the results of the July election.

  • 25/08/2012 | Latin America

    Nicaragua jails Mexican policeman, 17 others with US$7 mil in cash

    A Nicaraguan judge today ordered the incarceration of 18 people, including a Mexican policeman, who had posed as journalists while attempting to pass through the Central American country last week with at least US$7 million in cash.

  • 26/08/2012 | Latin America

    Mexican gangs block roads, torch vehicles in western Mexico

    Armed gangs blocked highways throughout Guadalajara, Mexico's second biggest city, and vehicles were set on fire amid a surge in drug-war violence.

  • 27/08/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico sets official complaint against Argentina at WTO

    Following similar complaints against Argentina by the European Union, United States and Japan, Mexico has launched its first dispute against Argentina at the World Trade Organization, the WTO said today.

  • 19/08/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico replaces all police at capital airport after shooting

    Mexico's federal police agency has replaced all 348 officers at the capital's international airport almost two months after police there shot dead three of their fellow officers in an alleged drug related killing.

  • 22/08/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico's new rulers win one more Congress seat in final result

    Mexico's Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and its Green Party allies will have 241 of 500 seats in the lower house of Congress, one more than originally projected after the July 1 election, final results obtained showed

  • 24/08/2012 | Latin America

    Mexican police shoot two US Embassy staff in botched chase

    Two US Embassy employees were shot at and wounded by Mexican police after they were caught up in a police chase on the outskirts of the capital, Mexico's Navy said.

  • 14/08/2012 | Latin America

    Gunmen kill 8 in hail of bullets at Mexican strip bar

    Suspected drug cartel gunmen stormed a strip bar and shot dead eight men in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey in an apparent dispute over drug dealing.

  • 18/08/2012 | Latin America

    Tropical Storm Helene weakens, moves up Mexican coast

    Tropical Storm Helene made landfall off the Gulf of Mexico today and weakened into a tropical depression as it plowed up Mexico's east coast, the US National Hurricane Centre said.

  • 19/08/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico's Calderón says he was target of assassination threat

    Mexican President Felipe Calderon was warned during the early years of his administration of a credible threat to assassinate him while he was in the presidential jet, Mexican media reported today.

  • 06/08/2012 | Latin America

    Ernesto strengthens, takes aim at Mexico's Yucatan

    Tropical Storm Ernesto picked up speed in the western Caribbean as it moved toward Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, dousing Honduras and Belize on its way.

  • 08/08/2012 | Latin America

    Ernesto weakens over southern Mexico, churns toward Gulf

    Tropical storm Ernesto weakened as it dumped heavy rains over Mexico's southern Yucatan peninsula and headed toward the Gulf of Mexico, where the country's main oil operations are located.

  • 09/08/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico extradites drug cartel 'queen' to the United States

    Mexico handed Sandra Avila, Mexico's highest-profile woman drug smuggler known as the "Queen of the Pacific," over to United States authorities to face trafficking charges north of the border.

  • 25/07/2012 | Latin America

    Seven coal miners dead after explosion in northern Mexico

    An explosion in a coal mine in northern Mexico killed seven miners, officials said, highlighting lax safety conditions in small mines that are often poorly regulated.

  • 27/07/2012 | Latin America

    Fire breaks out in The Dark Knight Rises screening in Mexico

    A fire broke out at a “Batman: The Dark Knight rises” screening in Guadalajara, Mexico early on Friday and over 800 people had to be evacuated from the building.

  • 03/08/2012 | Latin America

    Six killed in Mexico coal mine explosion

    Six miners were killed in a coal mine collapse in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila on Friday, an emergency rescue team source said.

  • 19/07/2012 | Latin America

    Ruling party joins money laundering charges in Mexico vote

    Mexico's ruling conservatives lent their support to accusations that President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto benefited from laundered money in his campaign, piling more pressure on the country's next leader.

  • 20/07/2012 | Latin America

    Bus crash in Mexico kills 21 passengers

    A bus skidded off the road in the western Mexican state of Nayarit, killing 21 passengers and injuring at least 29 others, officials said.

  • 22/07/2012 | Latin America

    Thousands march in Mexico to protest Peña Nieto win

    Thousands of people marched through Mexico City to denounce the July 1 election of Enrique Peña Nieto as president, though the protest was smaller than one held earlier this month.

  • 05/07/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico withdraws Argentina auto-tariff accord

    Mexico has withdrawn a zero-tariff agreement with Argentina on autos in a tit-for-tat trade dispute after the Argentine government's decision to pull out of an auto trade pact between the two countries.

  • 08/07/2012 | Latin America

    Mexican electoral officials confirm Pena Nieto win

    Enrique Pena Nieto won Mexico's July 1 presidential election by 3.3 million ballots, or almost 7 percentage points, although allegations of excessive campaign spending and voter fraud could be reviewed by the electoral tribunal, officials said.

  • 15/07/2012 | Latin America

    Alleged ringleader of Mexico City airport shootout captured

    Mexican federal police announced the capture of the alleged ringleader of a group of police officers implicated in a drugs-related, deadly shootout with other officers in Mexico City's international airport last month.

  • 02/07/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico's Peña Nieto reaches 37.33% of the votes

    With 78.47% of the valid votes counted, Mexican presidential Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) contender Enrique Peña Nieto seems closer to be officially declared the country’s new head of state. Provisional scrutiny shows Peña Nieto has 37.33% of the ballots, more than four percentage points clear of leftist rival Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

  • 02/07/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico's Pena Nieto to push for quick reforms

    Mexican President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto pledged to focus on energy, labor and tax reforms and said he hopes to strike deals with opponents to help shepherd changes through Congress before he takes office in December.

  • 04/07/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico recounts votes from over half of polling booths

    Mexico's election officials on Wednesday recounted votes from more than half the polling booths in Sunday's presidential and congressional elections, responding to claims of fraud and requests for recounts in areas where the race was tight.

  • 27/06/2012 | Latin America

    Mexican Peña Nieto has big lead for Sunday's election

    Mexican presidential front-runner Enrique Peña Nieto goes into Sunday's election with a wide lead over his rivals, opinion polls showed  today, putting him on track to return to power the party that ruled for much of the last century.

  • 30/06/2012 | Latin America

    Mexicans to elect new president, PRI candidate favourite

    As Mexicans go to the polls today, Calderón finds his legacy battered, his PAN ruling party unpopular and its standard bearer trailing in third place far behind PRI frontrunner Enrique Peña Nieto.

  • 01/07/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico's old rulers claim presidential election win

    Mexican opposition candidate Enrique Pena Nieto's campaign team claimed victory in the country's presidential election after exit polls showed him winning by a comfortable margin.

  • 18/06/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico's Pena Nieto keeps wide lead in race, polls show

    Mexico's presidential front-runner Enrique Pena Nieto has maintained a wide lead over his rivals with only two weeks remaining until the July 1 election, an opinion poll showed.

  • 23/06/2012 | Latin America

    Fourteen mutilated bodies found outside Mexican supermarket

    Fourteen mutilated corpses and a threatening message aimed at a drug cartel were found inside a truck in the parking lot of a supermarket in a northern Mexico city, local media reported.

  • 24/06/2012 | Latin America

    At least 32 killed in bus accident in Mexico

    At least 32 people were killed in Mexico after the bus they were traveling in turned over on a wet road in the southwestern state of Guerrero, a Red Cross official said.

  • 12/06/2012 | Latin America

    Fourteen bodies dumped by highway in eastern Mexico

    Fourteen bodies were found inside an abandoned truck along a highway in eastern Mexico, local police said, in what appeared to be the latest atrocity committed by rival drug cartels battling over smuggling routes to the United Stat

  • 13/06/2012 | Latin America

    Mexican leftist says will respect presidential vote resul

    Mexico's leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel López Obrador said he will respect the results of the July 1 election, trying to ease fears of a repeat of months of protests he mounted after his 2006 loss.

  • 17/06/2012 | Latin America

    Storm Carlotta weakens over Mexico's Pacific coast, two dead

    Tropical Storm Carlotta weakened into a tropical depression yesterday after battering Mexico's Pacific coast and killing at least two children whose house collapsed in a landslide.

  • 20/05/2012 | Latin America

    Alleged perpetrator of mass beheadings in Mexico arrested

    Mexican soldiers have arrested an alleged perpetrator of the massacre of 49 people whose corpses were decapitated, dismembered and dumped on a highway last week.

  • 07/06/2012 | Latin America

    Mexican court backs extradition of drug cartel 'queen'

    A Mexican court cleared the way for authorities to extradite Sandra Avila, Mexico's highest-profile woman drug smuggler and known as the "Queen of the Pacific," to face trafficking charges in the United States.

  • 08/06/2012 | Latin America

    López Obrador stages late charge in Mexican election

    Six years after Andres Manuel López Obrador watched his big lead for the presidency evaporate in the final weeks of the campaign, the leftist is now gaining ground in polls and hopes to snatch a last-minute victory in the July 1 election.


  • 11/05/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico's Peña Nieto widens poll lead after debate

    Mexican presidential front-runner Enrique Peña Nieto has extended the big lead he holds over his nearest rival in the campaign for the July 1 election after the first televised debate Sunday, a poll showed on Friday.

  • 12/05/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico volcano spews huge ash cloud, frightens villagers

    Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano spewed out huge clouds of ash and fiery rock overnight, closing a local airport on Saturday and frightening nearby villagers, already on edge after weeks of increased activity.

  • 13/05/2012 | Latin America

    Forty-nine headless corpses found in Mexico

    Suspected drug gang killers dumped 49 headless bodies on a highway near Mexico's northern city of Monterrey in one of the country's worst atrocities in recent years.

  • 03/05/2012 | Latin America

    Two Mexican journalists found dismembered in eastern Mexico

    The mutilated corpses of two Mexican photographers were found on Thursday by police in the eastern state of Veracruz, the latest in a series of attacks that have made Mexico one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists.

  • 04/05/2012 | Latin America

    Bodies of 23 found dumped near US border in Mexico drug war

    The bodies of 23 people were found hanging from a bridge or dismembered in ice boxes and garbage bags in northeastern Mexico, in an escalation of brutal violence involving rivel drug gangs on the US border.

  • 06/05/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico presidential debate puts Peña Nieto in rivals' sights

    Mexico's presidential hopefuls square off in a televised debate on Sunday with the trailing candidates seeking to land heavy blows against hot favorite Enrique Peña Nieto to spoil his chances of victory in the July 1 election.

  • 21/04/2012 | Latin America

    Fifteen killed in northern Mexican bar shootout

    Fifteen people were killed and at least one seriously wounded in a suspected drug-related shootout on Friday in a bar in northern Mexico, a region that has been brutalized by fighting between criminal gangs.

  • 21/04/2012 | Latin America

    Popocatepetl spews smoke, ash: alerts issued

  • 01/05/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico shaken by several quakes

    Several earthquakes rattled Mexico, but there were no reports of injuries or damage as the country celebrated a national holiday.

  • 16/04/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico blasts YPF expropriation plans, Chile 'concerned'

    Mexican President Felipe Calderón said the decision to expropriate YPF was not “very responsible nor very rational.” The Chilean government also expressed 'concern' after the controversial announcement.

  • 17/04/2012 | Latin America

    Stirring Mexican volcano closes schools, raises alert

    A powerful plume of steam and ash rose from the Popocatepetl volcano in central Mexico, prompting local schools to cancel classes and emergency teams to prepare for evacuations.

  • 20/04/2012 | Latin America

    43 killed in Mexico after truck, bus collide

    At least 43 people were killed when a cargo truck crashed into a bus on a highway in eastern Mexico, in one of the worst traffic accidents the country has suffered in recent years.

  • 02/04/2012 | Latin America

    Strong quake hits Mexico, no major damage reported

    A strong earthquake struck southwest Mexico, shaking buildings as far away as the capital and prompting people to stream out of their offices onto the streets, though there were no reports of serious damage.

  • 11/04/2012 | Latin America

    Strong quake hits Mexico, no major damage reported

    A strong earthquake hit Mexico on Wednesday, shaking buildings in the capital and sending people running out of offices onto the streets, though there were no early reports of major damage.

  • 13/04/2012 | Latin America

    Mexican drug cartel leader sent to prison in Colorado

    The leader of a Mexican drug cartel was sentenced to more than 22 years in prison by a federal judge in Colorado, who said the kingpin's criminal enterprise sold $1 billion worth of cocaine in eight US states.

  • 25/03/2012 | Latin America

    Pope condemns corruption, drug trade in Mexico

    Pope Benedict at a huge outdoor Mass on Sunday condemned drug trafficking and corruption in Mexico, urging people to put aside violence and revenge in the country where a murderous war between cartels has led to tens of thousands of deaths.

  • 26/03/2012 | Latin America

    Pope lands in Cuba for 3-day visit

    Pope Benedict arrived in Cuba for a three-day visit to showcase improving Church-state relations and push for a larger Church role at a time of change on the communist island.

  • 28/03/2012 | Latin America

    Pope to end Cuba trip with mass, Fidel Castro meeting

    Pope Benedict will step onto Cuba's biggest stage today with a public mass in Havana's Revolution Square as he wraps up a trip that began with a blast at communism and will end with a visit with Fidel Castro.

  • 23/03/2012 | Latin America

    Pope says communism does not work in Cuba

    Pope Benedict said communism no longer works in Cuba and the Church was ready to help the island find new ways of moving forward without "trauma."

  • 23/03/2012 | Latin America

    Cuba will listen to Pope Benedict with respect, foreign minister says

    “Cuba will receive and listen affectionately and respectfully to what Pope Benedict XVI has to say,” Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez told the international press today. His remarks come just a few hours after the international media published the Pope’s views on the island’s regime.

  • 23/03/2012 | Latin America

    Pope arrives in Mexico talking tough on drug gangs

    Pope Benedict landed in Mexico promising to send out a strong message against drug cartels in a country convulsed by a surge in gang violence over the past five years.

  • 10/03/2012 | Latin America

    Mass grave in southern Mexico yields 167 bodies

    Authorities are investigating a mass grave in southern Mexico containing 167 bodies that may have been dumped there at least 50 years ago, a Mexican official said today.

  • 20/03/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico: major earthquake, two aftershocks hit Pacific coast

    A major 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck near Acapulco on Mexico's Pacific coast, the US Geological Survey said today. The USGS located the epicenter of the quake at 15 miles (525 km) east of Ometepec in Guerrero state at a depth of 10.9 miles (18 km). Mexico's President Felipe Calderón stated there was no serious damage reported yet.

  • 21/03/2012 | Latin America

    No structural damage, deaths reported after Mexico's massive earthquake

    The massive earthquake struck Mexico yesterday – unleashing panic as it damaged hundreds of buildings and caused homes in the capital to bounce like "trampolines"- didn’t cause casualties or other major structural collapses.

  • 11/02/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico picks first female chief of federal police

    Mexico has for the first time appointed a woman to head the federal police, which is under pressure to bring the country's powerful drug cartels to heel.

  • 14/02/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico arrests meth trafficker linked to drug lord Guzmán

    Federal police said today they had arrested a major methamphetamine trafficker linked to Mexico's most wanted man, Joaquin "Shorty" Guzmán, the latest in a series of blows against the country's largest drug smuggling network.

  • 20/02/2012 | Latin America

    Zetas plotted with Mexican prison guards in escape

    Members of the Zetas drug cartel plotted with prison guards to orchestrate an elaborate escape and kill 44 of their rivals in one of the worst episodes of prison violence in Mexico, the local state governor said.

  • 10/01/2012 | Latin America

    Police find 15 bodies in western Mexico

    Police found 15 bodies piled on top of one another outside a convenience store in western Mexico today, local and federal authorities said.

  • 27/01/2012 | Latin America

    Hacker group Anonymous targets Mexican websites

    The activist hacker group Anonymous attacked three Mexican government websites in protest at a proposed bill that seeks to toughen local laws about online file-sharing.

  • 30/01/2012 | Latin America

    Mexico ambassador kidnapped, released in Venezuela

    Mexico's envoy in Caracas was briefly seized today in the latest high-profile kidnapping in Venezuela, where violent crime is routinely listed as citizens' No. 1 worry, diplomats and local media said.

  • 30/12/2011 | Latin America

    Former Mexico soldier sentenced for aiding cartels

    A former soldier in the Mexican army was sentenced to 25 years in prison for aiding drug cartels, the attorney general's office said.

  • 05/01/2012 | Latin America

    Prison fight in northern Mexico kills 31 inmates

    A fight between rival gangs inside a prison in northern Mexico left 31 inmates dead in the latest violence to erupt inside the country's overcrowded jails, local officials said yesterday.

  • 07/01/2012 | Latin America

    Five severed heads found in northern Mexican city

    Mexican police in the northern city of Torreon found the severed heads of five people killed in a suspected outbreak of drug gang violence.

  • 02/12/2011 | Latin America

    Head of Mexico's main opposition party resigns

    The head of Mexico's main opposition party resigned amid a scandal surrounding state finances, potentially removing a source of embarrassment for the front-runner in the country's 2012 presidential race.

  • 07/12/2011 | Latin America

    Mexico says prevented entry of Gaddafi son

    Mexico prevented the entry of late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's son Saadi to the country, authorities said today.

  • 26/12/2011 | Latin America

    Aide to top Mexican drug boss Guzman captured

    The Mexican defence ministry paraded before the media today a man suspected of being a senior aide to the country's most wanted drug trafficker, Joaquin "Shorty" Guzman, the boss of the powerful Sinaloa cartel.

  • 18/11/2011 | Latin America

    'I'm not in favour of locking Uruguay in the Mercosur'

    Uruguayan President José “Pepe” Mujica stated that “it’s very difficult to make decisions when you belong to the Mercosur,” during an interview.

  • 23/11/2011 | Latin America

    Mexico finds 16 burned bodies in drug lord's home state

    Mexican authorities found the burned bodies of 16 people in the home state of the country's most powerful drug lord, Joaquin "Shorty" Guzman, the attorney general's office of Sinaloa said.

  • 24/11/2011 | Latin America

    More than 20 bodies dumped in Mexico's second city

    Suspected drug gang hitmen murdered more than 20 people and dumped their bodies in the centre of Mexico's second city of Guadalajara.

  • 12/11/2011 | Latin America

    Calderón leads funeral for Mexican Interior Minister

    The Mexican President, Felipe Calderón, led today the official funeral for the Mexican Interior Minister Francisco Blake, who died on Friday in a helicopter crash along with seven others.

  • 14/11/2011 | Latin America

    Mexican opposition defeats Calderón on home turf

    Mexico's main opposition party edged out President Felipe Calderón's ruling conservatives in a closely fought weekend state election, retaining the upper hand going into next year's presidential vote.

  • 17/11/2011 | Latin America

    Mexico names intelligence chief Poire as interior minister

    Mexican President Felipe Calderón named the head of the national intelligence agency as new interior minister  following the death of Franciso Blake in a helicopter crash last week.

  • 01/11/2011 | Latin America

    Earthquake hits Mexico’s pacific seabed

    A magnitude-6.5 earthquake has shaken the seabed well off Mexico's Pacific coast, news agencies informed.

  • 11/11/2011 | Latin America

    Mexican interior minister killed in helicopter crash

    Mexican Interior Minister Francisco Blake was killed in a helicopter crash, a blow to the government as it fights powerful drug cartels.

  • 12/11/2011 | Latin America

    Mexico crash may have been due to pilot error

    Pilot error could have caused the helicopter crash that killed Mexican Interior Minister Francisco Blake on Friday, according to a preliminary investigation cited by a local newspaper on Saturday

  • 15/10/2011 | Latin America

    Central America death toll at 45 from heavy rains

    Torrential rain in Central America this week that forced thousands to abandon their homes and trapped many more has killed at least 45 people, with Guatemala the worst hit, authorities said today.

  • 17/10/2011 | Latin America

    Mexican drug cartels recruiting Texas children

    Texas law enforcement officials say several Mexican drug cartels are luring American children as young as 11 to work in their smuggling operations.

  • 26/10/2011 | Latin America

    Hurricane Rina threatens Mexican beach resorts

    Hurricane Rina closed in on several Mexican beach resorts on today, prompting evacuations, flight cancellations and advice to tourists to delay their visits to popular getaways like Cancun.

  • 11/10/2011 | Latin America

    Hurricane Jova heads for Mexico's Pacific coast

    Hurricane Jova bore down on Mexico's Pacific coast today, threatening to hit one of the country's busiest cargo ports and tourist resorts with destructive waves, heavy rainfall and flooding.

  • 12/10/2011 | Latin America

    Hurricane Jova floods Mexico's main Pacific port

    Hurricane Jova flooded the streets of Mexico's main Pacific port with torrential rain today, inundating several popular beach resorts and felling trees along the coast.

  • 13/10/2011 | Latin America

    Mexico captures man who ordered casino attack

    The army said it has captured the man believed to have ordered the torching of a casino in northern Mexico, killing 52 people in one of the worst attacks on civilians in the country in decades.

  • 22/09/2011 | Latin America

    Hilary turns into hurricane off Mexican coast

    Hilary became a hurricane off Mexico's Pacific coast, the seventh hurricane of the Pacific season, although its path will probably only brush the coast.

  • 29/09/2011 | Latin America

    'Til 2013 do us part? Mexico mulls 2-year marriage

    Mexico City lawmakers want to help newlyweds avoid the hassle of divorce by giving them an easy exit strategy: temporary marriage licenses.

  • 03/10/2011 | Latin America

    Severed heads found near Mexican defense ministry

    The severed heads of two men were found near the Defense Ministry in Mexico City today in one of the most brazen drug-linked killings in the capital, which so far has been spared the worst of gang violence.

  • 29/08/2011 | Latin America

    Mexico arrests 5 in connection with casino attack

    Five men have been arrested in connection with an attack last week on a casino in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey that killed 52 people, the state governor of Nuevo Leon, Rodrigo Medina, said today.

  • 01/09/2011 | Latin America

    Two female journalists killed in Mexico City

    Mexican authorities are investigating the murder of two female journalists whose bodies were found in a park in the south of Mexico City.

  • 10/09/2011 | Latin America

    Strengthening Nate heads for Mexico Gulf coast

    A strengthening Tropical Storm Nate marched westwards towards Mexico's Gulf coast today and was expected to ramp up to near hurricane force for a Sunday landfall, forecasters said.

  • 31/07/2011 | Latin America

    Mexico captures Juarez cartel hit man who ordered over 1,500 murders

    Mexican authorities captured and arrested an alleged drug cartel leader of the Juarez drug cartel’s armed wing “La Linea”. The man, José Antonio Acosta Hernández, nicknamed “El Diego,” was said to have ordered over 1,500 murders in the north of Mexico, officials confirmed.

  • 20/08/2011 | Latin America

    Five headless bodies found in Acapulco

    Authorities in Mexico found the decapitated bodies of four men and a woman in Acapulco, the latest in a string of slayings in the popular Pacific resort this week.

  • 25/08/2011 | Latin America

    Grenade attack on Mexican casino kills 20

    Armed men killed at least 20 people in an attack on a casino in northern Mexico that left the building ablaze with gamblers trapped inside, officials said.

  • 31/05/2011 | Latin America

    Mexican aspiring IMF chief visits Argentina

    The head of the Mexican Bank, Agustin Carstens, aspiring chief of the International Monetary Fund, will arrive in Buenos Aires in the next hours, a source said. He will do so after his visit to Brazil, where he also is gathering support to back his bid as a successor of Dominique Strauss Kahn.

  • 04/07/2011 | Latin America

    Mexico arrests dreaded Zetas cartel’s founding member

    Mexican police arrested a top lieutenant of the Zetas drug cartel who was linked to the murder of a US immigration agent in February, Mexico's security ministry said today.

  • 21/07/2011 | Latin America

    Mexico seizes over 800 tons of meth chemicals

    The Mexican army has seized just under 840 tons of chemicals used for making methamphetamine in a raid in central Mexico, one of the biggest finds of its kind ever made in the country.

  • 07/05/2011 | Latin America

    Eleventh body pulled from collapsed Mexico mine

    Rescuers recovered an 11th body from a collapsed coal mine in northern Mexico late last night and kept searching for three more missing bodies.

  • 19/05/2011 | Latin America

    Mexican army arrests cartel s second-in-command

    Mexican soldiers arrested a suspected drug boss and a police chief accused of protecting him, blaming them for much of the violence terrorizing tourist towns near Mexico City.In an early morning swoop, soldiers  captured Victor Valdez, known as "El Gordo Varilla".

  • 30/05/2011 | Latin America

    CFK meets with Mexican Malvinas solidarity group

    In her last activity in Mexico before travelling to Italy, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner met with members of the Mexican Malvinas solidarity group, with whom she analyzed the possibility of setting up a committee in support of the cause of the Argentine claim of sovereignty over the islands.

  • 03/05/2011 | Latin America

    Mexico: 14 miners trapped in coal mine

    Fourteen workers were trapped and feared dead after an explosion at a small coal mine in northern Mexico, authorities said.Rescue workers had not heard from the workers since the 8 a.m. explosion and warned the miners may all be dead unless they were trapped in a pocket with breathable air.

  • 04/05/2011 | Latin America

    Coal mine accident in Mexico: 5 bodies found

    Rescue teams found five bodies inside of a mine in the municipality of Sabinas, Northern Mexico. Fourteen workers were trapped and feared dead after an explosion at the coal mine.

  • 06/05/2011 | Latin America

    Eighth body recovered from collapsed Mexico mine

    Rescuers pulled an eighth body from a collapsed coal mine in northern Mexico as families gave up hope of finding six other trapped workers alive after an explosion earlier this week.

  • 12/04/2011 | Latin America

    Death toll in Mexican mass graves rises to 116

    The toll of murder victims buried in a series of mass graves in northern Mexico has risen to 116, Mexico's attorney general said, blaming the atrocity on the brutal Zetas drug cartel.

  • 26/04/2011 | Latin America

    Magnitude 5.7 quake strikes Mexico west coast

    A 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico's western coast, 16 miles (26 km) northwest of San Marcos in Guerrero, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

  • 29/04/2011 | Latin America

    Mexico extradites once-powerful drug lord to US

    Mexico extradited the once-powerful drug lord Benjamin Arellano Felix to the United States in a renewed sign of US-Mexican cooperation in the drug fight.

  • 07/03/2011 | Latin America

    Argentine teenager missing in Mexico

    Sixteen-year old María Luz Foguet was last seen on February 23rd and her mother believes she was abducted for human trafficking. According to her mother, the teenager disappeared after attending a meeting with a man who had "promised to make her famous".

  • 09/03/2011 | Latin America

    Missing Argentine teenager found in Mexico

    The sixteen-year old Argentine girl María Luz Foguet, who had been announced missing in Mexico in February, reappeared at her parent’s house in the city of Veracruz, arriving by her own means and in good health.

  • 19/03/2011 | Latin America

    US ambassador to Mexico resigns after diplomatic spat

    The US ambassador to Mexico has resigned, the State Department said, after a public dispute with Mexican President Felipe Calderón over Mexico's handling of efforts to combat drug trafficking.

  • 08/01/2011 | Latin America

    Fifteen bodies found in Mexico tourist city

    Fifteen bodies, all but one of them decapitated, were found early on Saturday in the Pacific resort city of Acapulco, local media reported.

  • 04/02/2011 | Latin America

    Northern Mexico cold snap paralyzes Ciudad Juárez

    Freezing weather and snow paralyzed the border city of Ciudad Juárez, knocking out electricity and water in thousands of homes and closing roads and factories.

  • 24/02/2011 | Latin America

    Mexico captures suspects in US agent's killing

    Mexican officials have presented several captured suspects in line with the murder of US customs agent Jaime Zapata, and injuring of agent Victor Avila after gunmen mistook him for rivals last week in a shoot out.

  • 05/09/2014 | Sports

    Mexico's Queretaro signs Brazilian star Ronaldinho

    Mexican soccer club Queretaro has signed Brazilian striker Ronaldinho, a former champion with his country in the 2002 World Cup, the club's owner said.

  • 28/03/2015 | Sports

    Ginóbili out of Mexico pre-Olympics

  • 30/01/2014 | Sports

    Mariachi skier represents Mexico in Winter Olympics

    Mexico's sole Winter Games competitor is a 54-year-old descended from German nobility who looks set to wow the world at Sochi by gracing the ski slopes in a specially-designed mariachi suit.

  • 01/06/2014 | Sports

    River Plate beat Boca Juniors, win Mexico ‘Superclásico’

    River Plate won the ‘Superclásico’ after beating Boca Juniors on penalties (4-2) yesterday in a friendly held at Mexico City's Estadio Azteca.

  • 23/07/2014 | Sports

    Mexico back on the F1 calendar in 2015

    Mexico is to return to the Formula 1 calendar in 2015 after a 23-year absence, Alejandro Soberon, president of live events company CIE, confirmed today.

  • 06/03/2013 | Sports

    US, Mexico to compete for FIFA executive spot

    The United States and Mexico, who meet in a crucial World Cup qualifier later this month, are also going head-to-head in the election for a place on FIFA's powerful executive committee.

  • 05/11/2013 | Sports

    Argentina's kids downed by Mexico in U-17 semi

    Argentina's dream of lifting the Under-17 Football World Cup was shattered by a 3-0 reverse to Mexico, who will move on to play Nigeria in the showpiece match of the tournament in the United Arab Emirates.

  • 13/11/2013 | Sports

    Impressive Mexico thrash New Zealand in World Cup playoff

    Mexico thumped New Zealand 5-1 in the first leg of their qualifying playoff today to take a massive step towards a place in next year's World Cup finals.

  • 11/08/2012 | Sports

    Mexico stun Brazil to win football gold

    Mexico won the Olympic men's soccer title for the first time when they stunned favourites Brazil 2-1 in front of 86,162 fans at Wembley Stadium.

  • 16/08/2012 | Sports

    United States end drought on Mexican soil

    Michael Orozco scored a late winner as the United States upset Mexico 1-0 in a stirring soccer friendly on Wednesday to register their first win away to their arch-rivals.

  • 03/12/2012 | Sports

    Mohamed takes Tijuana to first Mexican League

    Argentine coach Antonio Mohamed took Tijuana to their first Mexican league championship five years after being founded and 18 months since their promotion to the first division after a 2-0 win away to favourites Toluca in the second leg of the Apertura final.

  • 11/04/2012 | Sports

    Mexico's Calderón arrives in Cuba pledging better relations

    Mexican President Felipe Calderón pledged to improve his government's rocky relations with Cuba and seek new trade opportunities when he arrived for a short visit to the communist island.

  • 01/08/2012 | Sports

    Britain sink Uruguay to reach last eight

    Already-qualified title favourites Brazil and Japan were joined by hosts Britain, surprise qualifiers Egypt, Mexico, Senegal, South Korea and Honduras in the quarter-finals of the Olympic football tournament.

  • 07/08/2012 | Sports

    Imperious Brazil move step nearer football gold

    Brazil's dream of winning an elusive Olympic football gold came a step closer to reality when they beat South Korea 3-0 in a one-sided semi-final at Old Trafford.

  • 29/07/2011 | Sports

    Argentina wins in debut at U20 World Cup

    Argentina’s national football team defeated Mexico 1-0 with a goal netted by Erik Lamela in its debut at the U-20 World Cup played in Colombia.

  • 04/08/2011 | Sports

    Argentina thrash N. Korea, achieve pre-quarter finals

    Argentina and Mexico qualified for the pre-quarter finals of the U20 World Cup held in Colombia. Perazzo’s team clashed North Korea, while the Mexican team drew without goals against England in the last Group F round.

  • 20/01/2012 | Sports

    Shooting victim Cabañas to make pro comeback

    Former Paraguay striker Salvador Cabañas is set to make a professional comeback two years after almost being killed when he was shot in the head in a Mexico City bar in January 2010.

  • 03/02/2011 | Sports

    Shooting victim Cabañas trains with top team after a year

    Former Paraguay striker Salvador Cabañas, shot in the head in a Mexico City bar a year ago, trained with a first division team for the first since the incident.

  • 20/04/2011 | Sports

    Fluminense crush Argentinos out of the Libertadores

    Brazil’s Fluminense defeated Argentinos Juniors' 4-2 leaving the Argentine team out of the pre-quarter finals of the Libertadores de América Cup. The Brazilian team and Mexico's América advance to the next round.

  • 28/06/2011 | Sports

    Mexico ban eight Copa América players for indiscipline

    Mexico have been hit by their second scandal this month after eight players in the country's Copa América squad were suspended for six months for indiscipline by the national football federation (Femexfut).

  • 20/01/2014 | Arts and Media

    Juan Gelman's ashes scattered in Mexico

    The ashes of deceased poet Juan Gelman were this weekend scattered in a stream close to Mexico City, according to the city's secretary of culture, fulfilling the final wishes of the legendary Argentine writer.

  • 28/11/2014 | Arts and Media

    Mexican TV star ‘Chespirito’ dies at 85

  • 30/11/2014 | Arts and Media

    Latin America pays tribute to ‘Chespirito’

    Hundreds gathered in Mexico City to say last farewell to Roberto Gómez Bolaños, the iconic Mexican comedian responsible for the beloved television character “El Chavo del Ocho.” Following a private ceremony at Televisa TV network's headquarters, a public tribute will be held at the historic Azteca Stadium.

  • 22/03/2012 | Arts and Media

    Ticket sale for McCartney's show in Uruguay begins

    The tickets for the show that the ex Beatle Paul McCartney will give at the Centenario Stadium in Montevideo will be on sale starting from tomorrow, organizers reported.

  • 26/04/2012 | Arts and Media

    Bertrand Bonello to head Feature Films jury in Critics Week at Cannes 2012

    French film director Bertrand Bonello will preside over the features film jury during Critics Week at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, organisers informed.

  • 10/12/2012 | Arts and Media

    US-Mexican singer Jenni Rivera dies in plane crash

    Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash after the small jet she was travelling in went down in northern Mexico, her father said yesterday.

  • 04/05/2013 | America

    Obama: US, LatAm must fight drug violence

    US President Barack Obama yesterday cast Mexico as a nation ready to take “its rightful place in the world” and move past the drug battles and violence that have defined its relationship with the United States.

  • 10/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Blatter backs Mexico's leniency for positive tests

    FIFA president Sepp Blatter has supported the Mexican Football Federation's (FMF) decision not to punish five Mexico players who tested positive for clenbuterol in May.

  • 12/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Uruguay to face Argentina in Copa quarters

  • 04/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Borghi's Chile beat Mexico in Copa debut

    Chile beat Mexico 2-1, in the debut match of Group C of Copa America. The match was played played at the Bicentenario stadium in San Juan province. Mexican defender Néstor Araujo scored a first time goal, while Esteban Paredes and Arturo Vidal scored second half goals for Chile  and turned the match around.

  • 08/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Peru beat Mexico in Mendoza

    Peru edged Mexico 1-0 at the Copa América to move level on points at the top of Group C with Chile, who had earlier come from behind to draw 1-1 with Uruguay.

  • 10/07/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Uruguay without Cavani, Cáceres for Mexico clash

    Injured Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani will miss his side's must-win Copa América clash with Mexico while left-back Martin Cáceres is suspended.

  • 30/06/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    Groups & Fixture

    The three groups of the Copa América 2011 are formed by: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru, Chile and Mexico. Watch the complete fixture here.

  • 30/06/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    The teams

    See slideshow.

  • 30/06/2011 | In Depth - Copa América 2011

    The star players of the Cup

    Each team competing for the Copa América counts with its own star players. Watch here the list and their photos.

  • 29/06/2014 | In Depth - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

    Late comeback takes Netherlands past brave Mexico

    A late stunner from Wesley Sneijder and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar's injury-time penalty gave Netherlands a 2-1 win in the World Cup last 16 over a heart-broken Mexico, who had led throughout the second half thanks to Gio Dos Santos' strike.

  • 17/06/2014 | In Depth - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

    Superb Ochoa denies Neymar as Brazil, Mexico tie 0-0

    Brazil tied with Mexico in Fortaleza, ending the hosts' 10-game winning streak in the process. Brazil were frustrated by a hard-working Mexico defense and goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, who made two outstanding saves to deny Neymar.

  • 17/06/2014 | In Depth - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

    Scolari on Brazil tie: 'We're getting better'

    Mexico's inspired keeper Guillermo Ochoa ended Brazil's 10-game winning streak but while home fans were frustrated at the lack of goals manager Luiz Felipe Scolari says his side are improving with each match.

  • 23/06/2014 | In Depth - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

    Brazil bid for top spot against Cameroon, Spain bow out

    Hosts Brazil will look to secure top spot in World Cup Group A and banish doubts about their title credentials when they take on eliminated Cameroon today, while deposed champions Spain bow out against Australia.

  • 09/06/2014 | In Depth - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

    Mexico take taxi to World Cup training after team bus dies

    "Our bus has shrunk, hahahahaha," Mexican captain Rafael Marquez said on his Twitter account, posting a selfie of himself along with Marco Fabian, Hector Herrera and Alfredo Talavera in a taxi.

  • 13/06/2014 | In Depth - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

    Natal firefighters warn Mexico-Cameroon Cup clash stadium lacks security clearance

  • 13/06/2014 | In Depth - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

    Peralta strike gives Mexico win amid ref controversy

    Mexico has beat Cameroon 1-0 with a second-half strike by Peralta and join Brazil at the top of World Cup Group A with three points.

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