March 28, 2015
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  • 24/03/2015 | Argentina

    UK to reinforce military presence in Malvinas Islands

    The UK will be reinforcing its military presence in the disputed Malvinas Islands with the coalition government of Prime Minister David Cameron expected to unveil its plan in a special session in the British parliament today.

  • 25/03/2015 | Argentina

    UK appeals to 'cheap nationalism' as elections near - Aníbal Fernández

    Britain’s decision to increase its military presence in the South Atlantic is an “inappropriate” move responding to electoral prospects of David Cameron’s coalition government, the head of ministers affirmed.

  • 14/11/2014 | Argentina

    Gov't 'emphatically' condemns British militarization of Malvinas

    Argentina emphatically rejects military maneuvers in Malvinas Islands because they represent UK’s increasing militarization in the disputed area, Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich said, reaffirming Argentina’s call for peaceful negotiations as established in the United Nations 2065 resolution.

  • 10/07/2014 | Argentina

    Argentina lives a 'second independence'

    The Argentine ambassador to the United Kingdom marked the country’s Independence Day in London yesterday renewing calls to resume dialogue with the European nation over the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands. Alicia Castro also welcomed the support of allies to Argentina in its current dispute against vulture funds.

  • 17/09/2014 | Argentina

    'Weakening of UK’s international position could pave the way to dialogue'

    By Constanza Heller


  • 21/10/2014 | Argentina

    Ambassador Castro files complaint, demands BBC's formal apology

    Argentina’s ambassador to the UK Alicia Castro has filed a formal complaint before the BBC following the "provocative" statements by host of the "Top Gear" show Jeremy Clarkson, demanding the British media to formally apologize.

  • 28/05/2014 | Argentina

    Russia invites Argentina to BRICS summit, ratifies support in Malvinas case

    Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman met in Moscow with his Russian counterpart Sergi Lavrov who confirmed a formal invitation to Argentina to take part in a BRICS summit to be held in Brazil next month. The Kremlin also ratified its support to Buenos Aires in its long-standing dispute against the United Kingdom over the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands.

  • 10/06/2014 | Argentina

    Cristina: 'Sovereignty is built through peace and diplomacy'

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner had strong words for the UK government, as she headed today the inauguration of the Malvinas Museum at the ex-ESMA detention centre.

  • 01/07/2014 | Argentina

    Ex FM Taiana says Cobos' Malvinas trip 'irresponsible'

    With Radical Party MP – and a candidate to run in next year’s presidential elections – Julio Cobos confirming a visit to the disputed archipelago this week, ex foreign minister Jorge Taiana considered his visit “irresponsible,” scheduled “without consultation.”

  • 02/04/2014 | Argentina

    'Malvinas is NATO's base in the South Atlantic'

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has headed the central government rally to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the Malvinas Islands War Argentina and the UK fought over the sovereignty of the South Atlantic territories back in 1982. 649 Argentine and 255 British soldiers lost their lives in the 74-day conflict.

  • 02/04/2014 | Argentina

    CFK unveils new Malvinas' 50-peso bill

    The head of state unveiled the 50-peso bill that will carry a Malvinas Islands map. It is yet to confirm when it will be officially issued. A show of “historic, social and political vindication” of Argentineans’ sovereign rights over the disputed territories, CFK affirmed marking a new Malvinas War anniversary.

  • 14/03/2014 | Argentina

    Macri, Massa would be 'flexible' with London's interests in Malvinas

    "Acknowledgement from the parties make discoveries non-essential," Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich said when commenting on the statements by British minister Hugo Swire, who considered opposition’s Massa and Macri would have a “more realistic and mature” vision than the Kirchnerite administration to settle the Malvinas Islands row.

  • 19/03/2014 | Argentina

    Malvinas war veterans take 'peace calls' to Pope Francis

    During his weekly general audience at St Peter's square, Pope Francis met with a group of Malvinas war veterans and families of soldiers who died in the war Argentina and the UK fought over the sovereignty of the British-seized territories in 1982.

  • 27/03/2014 | Argentina

    Ahead of meeting with UK's Queen Elizabeth, Pope expresses support for Malvinas dialogue

    In the sidelines of his weekly audience at the St. Peter's square, Pope Francis met Argentina’s Malvinas Islands Affairs Secretary Daniel Filmus and expressed his hopes for Buenos Aires and London to resume sovereignty talks over the South Atlantic territories.

  • 30/01/2014 | Argentina

    Gov't renews 'colonialism' claims over Malvinas

    Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman has renewed Argentina’s demands for talks with the UK to discuss the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands, saying the South American government “hopes” for “international law to be applied.”

  • 01/03/2014 | Argentina

    'Sooner than later we will discuss Malvinas' sovereignty with UK'

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner renewed Argentina’s demands for talks with the United Kingdom to discuss the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands, seized by the British in 1833.

  • 13/03/2014 | Argentina

    London would 'rather' discuss Malvinas row with Massa, Macri

    British Minister of State for the Foreign Office Hugo Swire has stated London would rather sit at the negotiating table with Sergio Massa or Mauricio Macri to discuss the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands. Swire alleged the representatives of Argentina’s opposition would show a “more mature vision” over the bilateral dispute than the Kirchnerite government.

  • 17/10/2013 | Argentina

    Malvinas trade mission arrives in Uruguay to fuel oil business

    Amid tightening tensions between Buenos Aires and London over Argentina’s demands for negotiations over the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands, a British government trade mission landed in Uruguay to promote hydrocarbon activities.

  • 10/01/2014 | Argentina

    Malvinas sovereignty row: Ambassador Castro says British public opinion 'changing'

    A recent survey by “The Daily Telegraph” has said that 74 percent of the polled consider the disputed resource-rich archipelago belong to Argentina. “British public opinion is changing,” Argentine ambassador to London affirmed as she ratified the South American country’s commitment with “dialogue.”

  • 13/01/2014 | Argentina

    Illegal oil drilling in Malvinas will lead to 'administrative sanctions, prison sentences' - Filmus

    Daniel Filmus, who has taken office as the head of Argentina’s newly created Malvinas Islands Secretariat, granted an interview to the British daily The Guardian. “It must be known that Argentina will defend its claim,” the ex senator told international media.

  • 24/05/2013 | Argentina

    Boudou thanks Ecuador for support over Malvinas issue

    Vice president Amado Boudou attended the inauguration ceremony of the re-elected Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa and expressed his gratitude for “backing a claim of Argentina over Malvinas Islands.”

  • 20/06/2013 | Argentina

    Argentina renews sovereignty claims over Malvinas Islands at UN

    Joined by ruling party and opposition MPs, Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman arrived in New York to address the UN Special Committee on Decolonization and urge the UK to sit at the negotiating table.

  • 10/07/2013 | Argentina

    US espionage on LatAm countries: 'We are free nations that don't want to be spied on'

    Argentine ambassador to the United Kingdom Alicia Castro renewed Argentina’s sovereignty claims over Malvinas Islands and put the Snowden spy row on London’s table: “We are free nations that neither need nor want to be spied on,” Castro warned.

  • 26/03/2013 | Argentina

    Argentina renews Malvinas claims at UN Decolonization Committee

    Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman has met with the head of the UN Special Committee on Decolonization Ecuadorian ambassador Diego Morejón Pazmiño to address the dispute with the UK over the sovereignty of Malvinas Islands.

  • 27/03/2013 | Argentina

    UK says Argentina's position over Malvinas is 'unsustainable'

    Less than a week ahead of a new anniversary of Malvinas Islands 1982 War, the UK today blasted Argentina’s stance over the sovereignty of the South Atlantic territories calling it “unsustainable.”

  • 02/04/2013 | Argentina

    CFK: 'UK uses Malvinas to hide Europe’s disaster'

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner presided over the government’s ceremony in Puerto Madryn, Chubut to commemorate Malvinas War Heroes on the 31st anniversary of the armed conflict that Argentina and the UK fought over the sovereignty of the Islands in 1982.

  • 22/03/2013 | Argentina

    Malvinas: Thatcher's personal papers reveal 'no war' intentions in Britain

    31 years after the 1982 Malvinas War, documents continue to shed light one of the most sensitive events in Argentina’s modern history. According to The Guardian, Margaret Thatcher’s senior advisers recommended the ex British Prime Minister not to embark Britain on the war and offer instead monetary compensation to the Islanders.

  • 22/03/2013 | Argentina

    'AFIP can't force Malvinas lenders to operate in pesos,' tax agency says

    Amid criticism by opposition sectors, the AFIP national tax bureau explained why trips to Malvinas Islands as well as expenses in the South Atlantic archipelago are included in the new 20 per cent regime for foreign credit card purchases.

  • 23/03/2013 | Argentina

    Malvinas: Argentina to renew negotiations claims at the UN

    With the support of top regional officials, Argentina will renew its long-standing demand that the UK sits at the negotiating table to discuss the Malvinas Islands’ sovereignty dispute at the United Nations this week.

  • 09/03/2013 | Argentina

    Government, opposition reject Malvinas referendum

    Ruling Victory Front part and opposition lawmakers have coordinated efforts to draw up a rejection move against the Referendum held by the British administration of Malvinas Islands this weekend.

  • 13/03/2013 | Argentina

    Congress rejects Malvinas' referendum

    In the first ordinary session of the year, the Congress passed a rejection statement against the referendum that the British administration of Malvinas Islands carried out on March 10-11.

  • 15/03/2013 | Argentina

    Domínguez: 'Let the Pope pray for Malvinas'

    Lower House head Julián Domínguez has called to pray to God for the Pope to be “an instrument” that helps build dialogue channels with the UK over the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands.

  • 07/02/2013 | Argentina

    UK’s intransigent position on Malvinas 'smells like petroleum’

    Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman said today that the British government’s position on Malvinas Islands “smells too much like petroleum”, revealing that UK’s biggest interest in keeping the invaded archipelago is due to potential oil findings.

  • 08/03/2013 | Argentina

    Pérez Esquivel rejects Malvinas Referendum

    Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Adoldfo Pérez Esquivel has addressed a letter to UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron rejecting the referendum that the British administration of Malvinas Islands will hold on March 10-11.

  • 03/03/2012 | Argentina

    Malvinas issue 'affects all Argentines,' says Boudou

    Vice-president Amado Boudou once again stated the Government’s aim of “working with all international organizations to get back the Malvinas islands sovereignty,” as he took part in Mendoza’s annual harvest festival.

  • 15/06/2012 | Argentina

    Malvinas islanders 'disappointed' after Argentina refuses to accept letter

    The Malvinas islanders today stated that they were “incredibly disappointed” after the Argentine Government rejected yesterday a letter sent by the Malvinas Islands Government to President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner which asked to arrange talks over the disputed islands.

  • 28/08/2012 | Argentina

    Alicia Castro parallels UK approach to Assange with Malvinas

    The Argentine Ambassador to the United Kingdom Alicia Castro said today that the UK’s "arrogant" approach to Julian Assange’s case “was similar” to its approach to Argentina and particularly, the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands.

  • 09/09/2011 | Argentina

    Gov't deems UK military exercises in South Atlantic 'a provocation'

    Defence Minister Arturo Puricelli considered that a series of UK military exercises carried out in the South Atlantic ocean zone “is a provocation to Argentina.”

  • 14/01/2012 | Argentina

    Malvinas: 'there's no room for rejecting dialogue'

    Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman urged the United Kingdom to desist of implementing measures that worsen the Malvinas islands conflict, and assured that “there is no space for rejecting dialogue.”

  • 21/01/2012 | Argentina

    Hague urges Gov't to cease 'Malvinas intimidation attempts'

    British Foreign Secretary William Hague urged Argentina to desist from attempts to intimidate Malvinas islands residents, as tension between both countries mounted as the 30th anniversary of the war approaches. Yesterday, the US urged both countries to resolve their dispute through dialogue.

  • 21/02/2013 | World

    Malvinas: 1982 declassified docs reveal UK willing to concede port

    Declassified UK diplomacy secret documents reveal the exchange of information between a Chilean diplomat and a British diplomat including a handwritten piece which suggests, two weeks before the beginning of the war, that the British were willing to negotiate a naval settlement for Argentina in Malvinas.

  • 17/04/2013 | World

    Malvinas' islanders say 'no captives' of the UK

    As part of the British self-determination pledge to justify the occupation of Malvinas Islands, inhabitants of the disputed territories have stated that they are not London’s “captives” and defended the results of the referendum they held in March to ratify their decision to remain an overseas territory of the UK.

  • 13/05/2013 | World

    UK: Scandal for 'Malvinas' globes on sale

    The British chain of upmarket department stores John Lewis put up for sale globes that mark Islas Malvinas instead of Falkland Islands, as they are called in Great Britain. As a result, John Lewis owners got massive critics and branded “unpatriotic”.

  • 14/06/2012 | World

    UK flies Malvinas flag outside Number 10, FCO to mark 'Liberation Day'

    The Malvinas Islands flag was being flown outside UK Prime Minister David Cameron's residence today, as well as the Foreign Office, in order to mark ‘Liberation Day,’ the day in which the Malvinas War between Argentina and the UK ended in 1982.

  • 12/11/2012 | World

    British governor to Malvinas during war dies

    Rex Hunt, British Governor of the Malvinas Islands at the time of the 1982 war between Argentina and England died on Sunday.

  • 13/01/2013 | World

    UK prepares new plans to defend Malvinas Islands

    UK’s defence chiefs have drawn up new contingency plans designed to prevent hostile action by Argentina towards the Malvinas Islands, according to reports presented by English newspaper The Telegraph.

  • 10/11/2011 | World

    Prince William will be sent to the Malvinas in 2012

    Prince William, a solid member of the Royal Air Force, is to be sent to the Malvinas Islands at the beginning of next year, to spend six weeks at the Mount Pleasant military base, the UK's Ministry of Defence confirmed today.

  • 21/12/2011 | World

    'Nuclear submarine should be sent to protect Malvinas,' says Former British Sea Lord

    A former British First Sea Lord (2002-2006) and Commander during the Malvinas War today stated that Britain should respond to the Mercosur bloc’s decision to close their ports to ships that fly the Malvinas flag, by sending a nuclear submarine to protect the islands, the Telegraph newspaper reported today.

  • 21/03/2012 | World

    Malvinas: Mission accomplished for Prince William, returns to UK

    Prince William completed his 6-week Malvinas Islands post and left for England today, St. James Palace informed. The prince began duties on his “search and rescue” mission at the beginning of February.

  • 08/03/2013 | Latin America

    Islanders: Malvinas Referendum to send 'strong message' to Argentina

    As the referendum allowing British inhabitants of the Malvinas Islands to reaffirm their political status approaches, a member of the Legislative Assembly of the South Atlantic territories, Jan Cheek, considered that the UK’s move will send a “strong message” to Argentina.

  • 20/02/2014 | Latin America

    Poll: 46% of Uruguayan ignore who rules in Malvinas Islands

    A survey published by the Uruguayan daily El país says that 46 percent of the country’s population is not aware of who is currently in political control of the Malvinas Islands while 43 of the polled believe it is the United Kingdom. Only 9 percent said Argentina was in control of the British-seized territories.

  • 21/05/2013 | Argentina

    UK: Give up Malvinas Islands and we’ll talk

    Britain has said economic agreements in the South Atlantic could be relaunched on one condition: that Argentina drops its sovereignty claim over the resource-rich Malvinas Islands.

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