October 24, 2014
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  • 12/09/2014 | Argentina

    Macri's income tax promises a 'farce,' senator Fernández warns

    BA City Mayor Mauricio Macri's campaign promises to eliminate income tax for workers is a “farce,” ruling Victory Front party senator Aníbal Fernández said challenging the PRO party head to get rid of the gross income scheme in the Argentine capital as well.

  • 21/08/2014 | Argentina

    Capitanich: Dissident CGT 'does not represent majority of workers'

    Following the announcement by the dissident CGT umbrella union of a 24-hour strike for August 28, Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich said the anti-government CGT splinters led by Hugo Moyano and Luis Barrionuevo “does not represent the majority of workers or unions.”

  • 28/08/2014 | Argentina

    Gov't bashes picket protesters for 'supporting those who earn most'

    Amid a 36-hour protest by anti-government CTA labour union lead by Pablo Micheli and left-wing groups and as the national 24-hour strike called by anti-government CGT Union unfolds, cabinet chief Jorge Capitanich criticized MST and Labour Party leftist groups for “supporting those who earn most.”

  • 28/08/2014 | Argentina

    Gov’t rejects income tax modification, re-opening of wage talks

    Labour Minister Carlos Tomada has affirmed it is not a government’s priority to discuss the modification of the income tax or re-opening wage talks, as dissident unions demanded during a general strike.

  • 08/07/2014 | Argentina

    Bank workers paralyse services with 24-hour national strike

    Bank workers today brought services to a halt as they carried out a 24-hour national strike, despite orders from the government for mandatory conciliation on the eve of industrial action.

  • 22/07/2014 | Argentina

    Capitanich: ‘Income tax claims are political’

    After meeting with the head of the pro-government CGT labour union Antonio Caló, Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich said the claims to raise the income tax exemption ceiling are political. He said the number of workers affected by the tax has not increased.

  • 22/07/2014 | Argentina

    UPCN considers 'direct action measures' if no response in income tax demands

    Workers will go for a “direct action measure” if the government fails to meet unions’ demands for a change in the income tax scheme, Secretary General of the Union of Civil Personnel of the Nation (UPCN) Andrés Rodríguez has warned.

  • 16/04/2014 | Argentina

    Gov't sees 'declining prices,' warns 'no deadline' in tax debate

    Following yesterday’s announcement that the CPI consumers’ price index hit 2.6 percent in March, Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich defended the new method to calculate economic data and estimated a “declining trend" in prices for the future.

  • 01/05/2014 | Argentina

    Yasky urges Government to announce changes in income tax

    Head of the pro-government splinter of the CTA Hugo Yasky has urged the Government to announce changes in income tax and a rise in the Universal Child Benefit (AUH) within two weeks.

  • 22/05/2014 | Argentina

    Lower House signs job market bill into law

    Following a 12-hour debate, the Lower House passed the bill that aims at tackling informal employment, granting small companies with economic benefits. The government-sponsored project was passed into law in a 227-3 vote and 4 abstentions.

  • 28/08/2013 | Argentina

    Scioli says income tax move not fueled by 'electoral' plans

    BA province governor Daniel Scioli considered the new income tax scheme “very significant for workers” and rejected criticism by anti-kirchnerite sectors that questioned the official measure for “electioneering.”

  • 03/09/2013 | Argentina

    Income tax reform receives green light in Lower House Committee

    The Lower House Budget Committee approved a bill that seeks to tax companies stocks that are not listed in the market. The project follows last week’s announcement by President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner increasing the income tax floor by 20 percent.

  • 05/09/2013 | Argentina

    AFIP's Echegaray defends tax reform at Senate committee

    A Senate joint committee was debating today the tax reform bill setting levies on companies that are not listed in the stock market. The project, fueled by the Cristina Fernández de Kirchner administration aims at re-fattening the state treasury following the decision to exempt 1.5 million workers from income tax payments.

  • 27/08/2013 | Argentina

    Gov't rises income tax floor to 15,000 pesos

    Only employees earning more than 15,000 pesos in gross salary will have to pay income tax starting September 1, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced yesterday.

  • 28/08/2013 | Argentina

    Echegaray praised 'joint effort' in 'progressive' income tax regime

    Following the new regime that will become official on September 1 and that takes income tax floor to 15,000 pesosA, FIP tax bureau head Ricardo Echegaray praised the “interest” of business leaders and unions “in the creation of a more progressive system” that will make “those who have more to pay” more.

  • 12/07/2013 | Argentina

    Nationwide port strike, roadblocks begin

    Arpund 300 port employees were blocking traffic in the Buenos Aires City port area in the neighborhood of Retiro as a 24-hour nationwide strike began this morning.

  • 13/07/2013 | Argentina

    Agriculture minister admits income tax ‘harms savings’

    Agriculture minister and lawmaker pre-candidate for the Chubut province Norberto Yauhar said that the current income tax scheme “harms savings” and said he would push for a reform if elected to the Lower House.

  • 26/07/2013 | Argentina

    Income tax refund to reach gross salaries of up to 25,000 pesos

    The exemption from the income tax deduction of July’s half-year bonus will reach ‘exclusively’ gross salaries of up to 25 thousand pesos, according to a decree published today on the official gazette.

  • 27/03/2013 | Argentina

    Piumato targets Judiciary 'corruption'

    Julio Piumato, the head of the Judicial Employees'' Union and strong ally of anti-government CGT leader Hugo Moyano, renewed workers’ claims against income tax and targeted "millonaire" judges and attorneys.

  • 05/07/2013 | Argentina

    'We don't stand having our salaries stolen,' Moyano warns CFK, confirms strike

    Moyano’s anti-income tax claims have ended in a 24-hour walkout starting on Monday 8 and involving all freight transport activities. “The President says she won’t stand extortions; we say we won’t stand having our salaries stolen by the government,” the head of the anti-Kirchnerite splinter of the CGT confirmed.

  • 08/07/2013 | Argentina

    'Gov't lost approval due to income tax,' Micheli

    Head of the CTA anti-government splinter Pablo Micheli ratified his support to Hugo Moyano’s truck drivers saying that “more and more state workers pay income tax,” today’s main protest slogan.

  • 14/11/2012 | Argentina

    Dissident CGT, CTA ratify strike despite CFK's announcement

    The dissident CGT led by Hugo Moyano and the faction of the Argentine Workers’ Union (CTA) led by Pablo Micheli ratified the national strike they will hold next Tuesday November 20th, despite President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s announcement that the income tax floor will be increased in 2013.

  • 12/03/2013 | Argentina

    SC reacts to Prosecutor-General's request over income tax for judiciary

    In a tough message to Prosecutor General Alejandra Gils Carbó, the Supreme Court affirmed that the 1996 decree that exempts judges’ salaries from income taxes does not reach the Public Prosecution and the Advocate General Office.

  • 13/03/2013 | Argentina

    Gils Carbó: 'SC does not respect the Constitution when it comes to money'

    In a new row with the Supreme Court, Prosecutor General Alejandra Gils Carbó today stressed that the Article 114 of the Constitution allows the funds of the Judiciary Power to be run by the Council of Magistrates and that the SC “does not respect” the Constitution “when it comes to money”.

  • 30/08/2012 | Argentina

    Credit card purchases abroad to be charged with 15% income tax advance

    Credit card purchases abroad will be charged with an additional 15 percent income tax advance,  AFIP tax agency reported on Thursday. The extra amount will be deductible from the income tax and the personal assets tax.

  • 20/10/2012 | Argentina

    CGT hands Gov't forty day deadline to hike income tax floor

    Oscar Lescano, secretary-general of the energy workers union, gave the Government a 40 day deadline to give an answer to the raise of the income tax floor. He assured he supports Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s administration but does not completely support all of her decisions.

  • 14/11/2012 | Argentina

    Workers exempt from paying income tax on year end bonus, CFK announces

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced that workers who earn up to a gross monthly salary of 25,000 pesos will not pay for income tax on their annual year end bonus, during a televised speech. Also added that Antonio Caló-led CGT will discuss a hike on the income tax floor in 2013.

  • 30/03/2011 | Argentina

    Lower House fails to muster quorum, income tax floor bill debate postponed

    The Lower House failed to debate a bill that looked to increase the income tax floor due to a lack of quorum.

  • 01/04/2011 | Argentina

    Opposition considers increase of income tax floor 'a mockery'

    Members of the opposition considered the decision of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner to increase the income tax floor by decree as a “mockery to the Congress, it’s embarassing.”

  • 19/12/2011 | Argentina

    Lorenzino does not foresee 'strangling of trade balance'

    Economy Minister Hernán Lorenzino said before Parliament today the government does not foresee a “strangling of the trade balance” for 2012, anticipating a positive result.

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