November 28, 2015
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  • 20/04/2013 | Argentina

    CFK visits Chávez's remains, paid tribute

    Prior to her return to Argentina today, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner visited Hugo Chávez remains at the military museum on a hillside where the late leader launched his political career in 1992.

  • 05/03/2014 | Argentina

    CFK: ‘Chávez, like Néstor, is guarded by the people’

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner took part in a mass organized at Barracas Villa 21 in homage to former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, one year after his death.

  • 09/01/2013 | Argentina

    Timerman to travel to Caracas in support of Chávez

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner designated Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman to represent the country in the events taking place tomorrow in the Venezuelan capital.

  • 11/01/2013 | Argentina

    CFK meets with Chávez's family in Cuba

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner arrived this morning in Havana, where she had lunchwith Raúl and Fidel Castro and later visited the hospital where her Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chávez remains hospitalized since his December 11th cancer surgery.

  • 08/03/2013 | Argentina

    Macri: 'I hope we don't follow any of Chávez's policies'

    After President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner returned from Caracas, where she attended Hugo Chavez’s funeral services, City Mayor Mauricio Macri said he “hopes Argentina doesn’t follow any of the late Venezuelan leader's policies."

  • 08/03/2013 | World

    Iran's Ahmadinejad criticised over Chavez remarks

    Senior Iranian clerics have criticised President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for saying Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will be resurrected alongside Jesus Christ and the hidden imam who Shi'ite Muslims believe will rise up to bring world peace.

  • 20/12/2011 | World

    Chávez: 'Venezuela’s full membership doesn’t have to be decided today'

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez arrived in Uruguay today to push for his country's incorporation into the Mercosur trade bloc, in his first official trip abroad since undergoing cancer surgery in June.

  • 06/03/2013 | World

    US rejects Venezuela's 'cancer plot'

    The United States considered "absurd" the recent accusations made by Venezuela’s Vice President Nicolás Maduro, who denounced that late president Hugo Chávez was infected with cancer by “imperialist enemies."

  • 25/11/2014 | Latin America

    Hugo Chávez ballet to show in Venezuela

  • 04/03/2014 | Latin America

    Chavistas ready to honour late leader as protests continue

    Venezuela has geared up for commemorations of socialist leader Hugo Chávez's death despite continued protests against his successor that have shaken the OPEC member and threatened the legacy of "El Comandante."

  • 05/03/2014 | Latin America

    Timerman attends Venezuela's ceremonies in honour of late Chávez

    Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman flew to Venezuela where he is attending the commemorative ceremonies in honour of late president Hugo Chávez on his first death anniversary. The Argentine official praised the role played by the socialist leader in the process of Latin American “unity” and ratified President Kirchner's call to "respect democracy."

  • 30/07/2014 | Latin America

    Hugo Chávez has his own 'anti-imperialist' font

    Supporters of Venezuela's late socialist leader Hugo Chávez have unveiled yet another novel way of keeping his memory alive - a font for typing in "El Comandante's" handwriting style.

  • 12/03/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela to probe Chavez cancer 'poisoning' accusation

    Venezuela will set up a formal inquiry into suspicions that the late President Hugo Chávez's cancer was the result of poisoning by his enemies abroad, the government said.

  • 15/03/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuelans flood streets for Chávez coffin parade

    Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans were on the streets again today at a funeral parade for Hugo Chávez amid opposition protests that the government was exploiting his death to win the election.

  • 21/03/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuelan police fire teargas at election clash

    Police fired teargas to control a flare-up in downtown Caracas between anti-government student protesters and supporters of the late President Hugo Chávez in an increasingly volatile atmosphere ahead of next month's election.

  • 06/03/2013 | Latin America

    Maduro: from bus driver to Chavez's successor

  • 09/03/2013 | Latin America

    Evo 'almost certain' Chávez 'poisoned'

    The President of Bolivia Evo Morales affirmed that he is “almost certain” that Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez died because the “Empire” (the United States) poisoned him ratifying the plot theory held by Venezuela’s acting president Nicolás Maduro.

  • 11/03/2013 | Latin America

    Fidel Castro: Chávez 'was the champion of the poor'

    Cuba's Fidel Castro praised the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as a champion of the poor and said Cubans had lost their best friend ever, in his first comments on the death last week of his socialist ally.

  • 02/03/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chavez undergoing 'tough' chemotherapy

    Venezuela's ailing President Hugo Chavez has been undergoing "tougher" new treatment for cancer including chemotherapy at the military hospital where he has been for the last two weeks, his vice-president said.

  • 05/03/2013 | Latin America

    Chávez 'in God’s hands,' daughter tweets

    “We are still holding on to God”, María Gabriela Chávez, one of Hugo Chávez’s daughters, tweeted as she welcomed messages of solidarity and support to the president of Venezuela, who is struggling to recover from cancer surgery.

  • 06/03/2013 | Latin America

    Hugo Chávez's losing battle against cancer

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez died after his battle with cancer, ending the socialist leader's extraordinary 14-year rule of the OPEC nation.

  • 12/01/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Hugo Chavez not in coma, brother says

    Venezuela's cancer-stricken president, Hugo Chavez, is recovering in Cuba and is not in a coma as some have rumored a month after surgery, his brother, Adan Chavez, said after a visit to Havana.

  • 26/01/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chavez overcomes infection, still having treatment

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has overcome a respiratory infection, but is still being treated for breathing problems after cancer surgery in Cuba last month, a government minister said today.

  • 15/02/2013 | Latin America

    Venezuela shows photos of ailing Hugo Chávez

    Venezuela's government published the first pictures of cancer-stricken Hugo Chávez since his operation in Cuba more than two months ago, showing him smiling while lying in bed reading a newspaper, flanked by his two daughters.

  • 24/07/2012 | Latin America

    De Vido, Venezuelan officials discuss details of YPF-PDVSA cooperation

    Planning Minister Julio De Vido and senior members of the Venezuelan Oil Company PDVSA were holding a meeting this afternoon to discuss the details of plan of cooperation between oil companies PDVSA and recently nationalized YPF.

  • 07/12/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez back from Cuba medical treatment

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez returned from Cuba today following cancer-related medical treatment, walking and joking at the airport in a first public appearance in three weeks that quashed rumors he might have been at death's door.

  • 11/12/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez begins recovery after 'successful' surgery

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's cancer operation in Cuba yesterday was a success, his vice president said, adding that the complex surgery had lasted more than six hours and he would be recuperating for several days.

  • 06/04/2012 | Latin America

    Reflective Chavez weeps at Mass, asks for God’s help

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wept and asked God to spare his life during a pre-Easter Mass after returning from his latest session of cancer treatment in Cuba. Chavez has undergone three operations in less than a year, and received two sessions of radiation treatment.

  • 14/04/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez skips Americas Summit, heads to Cuba for radiotherapy

    Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, will not be participating in the VI Americas Summit which began today in Cartagena and is set to travel to Cuba in order to continue his radiotherapy treatment, Venezuela foreign minister, Nicolás Maduro informed today.

  • 19/06/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez has 16-point lead in latest Venezuela poll

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has a 16-percentage-point lead over opposition candidate Henrique Capriles ahead of an election in October, a new opinion poll showed today.

  • 24/03/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez returning to Cuba for radiation therapy

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will return to Cuba to begin radiation treatment for cancer on Sunday, but said he was in good shape and would be back home in several days.

  • 29/03/2012 | Latin America

    Chavez back in Venezuela after radiation therapy

    President Hugo Chavez returned home to Venezuela today after a first session of radiation treatment in Cuba that he hopes will cure his cancer and allow him to win a new six-year term in October.

  • 05/04/2012 | Latin America

    Chavez back in Venezuela after treatment in Cuba

    President Hugo Chavez returned home to Venezuela today after his latest session of cancer treatment in Cuba, as he aims to fight off the illness and win a new six-year term in an October election.

  • 28/02/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela says Chávez's lesion 'completely' removed

    Surgeons "completely" removed a lesion from Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's pelvis and the socialist leader is in good physical condition after the operation in Cuba, Venezuela's vice president said on.

  • 01/03/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez 'working' after Cuba operation

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez is back working on government affairs from Cuba after a successful operation for his suspected recurrence of cancer, allies said.

  • 07/03/2012 | Latin America

    Colombia says Chávez will head home early next week

    Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will return home next week from Cuba where he is recovering from surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.

  • 24/01/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's López pulls out of presidential race

    Leopoldo López, one of Venezuela's best-known opposition leaders, has pulled out of the South American nation's presidential race and will back coalition frontrunner Henrique Capriles Radonski, sources in both camps said today.

  • 21/02/2012 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez to undergo another operation

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said he will have to undergo another operation after doctors found a 2-centimeter lesion in his pelvis during medical tests in Cuba.

  • 24/02/2012 | Latin America

    Emotional Chávez heads for surgery in Cuba

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez bade an emotional farewell to anxious supporters on Friday en route to Cuba for new cancer surgery, vowing to return for victory in the October election.

  • 09/12/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez, Santos and Humala among others to skip CFK inauguration ceremony

    Presidents Hugo Chávez (Venezuela), Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia), Ollanta Humala (Peru), Felipe Calderón (Mexico) and Rafael Correa (Ecuador) have decided to cancel their trips to Buenos Aires in the last minute and will not be attending President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s inauguration ceremony for different reasons.

  • 28/12/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez, Piñera, Rousseff, among first leaders to call CFK

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner thanked all those who demontrated solidarity and well wishes," while addressing the nation for the first time since it was announced that she will undergo surgery to remove a thyroid carcinoma, She confirmed Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez was the first regional leader to call her and offer her support.

  • 13/01/2012 | Latin America

    Chávez says would respect Venezuela vote if loses

    Venezuela's Hugo Chávez said that if an opposition candidate wins this year's presidential election, he will be the first to recognize the rival's victory and hand over power.

  • 27/07/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Hugo Chávez mocks succession talk

    Venezuela's convalescing President Hugo Chávez laughed off talk of succession and said his enemies were engaging in speculation that his cancer diagnosis was made up to boost his popularity.

  • 01/08/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela: hairless Chávez appears on state television

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez appeared today on state television with a shaved head. According to CNN, he told viewers it was a sign that his cancer treatment was working.

  • 06/10/2011 | Latin America

    Chavez eyes Venezuela tourist islands for takeover

    President Hugo Chavez said his government would seize private homes on the idyllic Los Roques archipelago in the Caribbean and use them for state-run tourism in the latest move to implant socialism across Venezuela.

  • 13/07/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chavez may face chemotherapy for cancer

    Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez acknowledged for the first time today he may need radiotherapy or chemotherapy for ongoing treatment after cancer surgery in Cuba, the presidential office said.

  • 14/07/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chávez to get cancer treatment in Brazil

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez will travel to Brazil for cancer treatment, a Brazilian government source told reporters, following his return home after an operation in Cuba.

  • 15/07/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez plans to have more cancer treatment in Cuba

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said he plans to return to Cuba for more cancer treatment, in a move that will raise further concerns about his illness that has upended the OPEC nation's politics.

  • 04/07/2011 | Latin America

    Back in Venezuela, Chavez vows to win cancer battle

    Venezuela's ever-theatrical President Hugo Chavez made a surprise homecoming after cancer surgery in Cuba, thrilling supporters and saying he would win the battle to regain his health.

  • 07/07/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chavez says surgery forces slower pace

    Venezuela's convalescing President Hugo Chavez showed he was still boss with an upbeat visit to a military base but said cancer surgery was forcing him to slow a famously punishing style of leadership.

  • 08/07/2011 | Latin America

    Brazil-Venezuela: Rousseff offers Chávez medical help

    Brazilian President Dilma Roussef offered today Venezuela president Hugo Chávez her support over the mandate’s battle against cancer. According to the Presidential House press Secretary, Rousseff expressed her sentiments during a phone call conversation held this morning.

  • 27/06/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela: opposition demands information on Chavez's health

    Demands by Venezuela's opposition for information on President Hugo Chavez's health grew louder today and bond prices rallied on speculation the socialist leader could be seriously ill.

  • 29/06/2011 | Latin America

    New footage shows Venezuela's Chavez chatting with Fidel

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez was shown and heard chatting animatedly with former Cuban leader Fidel Castro in new video footage released today as rumors swirled over his health.

  • 01/07/2011 | Latin America

    Chávez is to go back soon, military assures calm

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez is recovering "satisfactorily" from surgery to remove a cancerous tumor and will be home "soon," the head of the South American nation's military said today. General Henry Rangel Silva added.

  • 13/06/2011 | Latin America

    Chavez recovers from surgery in Cuba, Castros at bed side

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said today he had his "full faculties" after an operation in Cuba and was still managing government affairs despite being ordered to rest for several days more.

  • 23/06/2011 | Latin America

    Chavez ‘stronger than ever’ but not home soon, says minister

    Nearly two weeks after surgery in Cuba, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez is "stronger than ever" but will not rush home until he is ready, his defense minister said today.

  • 24/06/2011 | Latin America

    Venezuela's Chavez tweets from Cuba

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, not seen in public in over two weeks, ended his unusual silence with several Twitter messages today, but said nothing about his health after an operation in Cuba.

  • 23/09/2011 | Arts and Media

    Sean Penn worked to get Americans from Iran

    US actor Sean Penn engaged in attempts to secure the release of two Americans freed by Iran this week, flying to Venezuela to ask President Hugo Chávez to intervene with Iran's leader, a source close to the release process said.

  • 10/03/2013 | Arts and Media

    Justin Timberlake mocks Chávez

    US comedy show Saturday Night Live kept it’s cold open short and sweet this week, with the NBC show tackling the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez.

  • 06/10/2012 | In Depth - Elections in Venezuela

    Nervous Venezuelans stock up on supplies before election

    Venezuelans packed supermarkets  to stock up on food and other essentials in case of trouble around Sunday's presidential vote, which was shaping up as the biggest electoral challenge of Hugo Chavez's 14-year rule.

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