August 27, 2015
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  • 22/07/2015 | Argentina

    Macri denies political turn after City tight victory

    Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri denied a “turn” in his position due to Sunday’s electoral results that had his candidate Horacio Rodríguez Larreta beating ECO's Martín Lousteau by three points only.

  • 04/07/2015 | Argentina

    BA City ballot boxes, electronic machines distributed

    The distribution of ballot boxes and electoral equipment have been carried out in all the 811 building across the City of Buenos Aires where locals will be casting their votes on Sunday to elect the successor of Mayor Mauricio Macri.

  • 05/07/2015 | Argentina

    'After eight years, porteños still choose us'

    Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, the Buenos Aires city Mayor candidate for the PRO party, has thanked citizens, activists and leader Mauricio Macri for their support in the mayoral election.

  • 05/07/2015 | Argentina

    'With the runoff, everybody wins'

    Buenos Aires city Mayor candidate Martín Lousteau (ECO) has thanked the Radical party and the Civic Coalition for their support in achieving a runoff against PRO’s Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in the city mayoral elections.

  • 21/06/2015 | Argentina

    Axel Kicillof assures he will take office if elected

    Economy Minister and FpV candidate to represent Buenos Aires city in the Lower House of Congress, Axel Kicillof, has assured he will take office if elected.

  • 24/04/2015 | Argentina

    Volcanic ash spreads into BA City, international flights canceled in Ezeiza

    The eruption of Chile’s Calbuco volcano has resulted in a cloud of ash beginning to spread into the City of Buenos Aires while the alert in southern cities in the country remains.

  • 07/03/2015 | Argentina

    Nielsen to run for Buenos Aires City Mayor

    Economist Guillermo Nielsen will compete in the upcoming PASO elections for Buenos Aires City Mayor, representing Sergio Massa’s Renewal Front.

  • 31/01/2015 | Argentina

    BA City kicks off Carnival celebrations

  • 14/11/2014 | Argentina

    Macri approves electronic voting for 2015 elections

    BA City Mayor Mauricio Macri confirmed his government has approved the electronic voting system for next year’s elections saying the move will prevent all “fraud possibilities,” reducing parties’ cost to compete in the 2015 run.

  • 27/11/2014 | Argentina

    Massive blackout affects BA City

  • 12/11/2014 | Argentina

    Buenos Aires City workers go on strike, demand year-end bonus

    Buenos Aires City public employees from ATE union have called for a strike and a rally tomorrow against the decision of Mauricio Macri’s administration to deny workers a year-end bonus of 4,000 pesos.

  • 13/11/2014 | Argentina

    BA City highway toll rates to rise 33 percent

    Toll rates in all Buenos Aires City highway access will suffer a 33-percent increase starting in January following a decree signed by Mayor Mauricio Macri.

  • 13/11/2014 | Argentina

    BA City highway toll rates to rise 33 percent

    Toll rates in all Buenos Aires City highway access will suffer a 33-percent increase starting in January following a decree signed by Mayor Mauricio Macri.

  • 04/11/2014 | Argentina

    Ex BA City mayor Olivera dies at 74

    Former Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires Enrique Olivera passed away today at 74 years. A memorial service was held at the legislature building.

  • 05/11/2014 | Argentina

    In-favour-of-life Macri, says 'no time to debate abortion'

    Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri has rejected the parliamentary debate over the Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption bill saying “it is no time” to discuss the dicriminalisation of abortion.

  • 10/11/2014 | Argentina

    Michetti says she prefers BA City mayorship over presidential ticket

    PRO’s senator Gabriela Michetti said she would rather run for Buenos Aires City mayoral election than as Mauricio Macri’s vicepresident in 2015 presidential elections. She said the final decision will be anounced “before the end of the year.”

  • 12/10/2014 | Argentina

    Argentinean wins BA City marathon for the first time in 10 years

    Argentinean Mariano Mastromarino finished first, beating this year's favourites Kenyan Lucy Karimi and Julius Karinga in a race where over 10,000 runners -including professional athletes from around the world but also amateurs and even some enthusiastic tourists- ran through the capital’s most famous landmarks.

  • 17/10/2014 | Argentina

    'Kirchnerites want to make people afraid'

    The federal government is seeking to “strike fear” into people, BA City Mayor Mauricio Macri said calling voters to not let them make them afraid. The head of the PRO Party committed himself to “end poverty in Argentina” if he gets elected president next year.

  • 29/10/2014 | Argentina

    Over 1,000 people evacuated over floods in BA City, province

    Heavy rain and strong winds hit BA City and province since yesterday’s night, causing floods, power outages, bringing down tress, and forcing over 1,000 people to evacuate.

  • 06/08/2014 | Argentina

    Grandmothers celebrate Guido's finding with BA City posters

    Buenos Aires City woke up today wrapped up with posters celebrating the finding of Guido Carlotto, the grandson of the president of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo group.

  • 23/08/2014 | Argentina

    City gov't defends Lugano eviction, defies 'mafia, drug traffickers'

    “Facing the need of a housing solution, taking over public space is not the way,” City's deputy Mayor María Eugenia Vidal said in an improvised press conference while police carried out an eviction in the neighbourhood of Lugano.

  • 16/09/2014 | Argentina

    'Re-election not a good idea for Argentina'

    Buenos Aires City Cabinet Chief Horacio Rodríguez Larreta rejected a constitutional reform allowing President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner to run for a third term in office next year, questioning Kirchnerites’ “need” to start a "re-re-re-election" debate.

  • 12/06/2014 | Argentina

    Subway strike ends, workers lift turnstiles

    BA City subway commuters were forced to find another means of transportation this morning following a two-hour strike launched by the AGTSyP metro workers. The walkout has been lifted but the protest continues with workers closing ticket booths and lifting turnstiles at subway stations.

  • 17/06/2014 | Argentina

    Macri sees 'consequences for everybody' if gov't doesn't negotiate with Griesa

    Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri considered the government should “sit at the negotiating table” with New York Judge Thomas Griesa to try to settle the legal dispute against vulture funds and “minimise” the damage on the Argentinean people.

  • 22/07/2014 | Argentina

    As cold wave nears, BA City soaks in rain

    The City of Buenos Aires is being hit by heavy rains and lightning storms since today’s early morning, expected to last till the evening.

  • 06/05/2014 | Argentina

    Heavy fog causes road, air traffic delays in BA City

    A thick morning fog was sweeping over BA City and its surrounding areas, disturbing road and air traffic. The ANSV road safety agency has issued an alert with visibility reaching 50-100 meters in the City downtown.

  • 06/05/2014 | Argentina

    CFK to inaugurate BA City Facebook offices

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner will be inaugurating this afternoon the Buenos Aires City offices of Facebook. Prior to the event, the head of state will be presiding over a the signing of the collective bargaining agreement for the private sector at the government house.

  • 27/05/2014 | Argentina

    Thick fog envelops BA City, causes road, air traffic delays

    Heavy fog was was reducing visibility in highways and main access road to the City of Buenos Aires with authorities suggesting drivers and increase safety measures and precautions. The Premetro service has been closed with delays in main train lines registered.

  • 02/04/2014 | Argentina

    'Attackers are murderers not neighbours'

    Aligned with statements by Supreme Court Judge Raúl Zaffaroni, National Security Secretary Sergio Berni has said that those who committed the lynching of alleged thieves “are not neighbours but murderers” and called for the “penal code harshness” to probe the case.

  • 15/04/2014 | Argentina

    Judge orders to maintain subte fare at 4.50 pesos; 20-trip ticket at 85 pesos

    A Buenos Aires City judge today has accepted that the basic subte fare can be maintained at 4.50 pesos, while setting the 20-trip ticket price at 85 pesos and changing the card’s expiration date system.

  • 30/04/2014 | Argentina

    'Heavy rain' alert issued for BA City

    The Buenos Aires City government was advising locals not to drop litter on the streets and to avoid moving in flood-hit areas facing a “heavy rain” alert issued by the National Meteorological Service (SMN) today.

  • 13/03/2014 | Argentina

    CFK-Macri 'resumed dialogue months ago'

    First, it was President Kirchner who showed a more conciliatory spirit in her political relationship with opposition leader Mauricio Macri, admitting that she "spoke" with the Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires. “With the President, I resumed dialogue some months ago,” Mauricio Macri has now revealed.

  • 13/03/2014 | Argentina

    Argentineans celebrate Francis' first anniversary

    A mass at the Buenos Aires City Cathedral, an interview with a community radio station from a local shanty town and an art exhibition in the Museum of Contmeporary Art (MAR) of the City of Mar del Plata are among the commemorative activities taking place to mark Pope Francis’ first year in the Catholic Church.

  • 01/04/2014 | Argentina

    Menem charged over La Rural sale

    The BA City Federal Court has revoked an earlier ruling and ordered the prosecution of former president Carlos Menem, as part of the investigation around the under-valuaed sale of the Argentine Rural Society terrain in 1991.

  • 06/03/2014 | Argentina

    Macri rebuffs Penal Code reform

    Escorted by his cabinet ministers and key political aides, Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri held a press conference to rafity his party’s rejection to debate the reform of the Penal Code in an “electoral year.”

  • 07/03/2014 | Argentina

    Subway fare to cost 4.50 as for March 14

    Subway commuters will be facing a new tariff hike as for March 14 when tickets will start costing 4,50 pesos. The resolution was published in the official gazette of the Buenos Aires City government. The new tariff scheme involves a discount plan.

  • 12/03/2014 | Argentina

    BA City locals to send art present to Francis on papacy anniversary

    Buenos Aires City neighbours will be having a say in the first anniversary of Pope Francis’ pontificate. Following an initiative by the Mauricio Macri administration, locals will be able to sign a tapestry that will be sent to the Argentine pontiff as a gift, showing images of City’s landmarks. “We pray for you,” the artistic piece will read.

  • 27/02/2014 | Argentina

    Villa Lugano takeover continues despite agreement

    Although an agreement had been announced to end the sit-in in the Buenos Aires City neighbourhood of Villa Lugano today, squatters decided to continue with the takeover already starting to build precarious houses in the area.

  • 28/02/2014 | Argentina

    BA City Gov’t offers 31% salary rise to teachers

    Buenos Aires City Government offered a 31 percent rise to teachers unions to be paid in two parts, the first one in March and the second one in August, teacher representatives told reporters after today’s meeting with City officials.

  • 28/02/2014 | Argentina

    Teachers unions reject BA City Gov’t offer, analyze two-day strike

    Head of UTE Eduardo López rejected the 31 percent salary rise offered by the BA City Government and affirmed his sector is analyzing force measures.

  • 02/01/2014 | Argentina

    Lawmakers accuse Edenor and Edesur of sabotage in blackouts

    Buenos Aires city lawmakers Gustavo Vera, of UNEN, and Proyecto Sur’s Pablo Bergel have filed a criminal complaint against power companies Edenor and Edesur, accusing them of sabotage due to the disruption caused by two weeks of blackouts.

  • 07/01/2014 | Argentina

    Heavy rain hit BA and surroundings

    Storms and heavy showers affected Buenos Aires City and the central provinces of the country today. Temperatures in the capital city are to range between 27 and 37 degrees.

  • 25/02/2014 | Argentina

    Villa Soldati land takeover claims one dead

    The eviction of an empty piece of land in the BA City neighbourhood of Villa Soldati resulted in one dead following clashes between squatters and the police. National Security Secretary Sergio Berni approached the site and blamed attorney Carlos Rolero and the City government for the tragic event.

  • 01/11/2013 | Argentina

    Justice cancels injuction, subway prices to increse

    An administrative court judge of Buenos Aires City, Pablo Mántaras, lifted the injunction that had frozen the increase to $3.50 pesos of the subway fare as ordered by the municipal government of Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri.

  • 28/11/2013 | Argentina

    City legislature approves 2014 budget

    Buenos Aires City lawmakers passed the 2014 budget bill, calculated in 59.5 billion dollars, thanks to the votes of the Pro party and its allies, while the opposition rejected and criticized the project.

  • 13/12/2013 | Argentina

    'Metropolitan Police never there when needed,' Berni

    Security Secretary Sergio Berni renewed his criticism of the Metropolitan Police this time alluding to the absence of the Buenos Aires city security force during yesterday’s violent incidents at the Obelisk that involved Boca Juniors hooligans.

  • 18/09/2013 | Argentina

    Students occupy 5 schools in BA City against education reform

    Buenos Aires City students continued to occupy five schools today in a show of protest against the reform of the education program carried out by the administration of Mayor Mauricio Macri.

  • 25/09/2013 | Argentina

    13 BA schools occupied, students conflict at stalemate

    Buenos Aires City students seem to have decided to take the ongoing conflict with the administration of Mayor Mauricio Macri over the education reform –literally- into their own hands. 13 schools have been occupied so far while authorities are already threatening with sanctions.

  • 27/10/2013 | Argentina

    Larreta says 'people vote for change,' leaves door open for Macri's 2015 presidential bid

    A few minutes after the close of polls, Buenos Aires City cabinet chief Horacio Rodríguez Larreta addressed the media to say that a political “change starts today in Argentina.” When asked about Mauricio Macri’s presidential expectations, the PRO official did not reject a possible launching of a 2015 electoral bid.

  • 05/07/2013 | Argentina

    PASO primaries: Macri 'would vote for Massa'

    Two Mayors aligned to compete against Kirchnerism ahead of the 2013 legislative elections: BA City Mauricio Macri and Tigre’s Sergio Massa. Macri confirmed the electoral strategy and said that if he had to vote in the province of Buenos Aires -Argentina's key electoral district-, he would go for Massa.

  • 12/08/2013 | Argentina

    UNEN lead Buenos Aires city elections

    The UNEN list led by Fernando “Pino” Solanas and Elisa Carrio was the most voted force in Buenos Aires city primary elections, obtaining 32% for their Senate candidates and 35% in the Lower House.

  • 17/09/2013 | Argentina

    Taiana admits Kirchnerite failure to reach out for BA City citizens

    Victory Front candidate running for a sit in BA City legislature Jorge Taiana said the government has sometimes failed to understand locals but considered the Kirchnerite electoral performance in Argentina’s capital city could be “improved.”

  • 06/04/2013 | Argentina

    BA city storm victims exempt from ABL tax to access subsidies

    Buenos Aires City government has modified the originally announced requirements to access storm’s subsidies. Help will be granted now even to those who owe the ABL municipal tax.

  • 25/04/2013 | Argentina

    Traffic chaos in Buenos Aires

    A sweeping action plan led by the Assembly for the Defense of Public Sectors social organisation (Asamblea en Defensa de lo Público) caused traffic chaos and major delays in Buenos Aires city today as 22 intersections were blocked between 6-8 pm in protest of “the commercialisation of life.”

  • 24/05/2013 | Argentina

    With opposition support, PRO secures press decree for debate

    An alliance between Project South and Civic Coalition opposition parties with the ruling PRO party paved the way for BA City Mayor Mauricio Macri’s controversial press decree to be cleared for debate.

  • 05/03/2013 | Argentina

    Gas leak on 9 de Julio Av. 'under control'

    After 18 hours of delays following the rupture of a gas-pipe in the 9 de Julio avenue, spokesman of the Metrogas company Jorge Montanari affirmed that they have managed to “control the situation”.

  • 02/04/2013 | Argentina

    Buenos Aires storm: death toll rises to 8

    BA City SAME emergency service has announced death toll has risen to six. Among the victims claimed by last night's heavy storm, there is a worker of the Subte B line who was electrocuted while working at Los Incas station as confirmed earlier by subway union leader Néstor Segovia.

  • 05/04/2013 | Argentina

    Edenor, Edesur blast Macri, floods result of BA City's lack of 'infraestructure'

    Edenor and Edesur have responded to Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri who had targeted the companies’ “lack of investment” facing power outages after this week’s heavy storms.

  • 17/01/2013 | Argentina

    National, city governments continue dispute over subways

    The friction between the national government and city government over the management of the capital city’s subway line continued today, as Mauricio Macri outrightly dismissed national Interior and Transport Minister Florencio Randazzo’s invitation to a meeting on city transport.

  • 18/02/2013 | Argentina

    At least 1 dead after crane falls in construction site

    At least one person died and other two were injured after a crane fell in Puerto Madero neighbourhood, Buenos Aires City.

  • 02/03/2013 | Argentina

    One dead after heavy storm hits BA City

  • 11/12/2012 | Argentina

    Macri admits 'happy' about SC per saltum rejection

    City Mayor Mauricio Macri admitted today that he was “happy” with the Supreme Court’s decision to reject the national government’s appeal via the per saltum legal mechanism against the extension of the Clarín Group’s injunction to comply with the Media Law.

  • 26/12/2012 | Argentina

    Heat wave kills City Zoo polar bear

    Winner, the last polar bear living in the Buenos Aires City Zoo died early on Christmas morning "due to the unusually high temperatures, combined with Christmas eve fireworks and the bear’s nervious temperament,” a communiqué released today confirmed.

  • 03/01/2013 | Argentina

    Pianelli calls Macri 'irresponsible' after suggesting drastic Subway fare hike

    Secretary General of the Subway and Tram Union Association, Roberto Pianelli, came on stage this morning to call BA City Mayor Mauricio Macri “irresponsible” after the latter unveiled the possibility of a drastic fare hike.

  • 06/12/2012 | Argentina

    Heavy storm causing major flooding in BA

    A heavy storm hit the capital city yesterday afternoon, flooding several neighbourhoods. Núñez and Belgrano were two of the most affected areas, with level of water rapidly increasing along Libertador Avenue. 

  • 08/12/2012 | Argentina

    Lescano assures 'as flooding continues,' power cuts will follow

    The secretary-general of the power workers’ union Oscar Lescano commented today that “while flooding continues” in Buenos Aires City and the surrounding areas, the power cuts, such as were experienced this week, “will repeat themselves.”

  • 10/11/2012 | Argentina

    Night of the Museums underway in BA

  • 14/11/2012 | Argentina

    'Subway fare won't be put up for now,' says Vidal

    Following the Buenos Aires City government’s decision to take over the administration of the underground subway system, deputy mayor María Eugenia Vidal assured that for the moment ticket prices on the service won’t be put up.

  • 29/10/2012 | Argentina

    Senator Fernández bashes Macri over Subway transfer

    Senator Aníbal Fernández (Victory Front) assured today that BA City Mayor Mauricio Macri “not only doesn’t like to work, but also shows a total disrespect for the law”, in another attack to the business tycoon's refusal to move forward with the Subway transfer.

  • 02/11/2012 | Argentina

    Luján floods: Officials say area back to normal within two days

    Urban control officials said today that the flood waters in Luján City were beginning to lower and that the city should be back to normal within two days. Nevertheless, at least 500 people remain evacuated.

  • 04/11/2012 | Argentina

    Macri backs 8N anti-gov't protest

    Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri expressed support for the upcoming opposition protest planned for November 8, saying that it’s constructive and promised from now to 2015 to campaign hard for change.

  • 16/10/2012 | Argentina

    Strong winds forecasted for Buenos Aires, across five provinces

    Forecasters today warned of strong winds across the province and City of Buenos Aires, as well as the centre and southern areas of Córdoba province, Entre Ríos, La Pampa, eastern Río Negro, south and central Santa Fe, and the coastline of Río Negro province.

  • 18/10/2012 | Argentina

    Villa 31 residents lift Illia highway protest

    Residents of the Villa 31 shanty town continued their protest this morning before the City Legislature in the downtown area of Buenos Aires City but lifted the roadblock which was in place on the Illia highway in the Retiro area.

  • 19/10/2012 | Argentina

    Showers forecasted in Buenos Aires, highs of 25 degrees

    Showers and some isolated storms were forecasted for today with mild temperatures in the City of Buenos Aires, the National Weather Forecasting Service (SMN) said.

  • 08/10/2012 | Argentina

    Grey weather forecasted for entire week in Buenos Aires

    The week's weather outlook was that of a grey one, with cloudy, cool days forecasted for the until Thursday in Buenos Aires City and surrounding areas.

  • 10/10/2012 | Argentina

    Temperatures dip in Buenos Aires City

    A slight dip in temperatures surprised residents of Buenos Aires City and surrounding areas this morning, with lows of 2 degrees in some areas today. Top temperatures are to reached 16 degrees.

  • 11/10/2012 | Argentina

    SC authorizes non-punishable abortion in BA City

    The National Supreme Court of Justice authorized the practice of the non-punishable abortion, "disregarding" the resolution that had suspended it at first.

  • 13/09/2012 | Argentina

    City government to take Banco Ciudad bill complaint to Supreme Court

    Deputy Mayor María Eugenia Vidal said today that Buenos Aires City government will be taking their complaint over the passing of the Banco Ciudad bill to the Supreme Court, in a bid to “stop” it being written into law, after it received a majority vote in the Senate last night.

  • 14/09/2012 | Argentina

    'The protests filled me with pride,' says City Mayor

    Mayor of Buenos Aires City Mauricio Macri spoke today on the mass anti-government protest that took place across the country yesterday remarking that it filled him with “pride” and that he hoped the message of the people would reach the President.

  • 02/10/2012 | Argentina

    Weather warning for strong winds lifted but heavy rains expected

    Weather forecasters lifted a strong winds alert issued earlier, although they still expect heavy rain in Buenos Aires City, Río de la Plata, the north-eastern parts of Buenos Aires province and the southern part of Entre Ríos.

  • 26/08/2012 | Argentina

    Judge orders City gov’t to withdraw subway subsidy funds to meet operating expenses

    City Judge Patricia López Vergara, ordered the Buenos Aires City government to ask its national counterpart for the 210 million pesos subsidy funds deposited by the latter in a Banco Nación’s account as part of the agreement for the transfer of the subway and tram system signed earlier this year.

  • 31/08/2012 | Argentina

    State school teachers on strike, disrupt traffic in BA City centre

    UTE teachers union members were on strike today in Buenos Aires City,  and carried out a march along Avenida de Mayo in protest against sanctions made against a group of teachers earlier in the week. Three hundred and fifty students are affected by the strike.

  • 06/09/2012 | Argentina

    Macri: 'CFK's eternity project responds to huge ego, pettiness'

    Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri came on stage to dilapidate President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s hopes for a third term by making clear he will battle any possible constitutional reform attempt.

  • 09/08/2012 | Argentina

    City doctors stage strike

    Doctors from the 33 hospitals managed by the Buenos Aires City government staged a 24-hour strike on Thursday to demand security and reject the violent incidents which have taken place recently, the association grouping health professionals reported yesterday.

  • 14/08/2012 | Argentina

    After ten-day strike, subway service resumes

    All six lines of the subway and the Premetro overground tram service were resumed today following a ten-day union strike that had paralyzed transport across Buenos Aires City.

  • 18/08/2012 | Argentina

    Car smashes through bakery's glass front in Villa Crespo

    A car drove through the glass front of a bakery in the Buenos Aires City neighbourhood of Villa Crespo on Saturday. There were no reported injuries in the accident.

  • 12/05/2012 | Argentina

    Macri blasts opposition for 'supporting Kirchnerite initiatives'

    Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri reaffirmed today that “to be part of the opposition means to put across a different and more personal view,” and to that effect blasted some blocs for “saying that they represent the opposition, but they end up supporting all of the initiatives put forward by the Kirchnernites.”

  • 25/05/2012 | Argentina

    Macri heads May revolution ceremonies in downtown BA

    Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri was leading the May Revolution anniversary celebrations in the downtown area of Buenos Aires this morning.

  • 14/07/2012 | Argentina

    BA province urges Macri to implement Zero Waste Act

    The Buenos Aires provincial Agency for Sustainable Development (OPDS) today urged the Buenos Aires City government to implement the Zero Waste Act within a month, so that the City’s waste does not overfill the CEAMSE Metropolitan Green Belt, which will no longer receive debris and construction materials.

  • 29/03/2012 | Argentina

    City Gov't insists subway transfer be approved by Legislature

    City Cabinet chief Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, commented today that the transfer of the subway system, which was approved by lawmakers yesterday in the Lower House of Congress, should still be approved by the City Legislature before completely going through in order for it to be considered "valid."

  • 17/04/2012 | Argentina

    Pedestrian shot dead in Retiro

    A man was shot dead at the Retiro neighbourhood in Buenos Aires City after a confusing episode. Police sources reported that they are investigating if it was a robbery or an execution.

  • 26/04/2012 | Argentina

    Vidal calls Tomada 'a bully' after warning on City officials over subway

    Deputy Mayor María Eugenia Vidal said Labour Minister Carlos Tomada’s warning on the possibility of “using the public force” to make City officials engage in negotiations with subway employees over their collective bargaining makes him sound like a “bully.”

  • 16/02/2012 | Argentina

    City postpones setting of Tango bond

    Buenos Aires City government has decided to postpone the offer of a $415 million dollar bond because of the current volatility in the market, Treasury Secretary Néstor Grindetti stated

  • 23/02/2012 | Argentina

    Macri calls for 'deep analysis to determine why these incidents occur'

    Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri congratulated the SAME emergency medical assistance service, Metropolitan Police and Civil Defence for their effective work in the Once train crash. “What we really need is a deep analysis to understand why these things happen,” he said.

  • 06/03/2012 | Argentina

    National Gov't files lawsuit against City over subway transfer

    President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s administration filed a lawsuit against the Buenos Aires City government to urge Mayor Mauricio Macri to fulfil the obligations stated at the agreement signed over the transfer of the subway service administration.

  • 28/11/2011 | Argentina

    BA City toll rates, taxi fares to climb this week

    Taxi cabs fares will climb 26 percent as from Tuesday while the Buenos Aires City toll rates will increase 30 percent as of Thursday.

  • 07/12/2011 | Argentina

    Garré rules out transfer of Federal Police to the City

    Security Minister Nilda Garré assured that regarding drug-trafficking, this year there was a “record of confiscation,” and announced the “reinforcement” in several zones to continue with the fight against drugs. She also ruled out the transferring the Federal Police to Buenos Aires City.

  • 15/02/2012 | Argentina

    'Orange Alert' issued in the Capital

  • 02/11/2011 | Argentina

    Rodríguez Larreta praises transference of subway administration

    Buenos Aires City Cabinet Chief Horacio Rodríguez Larreta praised the government’s decision to transfer the subway administration and assured it is a “step forward for the autonomy of the city.”

  • 04/11/2011 | Argentina

    Part of 10-floor building collapses in BA City, it was evacuated

    A part of a ten-floor building located in the Monserrat neighbourhood of Buenos Aires City collapsed. The city emergency subsecretary, Néstor Nicolás, stated that one of the parts of the construction collapsed “due to severe fails of its structure.”

  • 18/11/2011 | Argentina

    BA City advances in Budget bill debate

    Budget Committee of the Buenos Aires City Legislature passed a number of economic bills that will be debated next Thursday, the 2012 Budget bill that includes the raise in the ABL property tax among them.

  • 19/08/2011 | Argentina

    Cold blast blows into BA and surrounding areas

    Another wave of cold weather is upon the Capital and its surrounding areas, foreseen to extend over the weekend.

  • 29/09/2011 | Argentina

    Judge summons Macri, orders homeless shelters close down

    Buenos Aires City Judge Roberto Gallardo summoned city Mayor Mauricio Macri to testify in the case investigating the living conditions of tenements inhabitants in the La Boca neighbourhood.

  • 12/10/2011 | Argentina

    Storm warning issued for Buenos Aires and five provinces

    The National Meteorological Service (SMN) this morning issued a storm warning, predicting heavy showers and strong winds across Buenos Aires province, the south and central areas of Córdoba, Santa Fe, La Pampa, the eastern part of Río Negro and the south and centre areas of San Luis.

  • 10/07/2011 | Argentina

    Solanas admits his defeat

    Proyecto Sur’s mayoral candidate Fernando Solanas admitted defeat, after official results showed he is in third place, far from Mayor Mauricio Macri and Senator Daniel Filmus.

  • 14/07/2011 | Argentina

    Pinedo assures 'we can defeat the Kirchnerite party'

    PRO’s lawmaker Federico Pinedo assured that the Kirchnerites “blasts Buenos Aires City neighbours who voted” and assured that “last Sunday we’ve showed we can defeat the pro-government bloc.”

  • 22/07/2011 | Argentina

    Macri: 'Kirchnerites are the kings of dirty campaigning'

    Buenos Aires City mayor Mauricio Macri rejected the accusations made by his opponent of the Victory Front bloc, Daniel Filmus, after assuring that he “never” did “dirty campaigns” and added that it is “usual practice of the Kirchnerites.”

  • 10/07/2011 | Argentina

    Telerman 'hopes to be the election's surprise'

    The Progressive Front for Buenos Aires mayoral candidate, Jorge Telerman, assured that he foresees he will be “a surprise thanks to split ballots” and highlighted that voting for municipal posts “means returning to the original politics, closer to the people.”

  • 10/07/2011 | Argentina

    Giudici warns of a 'fake polarization' in the elections

    Radical Party (UCR) mayoral candidate Silvana Giudici criticized the mayoral campaign, assuring that there had been a “fake polarization” between Mauricio Macri and Daniel Filmus, and also blasted the National Government for issuing official advertisement linked to the City during the electoral ban.

  • 10/07/2011 | Argentina

    'We are now stronger than ever' to beat Macri, Cabandié says

    Victory Front’s City Legislator candidate Juan Cabandié assured that, along with Daniel Filmus and Carlos Tomada,” they are now stronger than ever in order to beat the PRO party in the second round of elections scheduled to take place on July 31st.

  • 01/07/2011 | Argentina

    Vidal, Macri say raid ordered by Judge Gallardo is a 'political maneuver'

    Buenos Aires City Social Development Minister and PRO’s Deputy-Mayor candidate, María Eugenia Vidal rejected the existence of a embezzlement in her ministry. She also said that the raids ordered by Judge Norberto Gallardo “are striking.”

  • 08/07/2011 | Argentina

    Students lift take over, march towards BA City Education Ministry

    Buenos Aires City high school students began to lift the take over of their schools and marched towards the city Education Ministry in order to claim for better building conditions.

  • 10/07/2011 | Argentina

    Macri takes 20-point lead on Filmus, both headed to runoff

    City Mayor Mauricio Macri took a 20-point lead on Kirchnerite mayoral candidate Daniel Filmus, but none of the candidates managed to obtain more than 50 percent of the votes. Just like in 2007, both candidates will once again run against each other in a second round in July 31st..

  • 09/04/2011 | Argentina

    Morales suggests Macri should run for City election

    Senator and ex head of the Radical Party, Gerardo Morales, suggested that Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri “would help the opposition” if he runs for the city elections.

  • 25/06/2011 | Argentina

    Cold weekend weather in BA

    A wave of ‘polar winds’ from the south has arrived to Buenos Aires, causing temperatures to drop to just 3 degrees, taking wind chill into account. According to the National Meteorological Service (SMN), temperatures are expected to reach a minimum of between 0 and 4 degrees throughout the weekend.

  • 25/06/2011 | Argentina

    Redrado heads Duhalde's list, Feletti in the Victory Front's lawmakers' list in BA City

    The list of candidates for Buenos Aires City’s national lawmakers was closing tonight before the end of the legal time limit to present them before the electoral committee.

  • 26/03/2011 | Argentina

    Rain showers reach BA city, surrounding areas

    The city of Buenos Aires and its surrounding areas experienced a grey start of the day, with showers this morning and a high humidity index. The rain lasted until the mid afternoon, where it cleared slightly, with lows of 18 degrees, and a high of 24 degrees, according to the National Meteorological Service.

  • 02/04/2011 | Argentina

    Duhalde requests police presence at internal election

    Presidential pre-candidate Eduardo Duhalde sent a letter to Security Minister Nilda Garré requesting the police to guard the polling stations during the internal election of the Federal Peronism bloc in Buenos Aires City to avoid “possible disturbances.”

  • 07/04/2011 | Argentina

    Doctors announce strike on 33 BA City hospitals in protest of police pullout

    Buenos Aires City’s Municipal Doctors Association (AMM) announced that the 33 city’s public hospitals will go on strike tomorrow due to the decision of the National Security Ministry of pulling out and cancelling the contracts of the Federal Police officers who were guarding public sites.

  • 18/03/2011 | Argentina

    Garré sends Federal Police to Indoamericano Park

    Security Minister Nilda Garré anticipated that her ministry will apply “temporal” preventive measures to avoid new take overs in Buenos Aires City although she assured that from next Monday, City authorities “must be responsible of their obligations.”

  • 19/03/2011 | Argentina

    National, City Gov't clash over possible takeovers at Indoamericano Park

    While illegal takeovers continue in Villa Soldati and the Federal Police was sent to the Indoamericano Park to prevent a new seizure, national and provincial officials clashed over who is responsible for the security in the area.

  • 23/03/2011 | Argentina

    Possible storms as showers hit BA city and province

    The National Meteorological Service announced an alert for possible storms and heavy rain for Buenos Aires city and province, with a minimum temperature of 18° degrees and a maximum of 23° degrees.

  • 25/02/2011 | Argentina

    BA City teachers' unions accept Gov't offer

    Buenos Aires City teachers’ union decided to accept the City government’s proposal, which offered a 31 percent increase in two parts, and will begin with the classes on Monday as the majority of schools of the country.

  • 10/03/2011 | Argentina

    City Legislature fails to muster quorum, suspends session

    The session of the Buenos Aires City Legislature to debate elections unification has been postponed due to the lack of quorum, officials said.

  • 12/03/2011 | Argentina

    BA city expects showers, while provinces on storm alert

    According to the National Meteorological Service (SMN), Buenos Aires city and surrounding areas will experience showers and high temperatures today, with a raised humidity index. The interior provinces are on alert for storms and heavy rain.

  • 14/12/2010 | Argentina

    Activists block 9 de Julio, burn door of Social Development Ministry

    Downtown Buenos Aires has been brought to a standstill once again due to traffic blocks along the 9 de Julio Avenue. Activists from the left-wing organization MTD Aníbal Verón had set the door of the National Social Development Ministry on fire in the midst of a demonstration at the junction of 9 de Julio and Belgrano Avenues.

  • 15/12/2010 | Argentina

    Special Investigatory Committee calls off Macri's impeachment

    Buenos Aires City opposition blocs agreed to leave aside the chance of calling for an impeachment against the City Mayor, Mauricio Macri, in the frame of the investigation on the illegal wiretapping case.

  • 21/12/2010 | Argentina

    Boudou launches candidacy for City mayor

    Economy Minister Amado Boudou officially launched his BA City Mayor candidacy with large support of the CGT Labour Confederation and his head, Hugo Moyano, who was present at the rally held at the SMATA mechanics' united union headquarters.

  • 10/12/2010 | Argentina

    Villa Soldati conflict: Gov't, Macri meeting to be resumed at 10:30

    The government summoned Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri and the leaders of the organizations who clashed at the Indoamericano Park to analyze the conflict and reach to an agreement. After a three-hour debate, spokesman Alfredo Scoccimarro announced that authorities decided to go on a recess until 10:30pm. The SAME emergency medical assistance system confirmed the death of a 19-year-old man and announced that neighbours have shot the ambulances which tried to enter to the Indoamericano Park. There was no presence of the Federal or Metropolitan Police. Tension mounted after Villa Lugano and Soldati neighbours who were marching to protest against the occupation of the Indoamericano Park decided to evict the squatters by their own means.

  • 11/12/2010 | Argentina

    Macri denounces the Gov't acted with 'political opportunism,' but praised the dialogue

    Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri assured that the Cabinet Chief, Aníbal Fernández, acted "measly" and with "political opportunism" during his press conference and requested "time" to solve the conflict at the Indoamericano Park.

  • 14/12/2010 | Argentina

    'Any person who usurps public property will not have access to social plans,' Aníbal Fernández

    Cabinet Chief Aníbal Fernández gave a press conference after the meeting he held with Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo and Buenos Aires City Mayor Mauricio Macri at Government House. He said that "an agreement has been reached."

  • 10/12/2010 | Argentina

    Judge demands immediate state presence at the Indoamericano Park

    Buenos Aires City Judge Elena Liberatori demanded the "immediate State presence" at the Indoamericano Park in Villa Soldati neighbourhood in order to "guarantee life and physical integrity of the inhabitants of the park."

  • 10/12/2010 | Argentina

    Macri sends a letter to CFK, calls for an 'urgent' audience

    Buenos Aires City Mayor, Mauricio Macri, sent a letter to President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner to request for an "urgent" audience to analyze the conflict in Villa Soldati neighbourhood.

  • 15/05/2015 | Sports

    Authorities inspect La Bombonera stadium

    Buenos Aires City prosecutor Martín Ocampo was in La Bombonera stadium conducting an inspection to determine the causes of Thursday’s violent incidents during the Boca-River super-derby match.

  • 29/06/2011 | Sports

    Gov't says River should not be sanctioned over incidents

    Chief of Staff Aníbal Fernández assured that BA City government is the responsible for the incidents occurred last Sunday at the Monumental stadium “because although it had the power, it didn’t prevent some extra 14,000 fans from entering the stadium.”

  • 12/12/2012 | Sports

    Incidents after Boca fans' march

    Boca Juniors fans clashed with the police in front of the Obelisk, in Buenos Aires City, at the end of the celebration of the team's "Global Fan Day."

  • 07/04/2011 | Arts and Media

    Colón Theatre, BA City Gov't reach agreement

    State workers union ATE’s City secretary general Rodolfo Arrechea announced that Colón Theatre’s workers and Buenos Aires City officials had reach to an agreement to reinstate the 41 musicians of the Resident Orchestra who had been fired due to a union conflict.

  • 02/07/2014 | In Depth - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

    BA City roars with Di María's late goal

    When Ángel Di María finally smashed the ball into the net, an agonising cry made Buenos Aires City tremble. A camera registered that moment of relief as thousands celebrated the albiceleste going ahead against Switzerland.

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