January 20, 2018

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Friday July 28, 2017

    Maduro nears the point of no return

    CARACAS — Tensions in Venezuela were running at breaking-point last night as the government slapped a last-minute ban on protests that could “disturb or affect” Sunday’s controversial vote to elect members of a new Constituent Assembly who will rewrite the nation’s Constitution. The new developments came on the back of a brutal 48 hours of unrest in which five people died.

    Op-ed: A catastrophic gridlock

      By Pablo Stefanoni  / For the Herald

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  1. Your View
  2. De Vido withstand, united we fall
      By Michael Soltys / Senior Editor
  3. Midterms campaign on ‘listening’ mode
      By Marcelo J. García / For The Herald
  4. Seven days
      By Michael Soltys / Senior Editor
  5. In searching for peace, let’s not ignore crime’s impact
      By Yury Fedotov / For the Herald
  6. Two sides of the coin
      By Edgardo Zablotsky / For the Herald
  7. Civilised, chic — and savage
      By Nicolás Meyer / For The Herald
  8. Lenín Moreno looks to chart his own course in Ecuador
      By Patricio Navia / For the Herald
  9. Textual relations
      By Gene Weingarten / The Washington Post

Editorial English >

  1. Red card or red faces?
  2. Double deficit
  3. High-flying vultures

Editorial Spanish >

  1. ¿Tarjeta roja o descaro?
  2. Doble déficit
  3. Buitres que vuelan alto

Argentina >

  1. De Vido survives expulsion vote in Lower House
  2. Biscay ejected as Central Bank director
  3. 2015 presidential election balance sheets rejected
  4. Tribunal fines Argentina US$320M over Aerolíneas Argentinas expropriation
  5. Candidates take a back seat to key Congress vote, Macri at large
      By Michael Soltys / Senior Editor
  6. Landmark human rights convictions for former judges
  7. UCEMA hosts Harvard professor
  8. Southampton Calling

Community >

  1. One life
      By Sorrel Moseley-Williams / For The Herald
  2. Wake up and smell the coffee 4
      By Sorrel Moseley-Williams / For The Herald
  3. Wakey wakey
      By Sorrel Moseley-Williams / For The Herald
  4. Manterrupter, bropropriator (1), mansplainer
      By Liliana Palermo / For the Herald

Economy >

  1. Volatile week for peso sees currency break records against the dollar
  2. Economic activity hits third consecutive month of growth
  3. Experts: storms to slow last weeks of wheat sowing

World >

  2. GOP’s modest healthcare reform plan up in air as senators rebel
  3. In brief
  4. The Middle East’s next war
      By Joschka Fischer / Project syndicate
  5. Spain’s Rajoy denies slush fund claims in unprecedented court testimony

Latin America >

  1. Maduro nears the point of no return
  2. Explainer: Maduro’s Constituent Assembly
  4. Venezuela: a catastrophic gridlock
      By Pablo Stefanoni / For the Herald
  5. Maduro’s Despacito remix backfires
  7. Maduro, ministers lash out at CIA ‘intervention’ after director hints at plot to overthrow government
  8. Brazilians funnelled as ‘slaves’ by evangelical US church, ex-members say
      By Mitch Weiss, Holbrook Mohr and Peter Prengaman / Associated Press (*) Special Investigation
  9. Immigrants wept, pleaded for water and pounded on the truck
  10. Latam in brief

Culture >

  1. The work of a poet
      By Veronica Stewart / For the Herald
  2. The perfect Bavarian Viennese
      By Pablo Bardin / For the Herald
  3. What to do this weekend
      By Veronica Stewart / For the Herald
  4. Big Bio is watching... and scheming
      By Nicolás Meyer / For The Herald
  5. Recent releases
      By Herald Staff

Facts of Life >

  1. Not such a parenting paradise
      By Clara Wiggings / The Washington Post
  2. My roommate tells everyone she’s a vegetarian, but I know the truth and it’s eating me up
      By Andrea Bonoir / The Washington Post

Sports >

  1. Angelici’s CONMEBOL ban puts AFA in an uncomfortable spot
      By Dan Edwards / For the Herald
  2. Centurión nightclub scrap puts end to Boca move
      By Dan Edwards / For the Herald
  3. 122 years of women’s soccer
      By Eric Weil / Sportsworld
  4. Keeping our heads on player protection
      By Frankie Deges / Rugby column
  5. Jordan Spieth’s mental mastery gets it done
      By David Mackintosh / Golfing Traveller
  6. Argentina finish fourth in World League semi-finals but still secure double qualification
      By Eric Weil / For The Herald
  7. Maradona backs use of video tech to prevent another ‘Hand of God’

Ecowitness >

  1. Enough plastic produced since 1950 ‘to cover Argentina’
      By Chris Arsenault / Thomson Reuters Foundation

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