January 23, 2018
Monday, August 18, 2014

Police doctor signed Ignacio’s birth certificate

By Luciana Bertoia
Herald Staff

Julio Sacher wrote a false date on document after Carlotto’s grandson was born

A medical doctor who worked for the Buenos Aires province police signed the forged birth certificate of Ignacio, Estela Barnes de Carlotto’s newly-recovered grandson.

Gynaecologist Julio Sacher was the man who in 1978 signed a certificate saying that a baby boy was the son of Juana and Clemente Hurban, who worked as farmhands for Carlos Francisco “Pancho” Aguilar, reportedly the man who delivered Laura Carlotto’s baby to that couple.

According to the certificate, Ignacio was born on June 2, 1978, which is also false. Laura Carlotto was taken to give birth on June 25 and the baby was born a day later, according to information provided by survivors from the clandestine detention centre known as La Cacha, where she was held after being held for a week in the infamous Navy Mechanics School (ESMA) concentration camp.

Laura was abducted in November 1977 and killed two months after she gave birth to her baby, whom she named Guido after her father. The 23-year-old told other women who were illegally detained with her in the clandestine centre that she only had her baby for five hours before he was snatched, though she thought he had been given to her mother, Estela Barnes de Carlotto. In fact, her baby was raised in Olavarría, Buenos Aires province, and he recovered his real identity 13 days ago.

A source from the Olavarría Memory Commission told the Herald that Sacher had signed the certificate. Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, who had the birth certificate in their hands and filed it with Federal Judge María Romilda Servini de Cubría, said last week that they did not want to reveal the name of the doctor before confirming he was alive and available to be summoned by a judge or prosecutor. Still, the information was revealed yesterday by newspaper Tiempo Argentino.

The Herald tried to contact Sacher yesterday but a woman said he was not at home to pick up the phone. Sources from Olavarría told the Herald that Sacher has largely kept out of sight ever since he was rumoured as the doctor who forged Ignacio Guido’s birth certificate.

Prosecutors who are investigating the repression in Olavarría and neighbouring areas confirmed to the Herald that Sacher is mentioned as a medical doctor working for the provincial police but not identified as a person who committed crimes against humanity during the 1976-1983 dictatorship. That information was also confirmed by Carmelo Vinci, a member of the Olavarría Memory Commission.

Several websites link Sacher to cases of clandestine abortions. It is not yet clear if Sacher was already a member of the Buenos Aires police when he signed the certificate or if he later joined the force.

The mystery will have to be solved by the judiciary. As the Herald reported last week, prosecutors Hernán Schapiro and Rodolfo Molina requested Federal Judge Manuel Blanco to investigate Ignacio Guido’s appropriation in the city of La Plata, where his mother was held and where some believe he could have been born.

The judge must decide if he wants to investigate the case and ask his colleague María Romilda Servini de Cubría to send the case to the provincial capital city. However, if Servini de Cubría wants to continue investigating as well, the Federal Criminal Appeals Court will have to define who will be in charge of the case.

As soon as the investigation starts to move forward, Sacher will have to be summoned to court to explain why he signed the certificate and whether Juana and Clemente Hurban requested he do so. They will also likely be summoned to appear before a judge to explain how Laura Carlotto and Walmir Oscar Montoya’s baby got to Olavarría.

The Herald reported last week that lieutenant-colonel Ignacio Verdura is starting to look like the possible link between La Cacha — the clandestine detention centre where Laura was held — and Olavarría, where he commanded the repression.

Verdura is awaiting trial for crimes committed in the clandestine detention centre known as Monte Peloni, located a few kilometres from where Ignacio Guido was raised.


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