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I wonder how many viewers of the Lady Thatcher photo on the front page of Tuesday’s Herald noticed that the picture is in reverse. Which of the following might it be: a type of Freudian slip, a deliberate slight or some kind of electronic flip-flop?

Let me expound. On Lady Thatcher’s headdress, the Order of the Garter symbol has mirrored lettering. If respect is to be shown, one does not do things in reverse. Flipping the image from right to left seems to be some kind of symbolic, ideological slap in the face of memory, another milk-bottle on the Lady’s doorstep, and hence, mock homage.

Perhaps the implied curse of its motto shall remain without effect to whomever was responsible, “Honi soit que mal y pense”, variously translated, but which I’ll restate as, “Shamed be he who thinks badly of [this].”


Paul Karl Möller

Ed — You really believe in “the lady’s not for turning,” don’t you, Paul? But would you have Baroness Thatcher looking in any other direction but to the right? In that sense not flipping the image would surely have been an “ideological slap in the face of memory.” If we have any self-criticism at all about the photo, it would be not managing to fit in all the ostrich feathers so that she could look even more like the late Sir Rex Hunt.


Having recently retired to Buenos Aires, my abiding memory of Lady Thatcher will be her passion for her country.

She made all the leading powers of the world take notice of us. Whether you supported her or not, she inspired passion.

Depending upon when you were born, many people will have different memories of her and what she achieved as the first woman to hold the role of prime minister. Quite rightly she will be accorded the same status at her funeral next week as the Queen Mother, although it will not be a state funeral.

She was a remarkable woman and a person the kind of which we are highly unlikely to see leading the country again.

Long live her memory!


Patrick Newton


For those who believe that the role of government is to first administer to the least among us, Thatcher’s reign can only be characterized as an abject failure and disgrace. Her strike-busting, privatizing, free market policies led only to the obscene enrichment of the elite, while raising the indices of poverty fourfold.

The “iron lady” was as rigid and cold as her name implied.


Dennis Weisbrot


In more than two decades of travel throughout the Southern Cone countries, I have occasionally heard criticism of my judgments on destinations, hotels, restaurants and other services about which I have written. Never before, though, has anybody questioned my ability to review a book because I was, presumably, engaged in espionage.

That, however, appears to be Ernesto Bernadet’s conclusion after reading my review of Graham Bound’s Fortress Falklands. Interestingly, in asserting that my review tells him nothing he did not already know, Señor Bernadet apparently disagrees with the Argentine Foreign Ministry’s conclusion that the Islanders are not a people.

Somehow, Señor Bernadet assumes that I approved of — and perhaps contributed to — George W. Bush’s foolish invasion of Iraq. In reality, the US invasion was as much in its national interest as the invasion of the Islands was in Argentina’s — that is to say, not at all. In reality, both invasions were disastrous.

Señor Bernadet claims to know who I really am. I’m not sure who he really is but I can only speculate that he might become Spinal Tap’s next drummer — they don’t turn it up to 11 but there is precedent for their expiring by spontaneous combustion. On the group’s next tour, we may see him on stage in a flame-retardant jumpsuit.

Oakland, California

Wayne Bernhardson

CRISTINA 2015 OR 2019?

I have always had the theory that, when Peronist governments had made such a mess of things that they were sure to lose the next elections, they intentionally passed absolutely ridiculous legislation and decrees so as to give the military and “civil society” no alternative but to revolt and kick them out. That way they become “victims of capitalists/foreign powers,” save face and start regrouping to come back into power in future elections.

At this time the nation is rapidly falling into an economic jam which means high inflation and decreasing income for the slum-dwellers who are the Peronist/Kirchner power base. The time is ripe for CFK to save face by pressing the self-destruct button.


Henry Whitney


Who ever thought the day would come when Communist Russia would become a Christian nation and the Christian West a hotbed for atheism? Yet this is the developing reality.

While the West has all but succumbed to the tidal wave of homosexuality, Russian President Vladimir Putin and children’s right commissioner Pavel Astakhov have taken the bold move of implementing a new law — expected to take effect in July — which effectively prevents Russian children from being adopted by homosexual partners.

Although the fallout from homosexual relations has not been properly explained and understood in the West — no thanks to our liberally corrupt governments and media — it is a well-established and accepted scientific fact in Russia that children brought up by homosexuals do poorly in school, develop several health problems and eventually become moral cripples. Maybe it’s time we all pack up and move to Russia?

Kingston, Jamaica

Ted Johnson

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