September 18, 2014

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18/09/2014 | 

New York Appeals Court promises Citi decision, criticises bank's case

New York's Second Circuit Appeals Court has heard the arguments of Citigroup, who seek to overturn a judicial order blocking the payment of Argentine bonds. The court also promised to release its decision 48 hours before the next payment deadline of September 30, although the comments from one of the judges cast doubt on the bank's posture.

18/09/2014 | 

CFK blames ‘local vultures’ for speculative attack on the economy

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner assured today that Argentina is under “permanent speculative attack headed by US Federal judge Thomas Griesa,” and criticized “local vultures who have amplified the offensive to the point of ridicule.”

18/09/2014 | 

Barrionuevo denies inciting looting after 'explosion' claims

Opposition trade union chief Luis Barrionuevo has denied any wrongdoing in connection with his assertions that December would see an explosion in Argentina, as he gave evidence in front of the Mar del Plata Federal Prosecutor.

18/09/2014 | 

Central Bank denies ‘currency restrictions’

Argentina’s Central Bank denied any "currency restrictions," in response to American Airlines’ alleged reason to limit local availability of tickets.

18/09/2014 | 

Recalde says AA's sales restriction 'suspicious'

Aerolíneas Argentinas head Mariano Recalde expressed his “surprise” at American Airlines (AA) decision to restrict sales to and from Buenos Aires City and denied any similar measures by other airlines operating in the country.

18/09/2014 | 

'Blue' dollar drops 10 cents, official rate up to 8.44 pesos

The informal rate fell back by 10 cents to close at 15 pesos today, after it breached a new record mark yesterday, at 15.10 pesos. Meanwhile, the US dollar closed a cent higher at 8.44 pesos.

18/09/2014 | 

'G-6 resists defence of SMEs'

Following the congressional approval of the anti-hoarding bill, Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich praised the reform of the previous legislation and dismissed criticism by industrial groups.

18/09/2014 | 

Lower House passes anti-hoarding, consumers bills

The Lower House has passed a package of anti-hoarding and consumer protection laws after a 14-hour long marathon debate. The government-sponsored bills involve the reform of the supply legislation, create a new price observatory and establish a new conflict-resolution mechanism between consumers and companies.

18/09/2014 | 

Capitanich takes aim at banks for 'illegal' dollar operations

The government reiterated its accusations against vulture funds for this week’s ‘blue’ dollar record climb and slammed national and foreign banks for “fueling” operations in the illegal currency exchange market.

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