June 28, 2016

The US dollar jumped on Monday in banks and foreign exchange agencies for the sixth business session in a row, hitting its three-month high and after the currency had climbed 48 cents last Friday.

The US Supreme Court on Monday handed a victory to abortion rights advocates, striking down a Texas law imposing strict regulations on abortion doctors and facilities that its critics contended were specifically designed to shut down clinics.

The government-sponsored electoral reform bill introduced last week is likely to have smooth sailing in Congress, but its proposed instruments are far from being a panacea.

Greg Mankiw, a Harvard economist and a respected voice in economic policy-making, recently wrote a New York Times article discussing five possible explanations for slow growth in rich countries. The final possibility he discusses is one that I haven’t seen much in recent years — the notion that government deficits slow economic growth.

The Mauricio Macri administration is closely following the political and economic scenario in the United Kingdom where the decision by the British people to leave the European Union has sent shockwaves around the world, ámbito.com reported.

• Foreign funding more difficult to find • Gov’t: Brexit generates ‘enormous concern’

Federal prosecutor Guillermo Marijuan yesterday said Kirchnerite businessman Lázaro Báez had “extensively stashed” funds likely coming from the Argentine government, suggesting his wealth may come from “criminal activities” such as over billing for public works and fiscal fraud.

Pope Francis says gays — and other people marginalized by the church like the poor and the exploited — deserve an apology.

Federal Judge Julián Ercolini said yesterday that he intends to make a decision in the next week about a request for financial secrecy rules to be waived on former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and her inner circle, setting the stage for another negative week in the courts for Kirchnerites.

Standard & Poor's  and Fitch Ratings cut Britain's credit rating on Monday judging that last week's vote to leave the European Union will hurt the economy.

Financial stocks led Wall Street sharply lower on Monday in the aftermath of a shock vote by Britons to leave the European Union.

The political fallout from Britain’s stunning decision to leave the European Union sharply escalated yesterday, with debate growing inside the governing Conservative Party over choosing a successor to Prime Minister David Cameron and a coup attempt emerging against the leader of the opposition Labour Party.

gov’t unlikely to access argentines’ bank data

Assets agreement with US not quite ‘reciprocal’

As the whitewash bill is set to be approved this week, the government seeks to sign an assets deal with the United States to have access to data of the bank accounts of Argentines in the US — a way to put pressure on those holding undeclared funds to take part in the new tax amnesty.

leftist unidos podemos fail to surpass psoe

After clear victory, Rajoy demands ‘right to govern’

Spanish elections delivered a hung Parliament for the second time in six months yesterday, piling intense pressure on Spain’s warring politicians to form a government.

• Socialists lose Andalusia, as rest of country sees little change

The government has acknowledged that the annual inflation now stands above 40 percent, but there will be no re-opening of collective bargaining talks even if most salary agreements stood below that figure, Labour Secretary Ezequiel Sabor said yesterday.


Argentina claims record seventh title

By Martín Zendrón

Lionel Messi blasted a penalty over the bar in what looks like being his last act in international football as Chile beat Argentina in a shootout to win the Copa America for the second year in a row on Sunday.

Yet another dream is over

Argentina loses its third consecutive final

Chile wins the Copa América 4-2 on penalties

By Martín Zendrón
It seemed like the perfect chance to end the negative run in finals. Argentina was looking for its first major trophy yesterday after 23 years, a title that would take some pressure off this generation of players in the future — especially for Lionel Messi. However, it couldn’t be this time.

The English PL has lost out

Eric Weil / Sportsworld

The English PL has lost out

Fear and loathing in Brussels

James Neilson / As I See it

Fear and loathing in Brussels

Are they losing touch?

Marcelo García

Are they losing touch?

American Club gets ready for new horizons

Michael Soltys / Senior Editor

American Club gets ready for new horizons

By Liliana Palermo

• World Trade

Panama opens new locks amid cost battle

• On Sunday

A major milestone

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