August 1, 2015

Same-sex marriage, assisted fertilization, the right to choose the order of the surnames that a child will have and the protection of the environment are some of the rights consecrated in the new Civil and Commercial Code that comes into effect today and change several key laws and rules on everyday life.

Buenos Aires province governor and presidential hopeful for the Victory Front Daniel Scioli has assured national industry thrives with the FpV, and questioned the PRO party’s liberal leaning economical policies.

• Scioli vows to 'protect salary spending power'

Buenos Aires city mayor and presidential hopeful for the PRO party Mauricio Macri has said his party does not propose an economic shift but a cultural change.

• '14 million poor and the gov't denies it'

A private jet crashed in southern England, killing four people on board, a spokesman for Britain's Hampshire police service said, and Saudi and British media said the passengers were relatives of deceased al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

By Luciana Bertoia

Luciano Hazan is the Justice Ministry’s under-secretary for Criminal Policy and will be representing the Executive in the AMIA cover-up trial. In conversation with the Herald, Hazan pointed fingers at the judges for their reluctance to investigate their colleague’s alleged implication in crimes.

The new head, Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour, was deputy for several years to the elusive one-eyed former leader Mullah Omar, who served as a unifying figure for the insurgency despite his absence.

Airplane debris that washed up on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion and may belong to the vanished Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 arrived in France for investigators to study its origin.

One person was killed and dozens were detained following looting of supermarkets in Venezuela's southeastern city of Ciudad Guayana, the state governor has said, amid the ongoing food shortages in the recession-hit OPEC nation.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has urged Congress to end the longstanding US trade embargo against Cuba, calling it a "failed policy" that had done little or nothing to foster change on the communist-ruled island.

Soccer — Libertadores Cup

Mora and Viudez ruled out

The former Torneos CEO Alejandro Burzaco was remanded on bail by a federal court in the United States after making a US$20 million payment.

The FIFAgate scandal that ensnared Alejando Burzaco also included father and son pair Hugo and Mariano Jinkis, who remain under house arrest and awaiting the results of the US extradition request.


Dollar (Official price) DOLLAR (Official price) $ 9,150 $ 9,200
Dollar Blue price) DOLLAR ("Blue" price) $ 14,79 $ 14,94
Euro EURO $ 10,160 $ 10,700
Pound POUND $ 14,301 $ 14,380
Merval MERVAL $ 11.101,020 $ -1,10
Dow Jones DOW JONES $ 17.689,860 $ -0,32
Bovespa BOVESPA $ 50.864,770 $ 1,94
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Just the way you are

Nicolás Tereschuk

Just the way you are

Concussion in sports

Eric Weil / Sportsworld

Concussion in sports

Where’s the alternative?

Michael Soltys / Senior Editor

Where’s the alternative?

Learning from Cristina

Patricio Navia

Learning from Cristina

Undermining a legacy

Sebastián Lacunza

Undermining a legacy

A lopsided political order

James Neilson / As I See it

A lopsided political order

Peter Somweber, mountain manager

Moving mountains

By Sorrel Moseley-Williams

• World Trade

Argentina to debate two pro-gov’t merchant navy, ship-building bills

• On Sunday

Battling Brutal Cuts

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