February 22, 2017

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Friday February 17, 2017

    Conflicts of interest

      By Leandro Renou  / For the Herald

    After promising on the campaign trail to tackle corruption, Correogate has put President Macri under huge pressure — but he is far from the only politician in his administration to blur the lines of private and public

    Ecuador votes for new president amid downturn for LatAm’s left

      By Tomás Brockenshire  / Herald Staff

    More than a decade since Rafael Correa was sworn-in as president, a polarised Ecuadorean electorate will go to the polls on Sunday to pick a successor between a divided opposition and a government candidate who is leading the race but is not expected to muster enough support in Sunday’s first round of voting to win outright.

    A tale about honesty ends

      By Sebastián Lacunza  / Editor-in-Chief

    El corto vuelo del relato honestista

      By Sebastián Lacunza  / Editor-in-Chief

    Scandal gives post-truth new meaning

      By Michael Soltys / Senior Editor

    In education, it’s time to learn

      By Edgardo Zablotsky  / For the Herald

    The leftists’ last electoral hope

      By Patricio Navia  / For the Herald

    English-language learnings

      By James Grainger  / Herald Staff

Analysis >

  1. Your view
  2. A tale about honesty ends
      By Sebastián Lacunza / Editor-in-Chief
  3. El corto vuelo del relato honestista
      By Sebastián Lacunza / Editor-in-Chief
  4. Correogate gives post-truth a new meaning
      By Michael Soltys / Senior Editor
  5. In education, it’s time to learn
      By Edgardo Zablotsky / For the Herald
  6. Seven days
  7. Ecuador is the left’s only electoral hope in Latin America
      By Patricio Navia / For the Herald
  8. Will it trickle down this time?
      By Nicolás Meyer / For The Herald

Editorial English >

  1. Who’s not corrupt?
  2. The Fayt fight continues
  3. Wage Wars

Editorial Spanish >

  1. ¿Quién no es corrupto?
  2. Jueces eternos
  3. Pujas salariales libres

Argentina >

  2. Conflicts of interest
      By Leandro Renou / For the Herald
  3. ‘The Post Office should be immediately declared bankrupt’
      By Leandro Renou / For the Herald
  4. ‘Businessmen and bureaucrats understand that they all win if there is corruption’
      By Santiago Del Carril / Herald Staff
  5. Tell me another: one more chapter in Argentina’s recent history
  6. Macri vows to take Post Office deal back to drawing board
  7. Argentina in brief
  8. Justices limit OAS human rights court in controversial ruling
  9. Milani questioned over Ledo disappearance

Community >

  1. Rocking Texas
      By Sorrel Moseley-Williams / For The Herald
  2. Foreigners to pay up front in British public hospitals
  3. Lurking in the shadows
      By Sorrel Moseley-Williams / For The Herald
  4. Big Mother – Big Father
      By Liliana Palermo / For the Herald

Economy >

  1. Weaker dollar worries exporters amid a country flush with cash
  2. To attract visitors, Argentina is refunding its tax on all lodgings

World >

  1. Trump lets rip at media in a press conference to remember
  2. President backs away from two-state solution
  3. The Kremlin is starting to worry about Trump
      By Ivan Krastev and Stephen Holmes / Foreign Policy
  4. US presidency gets social after detailed posts embarrass Trump
  5. US President blames intel officials over Flynn-Russia affair
  6. North Korea suspected of murdering leader’s estranged half-brother
  7. No strangers to ‘wet jobs’
  8. Trump backs Japan’s Abe ‘100 percent’

Latin America >

  1. Ecuador votes for new president amid downturn for LatAm’s left
      By Tomás Brockenshire / Herald Staff
  2. Ecuador’s economy a major issue in electoral campaign
  3. Tensions flare again between Caracas, Washington
  4. Peru reinforces request for US to extradite Toledo
  5. Top court OKs Temer minister
  6. Panama seeking arrest of sons of former president Ricardo Martinelli
  7. Trump group cited in Rio corruption probe
      By Blake Schmidt and Michael Smith / Bloomberg (*)
  8. Brazil’s Temer accused of ‘PRESS censorship’

Culture >

  1. A new era for the Colón
      By Pablo Bardin / For the Herald
  2. A tale of two cities: new versions of Stravinsky and Mozart
      By Pablo Bardin / For the Herald
  3. Tango experts set to flock to week-long BA festival
      By Veronica Stewart / For the Herald
  4. Jekyll and Hyde: The good and the bad of the BA musical scene
      By Veronica Stewart / For the Herald
  5. What to do this weekend
      By Veronica Stewart / For the Herald
  6. Elementary, my dear chief superintendent
      By Nicolás Meyer / For The Herald
  7. Recent releases
      By Herald Staff

Media >

  1. English-language learnings
      By James Grainger / Herald Staff

Facts of Life >

  1. I never expected to be a stay-at-home dad
      By Billy Doidge Kilgore / Special to The Washington Post
  2. My irresponsible girlfriend lets stuff go around the house, and I just can’t let it go
      By Andrea Bonoir / The Washington Post

Sports >

  1. Argentina’s kids saved by miracle qualification
      By Dan Edwards / For the Herald
  2. Agüero goes from exit door to key man in just 24 hours
  3. Trophymakers celebrate delay to Primera season
      By Dan Edwards / For the Herald
  4. Soccer in two weeks time? Obstacles remain
      By Eric Weil / For The Herald
  5. The biggest smiles you’ll see on a rugby field
      By Frankie Deges / Rugby column
  6. Spieth’s victory has something for everyone
      By David Mackintosh / Golfing Traveller

Question Time >

  1. ‘For some my stories might be innocent, but they aren’t’
      By Agustina Larrea / Herald Staff

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