April 27, 2015

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, the big winner of the PASO primaries held in the city, said today even the votes obtained by his rival Gabriela Michetti “are all for the PRO” party and assured they will add votes from other political forces on July 5 general elections.

Former Economy minister Martín Lousteau provided one of the big surprises of yesterday’s City primaries by beating out the Victory Front’s Mariano Recalde by more than three percentage points at press time and beating fellow-hopeful Graciela Ocaña, who conceded her defeat in the race.

• Former Economy minister is most visible UNEN survivour

The charisma wasn’t enough. Senator Gabriela Michetti turned out to be the loser of what had turned out to be the most exciting contest of the City primaries.

Only the Workers’ Leftist Front (FIT) and Luis Zamora’s Autodeterminación y Libertad (AyL) party were able to scrape past the 1.5-percent primary threshold yesterday, with approximately 64,000 voters giving each party the backing it needs to stand in the July 5 general elections.

Massa’s candidate guillermo nielsen doesn’t qualify

Far-right parties do not win enough backing for July election

Nepal faces a daunting future as earthquake keeps on leaving more deaths. Citizens are struggling with devastation and shortage of food and water as they try to survive. 

• Nepal quake aftershocks spread fear • UNHCR, international community send help to Nepal

Bank account in the spotlight

Key week in probe into Nisman’s death

“We have a vice president,” he said “but we will communicate it at the right time. He represents the values we are identified with,” Mayor Mauricio Macri stated in a joint press conference this morning.

Kirchnerite candidate in the city Mariano Recalde, who yesterday ended in the third place against PRO’s Horacio Rodrgiuez Larreta and ECO’s Martín Lousteau, today ratified his electoral strategy will continue although he admitted his party kicked off the race “late.”

Cabinet Chief Aníbal Fernández today came on stage to refer to the PASO primary elections held yesterday in Buenos Aires City where the anti-government PRO party won.

The "blue" illegal dollar rate kicked off the week with a 14-cent fall to 12.66 pesos today, according to, while the official rate was trading unchanged in main banks and foreign exchange offices of the city.

By Tomás Brockenshire
The Victory Front (FpV) and its presidential hopefuls tried to put a positive spin on bad results last night, expressing hopes that the July 5 general elections will push them into a runoff against the PRO.

• A La Cámpora leader associated with the administration of Aerolíneas

Sergio Massa’s Renewal Front candidate for Buenos Aires city Mayor PASO elections, Guillermo Nielsen, did not reach the necessary 1.5 percent of votes to participate in the July 5th elections.

More than 300,000 voters tried the new electronic voting system that was scattered around the capital’s polling-stations yesterday to give citizens a brief glimpse of what will be lying in store for the next elections, as over two and a half million people cast their votes in the City primaries (PASO).

By Jorge Andrades

Roca and roll — the encore

By Sorrel Moseley-Williams

By Sebastián Lacunza
The overwhelming victory of PRO in the City of Buenos Aires, with big margins in almost all neighbourhoods, marks a qualitative leap for the party created by Mauricio Macri.

The Buenos Aires City mayoral race has only just started. But it has managed to bring to the forefront numerous issues that will be the biggest challenges for whoever takes over from Mayor Mauricio Macri.

The Neuquén Popular Movement (MPN) won the first gubernatorial election of the year yesterday, with Omar Gutiérrez defeating the Victory Front (FpV)’s Ramón Rioseco and UCR-PRO’s Horacio “Pechi” Quiroga.


Dollar (Official price) DOLLAR (Official price) $ 8,855 $ 8,905
Dollar Blue price) DOLLAR ("Blue" price) $ 12,58 $ 12,68
Euro EURO $ 9,650 $ 10,300
Pound POUND $ 13,477 $ 13,562
Merval MERVAL $ 12.189,830 $ -1,76
Dow Jones DOW JONES $ 18.069,130 $ -0,06
Bovespa BOVESPA $ 55.664,860 $ -1,64
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‘Accords with China a hallmark in Argentina's foreign relations history’

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