July 24, 2014

A hearing originally scheduled for yesterday will take place today at 1 p.m. (Argentinean time) in New York. Court-appointed special mediator Daniel Pollack will head the first face-to-face meeting between legal representatives of Argentina and vulture funds.

• 'Argentina's leaders have no interest in negotiating' • Griesa orders Argentina, creditors to meet until deal is reached

“I want to tell all Argentines that I will not sign anything that jeopardizes future generations,” President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner said yesterday in a speech that served to reaffirm a perceived recovery in her image among the electorate, particularly as result of her administration’s handling of the struggle against holdout hedge funds.

By Fermín Koop

Argentina’s trade balance plunged 28.4 percent in the first half of the year, compared to the same period the year before, with the surplus coming in at US$3.684 billion million, according to the state-run INDEC statistics bureau.

By Francisco Aldaya

Support for the government in its struggle against holdout hedge funds, which could culminate in a default on July 30, is rising among regular citizens, a national survey by the Poliarquía showed yesterday.

In the aftermath of US Judge Griesa’s decision, Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich said that “despite the extorsion of a tiny group of speculators […] Argentina keeps on moving” and praised the government’s economic stimulus policies. “Life goes on for Argentina,” he stated.

• Gov't: 'Griesa has not solved anything'

Coto and Carrefour have been fined with $6 million as the Domestic Trade Secretary considered both supermarket chains have failed to comply with the government-sponsored Precios Cuidados price watch program that sets reduced prices for more than 150 products.

Pro-government CTA central of workers met today with Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich, with its secretary general Hugo Yasky demanding a 35 percent wage hike, a compmrehensive tax reform, and a change of the income tax scheme, among other issues.

Amado Boudou met with Federal Judge Claudio Bonadío in the Comodoro Py federal courthouse but refused to answer questions over alleged irregularities in the purchase of an Honda CRX vehicle in 1992. The VP delivered a written statement instead.

A cold wave from the Antartica has put an end to the spring-like weather Argentineans enjoyed in the past days. The National Weather Service (SMN) reported low temperatures and strong winds nationwide and snowfalls in the Patagonian region.

The US dollar closed unchanged today in Buenos Aires City banks and foreign exchange offices at 8.18 pesos, while the so called "blue" dollar went up 15 cents to close at 12.60.

Head of the anti-government splinter of the CGT labour confederation Hugo Moyano talks with “most candidates” seeking to battle for the presidential seat in 2015 but not that much with figures of the ruling Victory Front party, he said.

Chinese President Xi Jinping ended an eight-day trip through Latin America with a visit to eastern Cuba, where both the island's independence struggle against Spain and Fidel Castro's revolution began.

Authorities have lost contact with an Air Algerie flight en route from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso to Algiers with 110 passengers and six crew on board, Algeria's APS state news agency and a Spanish airline company said.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal called today for a temporary truce to allow humanitarian relief into Gaza, but said his group would keep fighting against an Israeli offensive and would not agree to a more lasting ceasefire without full negotiation of terms.

• US steps up diplomatic push • Khamenei calls for end to "murderous" Israeli regime

European shares opened slightly lower, with investor attention dominated by a raft of mixed company earnings and economic data that appeared unlikely to dispel worries about the eurozone's pace of recovery.

The trial against Venezuelan hardline opposition leader Leopoldo López, who is accused of inciting violence at anti-government protests, began yesterday in Caracas. López could face up to 13 years in jail if convicted.

Pro-Russian rebels have shot down two Ukrainian fighter jets in the self-proclaimed independent republic of Donetsk, less than 20 kilometers away from the site where the Malaysian airliner MH17 was shot down last Thursday killing its 298 passengers.

• First MH17 bodies flown in the Netherlands • US to seek justice for Malaysian jet

UN: 75 percent of Palestinian dead civilians

A domestic TransAsia Airways plane crashed on landing on an island off the west coast of typhoon-hit Taiwan today, killing 47 people, the Civil Aeronautics Administration said.

San Lorenzo were in complete control as they thrashed Bolivar in the first leg of their Copa Libertadores, running out 5-0 winners over the hapless Bolivian team to take a giant leap towards the tournament's final.

Mexico is to return to the Formula 1 calendar in 2015 after a 23-year absence, Alejandro Soberon, president of live events company CIE, confirmed today.

By Tomás Brockenshire

Amid concerns that growth in human development indices have begun to slow down in Latin America and globally, the 2014 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Human Development Report will be released today in Tokyo along with calls for public policies aimed at ensuring vulnerable populations receive universal social assistance.


Dollar (Official price) DOLLAR (Official price) $ 8,130 $ 8,180
Dollar Blue price) DOLLAR ("Blue" price) $ 12,50 $ 12,60
Euro EURO $ 10,900 $ 11,350
Pound POUND $ 13,854 $ 13,947
Merval MERVAL $ 8.138,370 $ -2,32
Dow Jones DOW JONES $ 17.086,630 $ -0,16
Bovespa BOVESPA $ 57.419,960 $ -0,97
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