April 30, 2017

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Friday April 28, 2017

    Consumption: key to midterms

      By Francisco Aldaya  / for the Herald

    Gov’t waiting on a yet to arrive lukewarm recovery forecasted by economists

    Household final consumption expenditure in Argentina accounted for 65.7 percent of GDP in 2015, according to the World Bank, showing just how pivotal the consumer’s role is in driving economic growth. Getting back on track in terms of growth will be a priority for the Mauricio Macri administration following a 2016 to forget, but with midterm elections drawing ever nearer, the reactivation of consumption is becoming increasingly urgent.

    Trump endorses Macri as his main regional ally

    Presidents exchange praise and agree  on Venezuela at the White House

    The two faces of W. H. Hudson

      By Andrew Graham-Yooll  / For the Herald

    LARROQUE, Entre Ríos — There are two Hudsons, one is Guillermo Enrique, the other is William Henry. It was academic author Jason Wilson’s verdict on the matter after years of research and a remarkable recent Hudson biography.

Analysis >

  1. Your View
  2. We have a problem (but not in Houston)
      By Michael Soltys / Senior Editor
  3. Trump’s 100 meet Macri’s 500
      By Marcelo J. García / For The Herald
  4. Seven days
      By Michael Soltys / Senior Editor
  5. Now is too late to compensate globalisation’s losers
      By Dani Rodrik / Project syndicate
  6. France on the move!
      By Patricio Navia / For the Herald
  7. Risks and opportunities on the international stage
      By Sybil Rhodes / For The Herald
  8. Walling in or walling out?
      By Nicolás Meyer / For The Herald

Editorial English >

  1. A deficit of analysis
  2. Loading the dice
  3. Nothing black or white in Venezuela

Editorial Spanish >

  1. Un déficit en el análisis
  2. Cartas marcadas
  3. Nada es blanco o negro en Venezuela

Argentina >

  1. Consumption: key to midterms
      By Francisco Aldaya / for the Herald
  2. Purchases by lowest income earners falls by eight percent
  3. Where the midterms will be won and lost
  4. Trump endorses Macri as regional ally, praises his ‘fantastic job’
  5. City police chief in custody on corruption accusations
  6. Trump vetoes Carter tribute
  7. US gov’t releases declassified files
  8. Son of disappeared victims of dictatorship recovers identity

Community >

  1. The two faces of W. H. Hudson
      By Andrew Graham-Yooll / For the Herald
  2. Posthumous shock horror show
      By Andrew Graham-Yooll / For the Herald
  3. Surf’s up in Byron
      By Sorrel Moseley-Williams / For The Herald
  4. British community maintains an evolving tradition
      By Michael Soltys / Senior Editor
  5. ANZAC Day keeps the spirit going
      By Michael Soltys / Senior Editor
  6. And the winners are...
  7. You can dine out with kids. Here’s how
      By Becky Krystal / The Washington Post
  8. Reply Know-How
      By Liliana Palermo / For the Herald

Economy >

  1. GDP falls 2.2 % in February reports INDEC, biggest drop since 2012
  2. Brazil may impose tariff to curb US ethanol imports
  3. Temer eyes OECD membership to woo investors amid recession

World >

  1. The galatic eye of sauron
  2. How feminists have catapulted women to political roles
      By Torild Skard / IPS
  3. Le Pen upstages Macron in battle for blue-collar votes
  4. Macron must confront weaknesses of chez nous
      By Harold James / Project Syndicate
  5. How Le Pen transformed a fringe party into a major political force
      By Christine Ockrent /

Latin America >

  1. With few allies in region, Maduro begins Venezuela’s exit from OAS
      By Fabiola Sánchez and Christine Armario / AP (*)
  2. Paraguay re-election amendment defeated
  3. Ciudad del Este heist confirmed as biggest ever
  4. LatAm countries seeking Odebrecht info from Brazil

Culture >

  1. BAFICI’s Int’l Competition runs the full gamut
      By Esteban Colombet / For the Herald
  2. The many faces of a hero
      By Veronica Stewart / For the Herald
  3. What to look for at Bafici and the Book Fair
      By Veronica Stewart / For the Herald
  4. Ups and downs of National Symphony: ministerial bureaucracy, CCK logistics
      By Pablo Bardin / For the Herald
  5. When a hit-and-miss approach definitely hits the mark
      By Victoria Eandi / Herald staff
  6. People are human too
      By Nicolás Meyer / For The Herald
  7. Recent releases
      By Herald Staff

Facts of Life >

  1. Give your kids empathy with the news
      By Colby Itkowitz / The Washington Post
  2. How can I stop my wife’s spending sprees?
      By Andrea Bonoir / The Washington Post

Sports >

  1. Sampaoli needs faces to rejuvenate stagnant team
      By Dan Edwards / For the Herald
  2. Boca seeks to recover goals against Arsenal
      By Dan Edwards / For the Herald
  3. Main culprit of Belgrano crime gives himself up
      By Eric Weil / Sportsworld
  4. Glory, Glory Plaza Jewell
      By Frankie Deges / Rugby column
  5. Golf’s authorities seek worldwide handicap system
      By David Mackintosh / Golfing Traveller
  6. Rivals chosen for World League seimifinals
      By Eric Weil / For The Herald

Ecowitness >

  1. No trace of the Nicaraguan interoceanic canal
      By José Adán Silva / IPS news

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