March 23, 2017

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Monday March 20, 2017

    Unemployment at 7.6 percent, says INDEC

    One-percentage point drop on last quarter, but critics point to shrinking labour market as cause

    Unemployment fell to 7.6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016, the INDEC national statistics bureau announced yesterday, a one-percentage point drop from the previous quarter.

    The fall in the headline statistic — which may buy President Mauricio Macri’s administration some breathing-room — came as a response to the numbers of people looking for work falling, analysts warned.

    Nonetheless, the Let’s Change government will welcome the news, which comes on the back of union unrest, a rise in poverty and a string of negative economic indicators over the past 12 months, with only months to go before crucial mid-term legislative elections. The drop in the unemployment rate will be a positive piece of economic news that ministers will be able to point to on the campaign trail.

    The decrease in unemployment is the second consecutive fall in unemployment registered since the INDEC began re-publishing their quarterly economic indicators last August. The bureau was widely believed to have manipulated economic data during the previous administration of former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

    After taking office, the Let’s Change administration temporarily suspended the state run-statistics agency, as they redesigned its statistics-gathering measures after the years of disputed numbers between 2007-2015.

    Despite the reported decrease in unemployment yesterday, representatives from INDEC — which is led by Jorge Todesca —stressed that weren’t any significant changes in the country’s labour market.

    Teachers out in force

    Tens of thousands flood La Plata’s streets as they spurn overtures from BA province gov’t

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  1. Are we witnessing a new wave of populist anger?
      By Sybil Rhodes / For The Herald
  2. Of love and loitering
      By Nicolás Meyer / For The Herald
  3. Latin America needs a regional leader
      By Patricio Navia / For the Herald
  4. Setting a bad president
      By Gene Weingarten / The Washington Post
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      By Michael Soltys / Senior Editor
  6. The government takes a conspiracy shortcut
      By Marcelo J. García / For The Herald
  7. Seven days
      By Michael Soltys / Senior Editor
  8. Your View

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  1. Macri’s day of infamy
  2. Inconvenient truths
  3. Separation of powers, not exclusion

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  1. Día infame
  2. Realidades poco convenientes
  3. División de poderes, no exclusión

Argentina >

  1. OAS calls for regional cooperation on migration
  2. Renewed calls for justice on 25th anniversary of Israeli Embassy bombing
  3. ‘There is an emptiness that hasn’t been filled by justice’
  4. Tragic deaths at Indio Solari concert spark investigation
  5. Argentina in brief
  6. Former dictator, general handed fresh life imprisonment sentences
  7. Macri, Cartes discuss drug trafficking
  8. PAMI head resigns
  9. Teachers vow to continue fight after mass rally in La Plata
  10. CGT umbrella union sets April 6 date for 24-hour strike
  11. China the latest to dance to the beat of Ideas Del Sur
  12. Unemployment falls to 7.6 percent

Community >

  1. Harvest 2017 with Matías Riccitelli Wines
      By Sorrel Moseley-Williams / For The Herald
  2. Sunset sessions
      By Sorrel Moseley-Williams / For The Herald
  3. From paddy field to table
      By Sorrel Moseley-Williams / For The Herald
  4. Planets align for St. Patrick’s Day
      By Michael Soltys / Senior Editor
  5. A dash of cultural offerings

Economy >

  1. Illegal canals prompt push to tackle water infrastructure in the pampas
      By Luc Cohen / Reuters
  2. ‘You have to watch out for general strikes against governments, as opposed to their policies’
      By Leandro Renou / For the Herald

World >

  1. Trump’s tax returns reveal he paid US$38 million in 2005
  2. Hawaii judge halts new travel ban, hours before it can go into effect
  3. White House tries to salvage GOP healthcare proposal
  4. A look at the numbers
  5. US official: diplomacy with North Korea has ‘failed’
  6. Tillerson makes his debut in Asia about ‘the number one issue’
  7. Trump’s budget ploughs cash into military
  8. President stands by Obama wiretap claim
  9. Europe wins a reprieve in Dutch election, but the centre fragments
      By Mark Champion / Bloomberg News
  10. ‘Now is not the time’: UK PM May tells Scotland to forget independence
  11. French presidential candidate Fillon under formal investigation in scandal over misuse of public funds.

Latin America >

  1. Almagro lets rip at Maduro, threatening OAS suspension
  2. Fallout of Odebrecht scandal forces Santos into apology
  3. UN: Deaths of human rights leaders INDICATE pattern
  4. MEXICO: 250 skulls found in clandestine graves

Arts & Media >

  1. Fox-Turner wins rights to televise Argentine soccer
  2. Netflix buys rights to an unfinished Orson Welles movie, some 50 years after it was shot
  3. Music: Escalandrum presents ION Sessions
  4. Theatre: Memento Mori with Nelly Prince
  5. Photography: Vivian Maier at Fototeca Latinamericana
  6. Music: Leo Masliah at Usina del Arte

Culture >

  1. ‘Unfortunately, it is not so easy to showcase our music in our country’
      By Veronica Stewart / For the Herald
  2. Tortonese’s divine comedy
      By Máximo Pereyra Iraola / For the Herald
  3. Gheorghiu against the Colón
      By Pablo Bardin / For the Herald
  4. National Symphony pays homage to Nicolas Chumachenco
      By Pablo Bardin / For the Herald
  5. Masterful shots emerge from four Scandinavian gems at Pantalla Pinamar
      By Esteban Colombet / For the Herald
  6. Nefertiti, that cheating hussy?
      By Nicolás Meyer / For The Herald
  7. Recent releases
      By Herald Staff
  8. China the latest to dance to the beat of Ideas Del Sur

Facts of Life >

  1. Will my daughter inherit my depression?
      By Jeanne Sager / The Washington Post
  2. My co-workers ruin our lunches with their husband-bashing. Should I speak up?
      By Andrea Bonoir / The Washington Post

Sports >

  1. Local soccer witnesses an abnormal outbreak of normality — at a price
      By Dan Edwards / For the Herald
  2. Everyone chasing Ben Hogan’s secret
      By David Mackintosh / For the Herald
  3. Golf Agenda
  4. All of a sudden, the money for local soccer appears
      By Eric Weil / For The Herald
  5. Jaguares v Cheetahs: much more than a catfight
      By Frankie Deges / For the Herald
  6. Boca need an in-form Gago to win the league
      By Francisco Aldaya / for the Herald
  7. Plenty of action — at both ends of the table
      By Daniel Edwards /

English on the side >

  1. From me to them
      By Liliana Palermo / For the Herald

Ecowitness >

  1. Exposure to pollution kills millions of children
      By Jia Naqvi

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